Dumbbell hand weight (bought in singles) – neoprene lined workout & health dumbbell for home gym device workouts electricity education free weights for ladies, guys (3lb, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15 pound)

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  • make sure this suits through entering your version variety.
  • durable hand weight: durable solid iron hand weight dumbbells are best for light weightlifting and muscle toning
  • non-slip grip: neoprene shell offers a comfy non-slip grip
  • neoprene overlaying: prevents harm to flooring and protects weights from cracking and chipping
  • hexagonal form: keeps weight from rolling and remains in place whilst now not in use
  • sold as singles: dumbbells are sold for my part as singles
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neoprene dumbbell hand weight (sold personally)

those long lasting cast-iron hand weights function a neoprene shell that provides a relaxed nonslip grip. The hexagonal form continues the weight from rolling while not in use and allows to prevent harm to floors. Ideal for beginners to superior in a home gymnasium or studio for muscle toning and weight education, aerobic and aerobic workouts, physical therapy and rehabilitation and lots more!

sold as singles in three, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15lbs

product description

those durable cast-iron hand weights feature a neoprene shell that gives a comfy nonslip grip. The hexagonal form keeps the weight from rolling while no longer in use and facilitates to prevent harm to flooring. Perfect for beginners to advanced in a domestic gymnasium or studio for muscle firming and weight training, aerobic and aerobic workout routines, bodily remedy and rehabilitation and much extra! Sold as singles in 3 lb, five, eight, 10, 12, 15 kilos.


(A) Purple, 3-Pound, (B) Orange, 5-Pound, (C) Green, 8-Pound, (D) Blue, 10-Pound, (E) Red, 12-Pound, (F) Grey, 15-Pound

8 reviews for Dumbbell hand weight (bought in singles) – neoprene lined workout & health dumbbell for home gym device workouts electricity education free weights for ladies, guys (3lb, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15 pound)

  1. Madison Baker

    Like, but didn’t realize it only came with one. I thought it was a set of two. This is my fault for not paying closer attention, but I thought I’d mention it to hopefully save others from the same mistake. Read more

  2. Jenni

    Why did I think this was a pair? I swear I read the thing the whole way through, but perhaps when I switched sizes it changed. I thought this was for 2 weights which would have been a great deal. Why would I pay more than $1/lb for weihts? Definite imperfections in the weight intakes with these strange poke marks on it. Read more

  3. Jennifer H.

    This is only 1 weight…not 2. I like the weight itself. However I like a few other reviewers have mentioned it came wrapped in plastic but once I opened it it was dirty, has several tears in the blue neoprene and looks used. Not what I want in a brand new product. Read more

  4. Howling

    In the Q&A the question was, “Does this come with 1 weight or 2”. The answer was “2” I got one weight. Shame on me for not reading the fine print, I guess. It seems incredibly asinine to sell 1 weight rather than a set, which is what any rational person would think they are purchasing. Read more

  5. Dono

    let’s face it, it’s a piece of metal dipped in rubberized coating. it ain’t gonna wear out. BUT coating seems durable. still grippy even when sweaty, so no slipping. doesn’t absorb odors from sweat. easy to clean. care for them and the coating shouldn’t crack or peel. bought for wife, she likes them. however – got two 3 lb weights – one is 2.8 oz heavier than rating, the other 2 oz lighter. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    If you read the description it says single weight so I’m surprised (actually not) that so many people were shocked to get only one weight with their order. People don’t read. I purchased a pair of the 5 lb weights and am very happy with them. I’ve had them for a few months and use them daily. There is no splitting of the material or any other issues. I’m waiting for the 8lb ones to come back in stock and will purchase them. Read more

  7. Michelle

    I just ordered this product and it was on backorder. I was excited to get it in the mail today and was immediately bummed out when I pulled the dumbbell out of the box. I just opened the box and the dumbbell is completely scuffed up. It looks like it may have been previously used. I was hoping for a dumbbell in new condition. I know that dumbbells get scuffs with use and did not expect my new one to arrive looking dirty, used, and scuffed. I also was under the impression that I was buying a pair of dumbbells. Obviously, I did not read the description well enough. Putting the dumbbell into the return pile. Read more

  8. Brenda Dean

    Right out of the box it is dirty and disgusting. It looks like it came from the trash. Not even worth 1 star. I was being generous. Read more

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