Day 1 fitness weighted slam ball – nine weight, three shade and package options – no soar medicinal drug ball – gym equipment accessories, high intensity exercising, practical electricity education, aerobic,

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  • constructed to endure the hardest slams: with a thick outer shell that absorbs a couple of influences, slamming or throwing this hand held ball in opposition to walls or the floor forces you to utilize more electricity and pressure, resulting in extra calorie burning and persistence
  • amplify and accentuate your workout software: using these weighted exercise balls in vicinity of dumbbells or kettlebells can enhance your schooling drastically and burn more energy by using including more weight on your take a seat ups, push ups, squats, and plyo jumps
  • best for any level of fitness: whether you’re a newbie on the fitness journey or a pro athlete, the weight varieties of these slam balls permit you to slowly and incrementally mission yourself and presents an assortment of sizes for variety
  • look leaner and more potent: enhance your ordinary frame muscle tissues, cardiovascular staying power, and hand-eye coordination. Run longer, leap farther, raise more and carry out better. Acquire your first-rate shape, whether or not education on my own or with a partner
  • sturdy production: created from a sturdy outer shell and a sand-stuffed center, the dead weight gives tough resistance, but won’t harm or harm partitions, floors, or your personal trainer’s palms. Our top rate slam balls will last you a while
  • pleasure assured: at day 1 fitness, we agree with in presenting the high-quality merchandise to fit your needs and life-style; in case you aren’t 100% happy with our slam ball, return within 30 days for a complete refund
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slam balls are effective for athletic education to improve muscle groups, cardiovascular persistence and hand-eye coordination. Slam balls also are a great complement to physical activities like squats and deadlifts seeing that they add resistance and energy to the existing exercising.

begin by way of using a lighter weight ball and work your way up as you emerge as more potent and greater comfy with the strategies of the usage of a slam ball. Posture is prime in slam ball utilization as you want to be sure that you are not leaning too far forward and putting stress on your back. The slam ball is designed to have the burden move around on the internal of the ball, as this instability helps aid in strengthening your middle muscle institution.

to enhance the toughness of your slam ball, try to slam far from the valve area. The valve is the maximum touchy area of the slam ball and repeated difficult slams can decrease the toughness of your ball. Store your slam ball in a fab, dry location and preserve it out of severe warm or bloodless.

your health adventure

at day 1 health, we accept as true with that trade is good, but lasting transformation is awesome. That’s why we accept as true with in presenting top class equipment ideal to your uniquely wholesome dreams. From small adjustments to finish lifestyle makeovers, we’ll take it one step at a time, in the future at a time — together.

  • stand with your toes barely wider than shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.
  • conserving a slam ball in each hands, boost the ball above your head via absolutely extending your body.
  • throw the ball forcefully down to the ground, engaging your abs on the downward motion of the throw.
  • concurrently reducing your frame to a squat role to grab the ball.
  • stand back up and repeat.
  • lying on a mat, with legs at table top position, or knees bent with ft planted at the mat.
  • maintain a slam ball in each hands. Keeping legs steady, slam ball at chest peak some inches faraway from your body, enhance your chest and ball up towards the ceiling.
  • exhale and slowly roll your shoulders off the floor, head impartial, try to boost your chest up and out by way of the usage of your middle muscle groups.
  • retain to preserve your legs at table pinnacle, decrease back to begin function and repeat.
  • repeat on contrary side.
  • d1f proudly supports neighborhood business. All of our progressive health merchandise are designed inside the united states, so you can feel true understanding you’re contributing at once to the economic system. We utilize the understanding of enterprise leaders to construct products to closing. Whether you operate these for your property health club or a business gymnasium, understand you have become the high-quality you deserve!

    if you have any questions or concerns regarding this product, our u. S. Based crew will do our first-rate to make sure your shopping experience with day 1 health is pinnacle-notch!


    Black, Blue, Red


    b) 15 lbs, c) 20 lbs, d) 25 lbs, e) 30 lbs, f) 35 lbs, g) 40 lbs, h) 45 lbs, i) 50 lbs, a) 10 lbs

    8 reviews for Day 1 fitness weighted slam ball – nine weight, three shade and package options – no soar medicinal drug ball – gym equipment accessories, high intensity exercising, practical electricity education, aerobic,

    1. Zachary

      I was really enjoying using this ball (when I did) but the ball now has a hole in it and the sand comes out. I cant figure out how to contact the company to see if they will fix it or replace it.”Our premium slam balls will last you ages” is what their site says.Read more

    2. T. Griffin

      So I’ve got a couple of these balls in different weights and I would have hoped to see some physical changes by now, but I’m still as fat as ever. Are you supposed to do something with them? When you kick them they don’t go very far because they’re so heavy, so that doesn’t go you much good. Besides, it hurts. It’s like kicking a 35# sack of potatoes. The balls didn’t come with instructions, and I’m getting a little frustrated looking at them every day and not having anything to show for it. But other than that I have a blue ball and a red ball and they’re quite pretty and seem to have a rugged and durable exterior.Read more

    3. Tim Broderick

      I love my slam ball! This has been a great addition to our home gym. I was skeptical ordering this online but it shipped inside two boxes and arrived in great condition. It is super durable as of course I am slamming it most every time I workout. And this is on a cement floor so I am extremely happy with the durability. It is also fairly “grippy” so it is easy to handle during my exercise drills. I am definitely going to order a few more different weights to accommodate my wife’s workouts as well… I went heavy to begin with in order to test it out so now need a few in the lower weight range to add to our home gym. Highly recommend… great value.Read more

    4. Matthias

      I bought a 25 lbs version of this ball at the same time I bought the 10 lbs version. The larger ball is well-balanced, tighter, and more functional. Not sure why the 10 lbs ball is actually larger in size (see photo), but it feels like the weight/sand inside is just flopping around. This makes it awkward to workout with as the weight shifts back and forth and it is unbalanced. No option to leave the seller feedback to resolve.Read more

    5. Michael B.

      I’m hooked! I’ve never used a slam ball like this one before – just the softer leather ones I see at most gyms. Although both have their place, this one has been great for home use outside on concrete or in the community gym since it is durable and I can tell it will last a long time (soft ones that aren’t fraying already are hard to come by). The grip is excellent with the slightly coarse shell and the circumferential rings add to the feel – great design. I’ve slammed this ball many times and, as it should, there is no bounce. I went ahead and ordered two weights (25 lb and 35 lb) so that everyone in our group workouts will have a weight that suits them best – nice that they offer so many different weights. I was slightly worried having such heavy products shipped, but besides having to carry it all the way from the mail room, it was delivered quick and in good shape. Highly recommend for all levels.Read more

    6. Thomas Vollmar

      I work as a physical therapist and bought this in mind for the clinic with some of my higher level patients. So far everyone I’ve used it with has enjoyed working with it (well maybe not at the exact moment, but after… you know what I mean). Unlike other slamballs I’ve had in the past, this one is well built. I can use it with my advanced high level power athletes without fear of damage. It may not look like it in the picture, but this ball is heavy and has some give to it (as a slamball should). So yes you can slam it into the floor or wall (recommended a reinforced wall) as hard as you can and it won’t bounce back. I like it over traditional leather ones because it’s much easier to grip resulting less chance for injury. With my clinics old slamball I often had patients complain about loosing there grip/control once they started sweating. Not with this one though. The texture has almost a soft sandpaper feel to it, plus there are small circumferential rings built in for added grip. With the right weight ball; It’s great for everything from a warm up to a full out plyometric, dynamic, and explosive work out.Read more

    7. Sean T

      The slam ball works great. The material seems durable but does become slippery after awhile of use. I haven’t seen any sand or material escape and have used/abused this ball.Read more

    8. Jb

      45lb slam ball, solid black, is about 10 or 12 inch in diameter. Says on it “this side down”. Looks exactly like it was described, just got it so I cant say how long it will last if you slam it a lot. Exterior is almost smooth with a few ridges but it hasn’t slipped out of my hands yet. Looks durable, I use it for various exercises if I cant get to a real gym since my condo fitness center doesn’t allow free weights. I won’t be slamming it so I it will last a while.Read more

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