Day 1 fitness rubber hex dumbbell – eight length and package deal alternatives, 5-40lbs – fashioned heads save you rolling and harm – ergonomic hand weights for workout, therapy, muscle, power and weight education

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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your model quantity.
  • such a lot of makes use of: with our small unmarried weight, you may comprise it into any fitness or energy training habitual. Whether repairing a torn rotator, concentrated on stabilizing muscular tissues, or just wanting to appearance extremely good for your jeans, this schooling weight is a must.
  • so many locations: loose weights are critical to staying in shape because you could make use of them anywhere, every time. With this workout weight, you don’t need a fancy health club or professional fitness gadget. Use it in your house, exterior, in a studio, or in a resort.
  • so little time: in recent times it’s tough to locate time to join a category or gymnasium. With this domestic workout gadget, you’ll save a full-size amount of time, while still getting the effects you crave. The day 1 fitness handheld weight means no greater excuses!
  • so smooth to apply: what’s top notch approximately unfastened arm weights is that, even if you are a beginner or new to the suit way of life, it’s easy to carry out physical activities which can be very powerful and smooth to learn, requiring only a hand weight and a few motivation.
  • so long lasting: built with welded metal handles and thick, hexagonal-formed rubber, its layout enables alleviate injuries, dents in flooring, and forestalls the dumb bell from rolling away. Exceptional ingenuity approach our weight will final you throughout the years.
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let’s get started!

the usage of dumbbells can be a super manner to exercise at domestic or on the health club.

working out with dumbbells permits you to now not simplest training session the exercised muscle but will even require the input from diverse stabilizing muscular tissues. This will permit muscular tissues to reinforce collectively and now not develop independently from one another.

if your goal is mainly energy training and constructing muscles, choose a weight that you can only use for approximately 8 repetitions before being too tired to keep.

your health adventure

at day 1 fitness, we agree with that change is ideal, however lasting transformation is wonderful. That’s why we trust in providing top class system best on your uniquely wholesome dreams. From small adjustments to finish way of life makeovers, we’ll take it one step at a time, sooner or later at a time — collectively.

preserve a dumbbell in every hand with arms completely prolonged by means of your sides. Take a big leap forward along with your proper leg. Lower your top body into lunge position, bending each knees to ninety degrees and careful now not to permit your knees make bigger past your ft. Maintain your torso upright at the same time as maintaining your chest out and shoulders lower back. Maintain balance via out the workout.

with emphasis on the heal of your foot, leap forward together with your lower back leg to convey your ft collectively. Repeat the movement along with your opposite leg, transferring forward.

area one knee at the bench for support, the opposite leg firmly planted at the floor. Back must be parallel with the floor.

with weight in proper hand, left palm located on bench, elbow close to your facet, slowly pull the dumbbell towards your body until the elbow is at or just beyond a 90 diploma attitude.

manage the dumbbell during the motion, avoid swinging or arching your again.

d1f proudly helps neighborhood enterprise. All of our modern health merchandise are designed in the america, so that you can sense good understanding you’re contributing without delay to the economy. We utilize the know-how of enterprise leaders to construct merchandise to ultimate. Whether or not you operate those for your home gymnasium or a commercial fitness center, recognize you are becoming the exceptional you deserve!

keep with confidence! When you have any questions or worries regarding this product, we’ll do our best to make certain your purchasing experience with day 1 health is terrific!


a) 5 lb SINGLE – 1.1" Handle, g) 35 lb SINGLE – 1.3" Handle

8 reviews for Day 1 fitness rubber hex dumbbell – eight length and package deal alternatives, 5-40lbs – fashioned heads save you rolling and harm – ergonomic hand weights for workout, therapy, muscle, power and weight education

  1. Elliot Knapp

    I received 1 40 lb Day 1 fitness dumbbell for evaluation for review. I really like the build quality of these dumbbells–for my hand size, the handles are a nice thickness, and the contour and texture is more comfortable than a straight bar-style weight. The handle feels securely affixed to the weight elements, and the rubberized coating is crisply shaped, not deformed at all, and has performed the function of protecting the weights during use very well during the first month. I’m used to coated Cap-style dumbbells, so it’s been a nice upgrade to have a weight that will not have little bits of coating flaking off. As far as I can tell, so far, there shouldn’t be any degradation of the rubber during normal use. Unfortunately, there are a couple of substantive drawbacks to the weight. The first, as others have noted, is that there’s a strong rubber smell. This has diminished over time for me as the weight aired out, and it’s not particularly bothersome to me (a lot of gyms have this smell), but I can understand how sensitive users could have an issue. It’ll be interesting to see how much more it dimishes long-term. The second, more significant issue, is that the weight is not accurate. The weight I received for evaluation is labeled as 40 lb, but the actual weight is 39.5 lb. I purchased a second weight in order to use the two as a set, and the second weight was even further off at 39.2 lb. This may not seem like a lot to some users, but if you’re like me, you graduated to 40 lb weights after a lengthy progression of higher and higher weights. I moved up to 40 lb weights from 35’s, and if the weights I received are 10%-20% less than the 5 lb increase I was expecting, it’s definitely not great and means that I’m getting less than I paid for and am expecting. Additionally, a significant difference between the two weights can be problematic or at least annoying when using them at the same time. I’ve experienced this with CAP dumbbells (one of my 35 lb weights was actually 36.3 lb), so I understand it might be a common issue, but I wouldn’t say that makes it ok! I would appreciate a tighter tolerance in the manufacture of these weights, since it seems that weights up to 1 lb underweight are currently being accepted as sellable product. Overall I will continue using the weights because of the build quality and durability, but they did fall short of my expectations on the fundamental requirement of accurate weight. If you need your weights to be “just so”, you may hesitate before purchasing. Read more

  2. Latisha Shaw

    They’re weights Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I was psyched when I first got these. They look the part and the price is great, but after my first workout my hands were completely black. It took about a day to get all of the black rubber stains off of me. I will update if the problem fixes itself after a while, but for now: 1 star. Read more

  4. J L

    These dumbbells get the job done. Purchased on prime day and with the discount you really can’t do better at any price point. Solid construction and a good grip. The flat faces are sturdy enough to use as a raised pushup platform. I purchased 35 and 40 pound sets from this seller and they look great net to the lighter weights in off sizes (12.5, 17.5) from PerformBetter and lighter standard weights from amazon basics. All fit well on a standard rack. Read more

  5. )conchi

    The weights are normal hexagon rubber weights. They are comfortable to use. I ordered two 15lbs weights. When using them, I thought one felt heavier than the other, hence I weighed them. One weight weighed exactly 15 lbs, the other weighed 15.4 lbs. That’s a big difference. If you are not desperate for equipment and the accuracy is important, don’t buy these, since you can’t trust the quality control. I’ve since read more reviews and noticed that I’m not the only one that has had this problem. Read more

  6. Shanteria

    The weights are exactly as the picture. I got the 5lbs. Be careful when buying these because they don’t come as a pair so you’ll have to buy 2. The Design is simplistic & traditional. Now I can really get into working out at home! Thanks Amazon! 🙏🏾 Read more

  7. MLN

    I have been looking for reasonable priced dumbbells for quite a while. I finally settled on these and I am pleased with my purchased. The dumbells are very nice quality and the rubber makes it less likely to mark anything that it may bump/hit while working out. I am very pleased with my purchases and am considering getting another set of a different weight for my home gym Read more

  8. Amanda Ramirez

    Searched at length on Amazon for a set, and still ended up accidentally getting a single dumbbell. So had to order another. If the price was for a pair would have been better. I have found singles much cheaper than this. Read more

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