Day 1 health soft wall medicine ball – nine weight, three color, and bundle alternatives – for exercising, rehab, center electricity, large durable balls for ground sports, stretching

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  • the exceptional functional education device: throwing, lifting, or using our remedy ball as hand weights is a terrific way to increase muscle density, enhancing stabilization, and boom middle energy. It also is a notable device for wall squats and holds.
  • stretch it out: our health ball is a tremendous way to stretch the upper and decrease lower back, neck, and different body components. Actually use the weight and gravity of your body against the floor location of the ball to roll out muscle groups and put into effect mild spinal traction
  • get your coronary heart and blood pumping: as if there weren’t enough things this health accent ought to do, you could consist of aerobic education into the combination. Use this weighted medicinal drug ball for plyometrics, burpees, russian twists, crunches, and a lot greater!
  • long lasting construction: at day 1 health, we take first-rate delight in the goods we placed out. Our hand-held workout ball comes with even weight distribution and double-stitched, strengthened seams, making this piece of workout gadget fine at its best.
  • roll out tight spots: our flexible balls for the floor and wall can also be utilized to target sore, cramping muscle tissues and follow deep tissue massage. By using putting strain on a specific frame part, you can use your weight to roll towards the muscle fibers.
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wall balls are a practical exercising the use of about eleven distinctive muscle tissues. Also working your coronary heart and lungs and growing your explosive energy. Inside the interest of your protection, it is important to check with your health practitioner earlier than starting any exercise software. Constantly workout in step with your fitness stage and talents.

stand at accurate distance faraway from the wall. With hands completely outstretched maintaining the ball, contact the wall, this is your proper distance from the wall. Maintain the ball as close to your body as possible for the duration of the whole movement. Your squat for the duration of a wall ball toss should be as low as if you have been sitting on top of some other wall ball positioned on the floor. After the toss convey your arms backpedal, give them a brief rest earlier than catching the ball. When you capture the ball on its descent, absorb its weight into your squat. Do not slam the wall balls, excessive force can reason the seams to burst. We refer you to our d1 health slam balls for slamming exercises.

  • status with legs hip width apart, shoulders comfortable, maintain a wall ball in each hands a few inches from your chest.
  • take a step forward with right leg and dropping your right knee near the ground into lunge role. Be careful to preserve your knees from extending over your toes, putting extra stress on the knees.
  • after reducing, preserve the lunge and rotate the frame to the right, then returned to middle.
  • with emphasis at the front heel, push through the heel lower back to standing/ starting function. Repeat stepping with left leg.
  • seize a accomplice, and retaining the ball chest peak, with and explosive circulate, push the ball faraway from your chest whilst concurrently stepping ahead with one foot. Seize the ball, carry into chest and repeat toss.

  • grab a companion, and preserving the ball chest height, with and explosive circulate, push the ball far from your chest while simultaneously stepping forward with one foot. Catch the ball, carry into chest and repeat toss.
  • you get hold of a digital guide along with your purchase of any of our d1f fitness merchandise. The e-book publications you in proper strategies and protocol, as well as suggesting powerful and particular ways to utilize your d1f product for exercise. With so much data guiding you, you’ll experience like you have your very personal private teacher in the comfort of your house. Just scroll down on the amazon detail web page to the “product details” section and notice the “person manual [pdf]” to down load your copy!

    d1f proudly helps local business. All of our innovative fitness products are designed inside the america, so you can sense accurate understanding you’re contributing at once to the financial system. Amazon offers a 30-day return/alternate policy on all d1f bought merchandise so that you can save with self assurance. Furthermore, our team is placed within the u. S. If you have any questions or issues regarding this product, reach out to us immediately and we’ll do our great to make certain your shopping revel in with day1fitness is top-notch!


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    a) 6 lbs, b) 8 lbs, c) 10 lbs, d) 12 lbs, e) 15 lbs, f) 18 lbs, g) 20 lbs, h) 25 lbs, i) 30 lbs, j)Set – 8lb, 15lb, k) Set – 8lb, 12lb, 25lb, l) Set – 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, m) Set – 6lb, 12lb, 20lb

    8 reviews for Day 1 health soft wall medicine ball – nine weight, three color, and bundle alternatives – for exercising, rehab, center electricity, large durable balls for ground sports, stretching

    1. Jeffry A.

      This is a very high quality product and I don’t foresee ever needing to buy a new one. It’s great for a quick home workout and there are numerous videos online showing different exercises. Endless you’re very muscular, buy the 6 or 8 pound ball. They feel heavier than a dumb bell of the same weight. If you’re a beginner and not an experienced weight lifter, be sure to buy the 6 pound ball.Read more

    2. Amazonshoppery

      I had read some reviews where people mentioned the ball was slick. They accidentally sent me a 12 pound ball instead of the 18 pound ball I ordered. So, I have to return it. But, I had the opportunity to feel the ball and it is super slick. I was planning on using this for wall balls, but I don’t think I would be able to catch it do to how slippery it is. If you are using it for other things it is a nice quality ball. Good even all around and weight seems evenly distributed. I just wouldn’t recommend it for wall balls. I will not be requesting a replacement of this ball due to how slick it is.Read more

    3. Izzy Gramajo

      Looks good and feel good so far just haven’t used it for my workouts yet cause I just got it, but I can’t wait!The first thing I notice about the medicine ball when observing the loos is that it’s uneven, for example when I put it down it rolls forward or back i don’t know if this is normal thing with medicine balls because of the construction. I can notice the uneven side from the bottom, just hoping its something normal I also saw white that won’t come, but I feel like it’s not that big of deal. I’m just glad the weight inside doesn’t shift from side to side. I’m hoping🤞🏽it will hold up for a very long time and won’t get damaged easily cause if not that will be a waist of money and bad product.Read more

    4. Sunny Florida

      This ball is too smooth. You’ll need to wear workout gloves for a better grip.Read more

    5. Alicia

      I like the ball. I’m not in love with it. I have the 18lb ball. The material does not provide much of a grip. The weight shifts inside a lot so if your tossing it up and having to catch it there’s a chance you may catch the ball to your face. I did order an actual medicine ball by day 1 fitness in the 14lb. That ball is slightly smaller and the weight doesn’t shift.Read more

    6. Ann

      We’ve used it for about 2 weeks now – it has served us well. A bit slick & stiff, but I expect it’s just because it is still new. It has just enough bounce at the bottom that you’re able to get in a rythem to get down and catch it without actually having to pick it up off the groundRead more

    7. EbonyEyes39

      I love to workout and is so addicted to workout equipment. I’m a gymrat, gym junkie, etc. And having the proper equipment is essential. I ordered the 12 pound ball and I also like the assortment of colors that was offered. I would recommend this product.Read more

    8. L. Taylor

      My 15 lb med ball weighs very close to 15 lb, and construction seems good. It isn’t quite perfectly balanced (the internal weight is slightly off-center), but it’s pretty close. I have to pay a tiny bit of attention about the center of gravity when I’m doing wall ball tosses.Read more

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