Day 1 health short-release safety collars set of two – pick length 1” or 2” -five shade alternatives, weight locking clips – 1 inch popular weightlifting or 2 inch olympic bars -heavy-obligation plate clamps

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  • make certain this fits by getting into your version wide variety.
  • heavy-obligation energy: the day 1 fitness weight bar clamp is considerably greater resilient and sturdy than others, with a molded plastic this is strengthened to ensure a strong, no-slip grip in your plates, presenting protection over full-size use and time
  • perfect for olympic education: every pair of plate clips is synthetic with a 2-inch diameter, meaning they may be well matched with standard, traditional olympic weight plates, securely fitting on any 2-inch barbell or hex bar
  • comfy, secure exercises: whilst the usage of our pair of brief release barbell clamps, you can exercising hopefully, understanding your plates will not slide off your barbell, with interlocking teeth which might be solid and reliable
  • clean to use: our person friendly, short launch weight bar clips are easy and handy to perform, in reality load and lock into region, and the fast launch mechanism permits you to effects dispose of them to switch out weights during your workout
  • use every time, everywhere: light-weight and portable, our collars are a safety necessity, whether you workout in a personal fitness center or take your exercises to a industrial setting like a expert membership or studio
  • pleasure assured: at day 1 fitness, we believe in providing the pleasant merchandise to suit you and life-style, in case you aren’t glad with our brief-release collars, return inside 30 days for a full refund
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day 1 fitness pro collars will now not damage plates or bar. They’ve a short launch stable nylon resin creation and come in 2 sizes. 2” collars fit olympic weightlifting bars or 1″ collars. Smooth to connect, easy to fasten down.

consistent reliable performance. Speedy change out weight plates. Holds plates cozy and protects bar finish.

d1f proudly helps nearby commercial enterprise. All of our revolutionary health products are designed inside the usa, so you can feel desirable understanding you are contributing directly to the financial system. We utilize the expertise of enterprise leaders to construct merchandise to final. Whether or not you use these for your property fitness center or a industrial fitness center, know you are getting the first-class you deserve!

d1f products are included by means of amazons 30 day rules so you can save with confidence. When you have any questions or worries concerning this product, our u. S. Primarily based team is satisfied to assist!


Black, Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Red


1" for Standard Bars, 2" for Olympic Bars

8 reviews for Day 1 health short-release safety collars set of two – pick length 1” or 2” -five shade alternatives, weight locking clips – 1 inch popular weightlifting or 2 inch olympic bars -heavy-obligation plate clamps

  1. Skister in MN

    I have 3 Olympic bars at home and was not able to get these closed on any of the bars. They would slide on okay, but when trying to lock them down, no matter how much I wrenched on them, they would not go closed. Have since ordered another set from a different brand and they fit just fine. These just seem to be made a bit too tight. Read more

  2. J. Shal

    I bought a few sets of these when they were on sale around black Friday but they are easily worth the few extra bucks at regular price, and significantly better priced than some of the “fancier” models you can get from fitness catalogs that are 2-3x the price. These are made of chunky plastic with rubber to grip the bar, and I was concerned about how well they’d hold up in my gym that is populated by young athletes who don’t always treat equipment with the care they would treat their xbox. However after about 6 weeks of daily abuse, they are still holding up well and have shown no signs of wear. Even if they were to break, I wouldn’t feel bad about grabbing another set at this great price. If you’re looking for a better option than the cheap spring collars, buying a set of these would be an easy no-brainer. Read more

  3. Shane Wynn

    Not only are these clamps exactly what you need for heavy weight lifting, they are perfectly easy to use and will last years. My brother has had a pair for at least two years and does up to 5 plates on his power lifting. I have a story though; my sets have been stolen. Twice. The first time was frustrating enough, but the second time I was livid. I hate the clamps most gyms have; over sized paper clips that do nothing and are extremely frustrating to use. These clamps I highly recommend to just about anyone; if you’re lifting heavy, light etc. having these in your kit is a must. The gym clips are typically crap and these will give you reliable, consistent safety. I contacted the vendor with what happened (twice) and the wonderful people that they are, have offered to spot me a pair. Thank you D1F! Read more


    It seems like our whole lives are virtual now, thus working out at home via the Mrs. employer who has virtual workout sessions during the week. For some of the sessions; Bootcamp & Core, weights are needed. I was in search of a different types of clamps because the butterfly / spring type always seemed loose and caused a clanky sound of the weights to me. I was in search of something that was more secure and found these, seems to fit my needs so far. I also put them on a couple of threaded bar ends that I own, but have not put weights on them to see how they hold up, but they seemingly fit as well. I’m going to try them out on both types of bar ends during my next workout sessions, and if the hold up initially & do it’s job, I’ll probably order a couple more, maybe even in different color options. Read more

  5. Angelina

    I REALLY wanted to love these! I bought them based off of everyone else’s reviews but I really just can’t support them. The hardest part of my workout shouldn’t be to lock these suckers in. It is WAY too hard for me to lock these into the locked position on my barbell with weights… the hardest part of my workout shouldn’t be this aspect… I wanted something different than the normal metal clips for some reason (always looking for *better) but these just weren’t it. I recommend going with the conventional stainless steel metal clips over these. Too difficult. Read more

  6. Lloyd

    These safety collars don’t work well because they don’t clamp on to the shaft well enough. The weights on my barbells kept getting loose so I thought that putting these collars behind the threaded retainer that came with my barbell would keep the original bolt like retainers from backing off while I exercised. I was wrong. The plastic safety collars would not stay in place because they did not clamp on hard enough and the weights would loosen after about 20 mins of exercise. I even tried putting some extra material on the inside of the collars to tighten them up which helped a little but not enough to make it stay in place. I was constantly re-checking and adjusting the collars and the original metal threaded weight retainer which was a big distraction to me. I finally gave up and bought some metal collars with a screw mounted perpendicular to the bar which I could tighten. This solved the problem. Don’t waste your money on these plastic collars. I also contacted the company and suggested that they do something to increase the tightness between the collars and the shaft. Read more

  7. Devin

    Part 1: 1 inch collar review A: First I used these for my threaded dumbbell handle. With only 15lbs on one side, the weights slide off right away. B: I then used these on my new regular dumbbell handle and experienced a similar problem. They fell more slowly, but nonetheless fell. The collars that came with the regular dumbbell handle worked much better ( C: I do have to say, I used them for my threaded barbell, and while still lose, I don’t mind as much because the ends of the barbell are longer, ad less likely the weights will fall off – and onto my feet. Part 2: The standard 2 inch collar is great. Not totally secured, but that’s expected/the standard. I do crossfit, so I am constantly picking up, throwing, swing my barbell, so my workouts will def text how sturdy these collars are. So far, so good, and hopefully doesn’t break. Read more

  8. SAVAGE & I

    I think these collars are priced about right. $11.99 seams reasonable. You need to consider how much space you need on your olympic barbell or olympic dumbbell before purchasing these rather wide collars. l like to stack up a lot of weight on my olympic dumbbells and these collars take up a lot of space on the sleeves. Compare the photos of these collars to ISO Mighty Collars and you can see how much more space these will take up on the sleeves. Read more

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