Elemara freestanding punching bag 69″- 182lb heavy boxing bag with suction cup base for grownup youngsters – guys stand kickboxing bags kick for domestic workplace, black (rw081200)

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  • adult unfastened standing punching bag: works on any even floors in home and workplace; stands approx 69″ /175cm tall; wonderful adult or teenagers (47-73in tall) gift as strain buster and power builder
  • upgraded surprise absorbing system: twin tpu absorbers and four springs to acquire 360°shock and noise absorption; tip: springs may be removed for less vibration to do in depth electricity schooling
  • solid floor sucking base: rounded abs base tank is engineered for clean roll relocation; includes 12 sturdy suction cups underneath to prevent base motion; full of sand can enhance balance
  • splendid internal cloth: stainless steel tube stand is encased in multi-layer construction: 2mm thickened pu leather-based striking surface, high-density epe foam, green material buffer; tear-resistant, rapid rebound, is sure to withstand lengthy-term onslaught of kicks and punches
  • bins you’ll get hold of: base could be more solid if packed with sand than other fillings; please be aware: base and bag shipped one at a time because of large length, if you simply get hold of one parcel, please touch us at any time
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  • does the suction cups work properly on carpet floor?
  • does the suction cups paintings precise on carpet floor?

  • does it include crammed base?
  • does it include crammed base?

  • can you operate this outside on concrete?
  • can you use this outdoor on concrete?

  • how lots sand does it take?
  • how tons sand does it take?


    Punching Bag, Punching Bag with Gloves

    8 reviews for Elemara freestanding punching bag 69″- 182lb heavy boxing bag with suction cup base for grownup youngsters – guys stand kickboxing bags kick for domestic workplace, black (rw081200)

    1. Jenny

      I bought this punching bag for my husband. He is a truck driver, and he sits a lot. Therefore, he needed to be more active, and this punching bag helps him a lot. Although I bought this specifically for my husband, my teenage son also loves it. It’s a perfect activity to distract my son from the internet environment and keep him active and stay physically fit. I would say this punching bag made a big difference in every one of my family. The settlement itself was so sturdy, and I filled out the three bags of sand inside it. I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to work out and energize themselves.Read more

    2. Anna

      I received the bag about 5 days ago and it truly impressed me. I honestly did not expect such good quality. I got this thing for my husband who has been asking for one for some time now so that he can blow off some steam every now and then. The punching bag is SUPER well made and very sturdy. Even though it’s PU leather, the material really feels and looks like genuine leather. Assembly was extremely simple and it was up and ready in minutes. The gloves that came with it are ok for now, but will be replaced with something better in the near future. So far, it’s holding up wonderfully and husband is really enjoying it. To be honest, having this thing in the house got me in the mood to work out and I’m probably going to beat on this thing myself 😆. Overall, I think this was a fantastic purchase and for price I really lucked out with the quality of this product. Fully and wholeheartedly recommend this thing to everyone!Read more

    3. T-MAC

      This Heavy Bag came in two separate packages (Base/Bag) unfilled with Sand. Their are suction cups that work great once you fill it with sand. It helped significantly on our matted garage floors and keeps the recoil on the bag. The bag itself has a sturdy build, solid core and proper recoil (springs & gel), which all make this heavy back quality. Been using Knees, Elbows, Fists, Shins and even a couple headbutts all feel great on this bag. It has a slimmer build than the hanging Pear Shaped or Standard Boxing Heavy Bags and has the 3 line target for head strikes. Excellent purchase, worth every penny.Read more

    4. DB

      You guys when I say this is perfect. This is perfect. I know most have been excited to get back into the gyms but me, I’m still working on my home gym. This is a great height (I’m 5’7 and it’s perfect), solid and sturdy. I have not tried the suctioning as it’s currently on uneven flooring, but that’s not a problem after filling the base with some sand. The instructions are really easy to follow. The delivery is in two due to the size of the bag and base. Super easy to carry prior to filling with sand to place wherever I need it. In case you were wondering you do need to purchase sand separately! Not an issue for me since the punching bag is qualityRead more

    5. Superhero

      This product is in good design, I really like the four springs.The installation of this product is very simple. It only takes 10 minutes. I filled it with water,use three-quarters of the garden hose,It will take 4 and half minutes to filled up the whole tank,but it took me about 8 minutes to finish, because you can’t see the water level,you have to take hose out and watch it back and forth several times. I didn’t use the suction cup,because I don’t have smooth surface, I recommend fill in with sand,that way it will be more sturdy.Read more

    6. Bo

      i bought it for my kid and me. my kid is just 7 years of old. so the punching bag should not be hanged(if you want kids from little to adult to punch bag). i bought punching bag before, but it was hanged lower to fit my kid’s size, not my size, so i can’t enjoy it. now i get new one both of us enjoy, sometimes i enjoy punching on upper part of bag and my kid enjoy punching on lower part of bag.there are somethings which should be known:1. base is not big and not so high. i tried one in my friend’s home before , the base is so big that little kid can not get closer to punch. this style is ok, my kid’s feet and knees don’t touch base.2.base should be filled with sands. i fill base with water in order that i can move it. if you locate where is punching bag. sands are better. if filled with water , punching bag you will feel it sways harder due to that water moves in side.3. i have question that why physical bag is not same size as the gallery picture. why photoshop it? but it doesn’t matter.all in all we love it and enjoy it.Read more

    7. Bonnie

      I decided to not fill the base completely so I filled it to about a half. I bought this so I can get some exercise indoor keep my body in ‘shape’. Because I live in an apartment, I layered up some mats (about three each with about an inches thickness) and placed the bag on top. I also stood on the mats because the covered space of my mat is 2 x 2 meters. The punching bag’s suction cup base withstood the kicks and punches, along with the base that was half -filled. I plan on filling the water to the max for strong kicks and punches, not light taps. Overall, there were no cons with the punching bag.Read more

    8. Amy09

      My family loves this punching bag. I’m trying to create small gym at home. We all use it, it is so practical. Before COVID my husband used to go to the expensive kick boxing class, but with this he just puts youtube and it is exactly like his class. With one exception, it is free (after initial investment).This item comes in two packages (base and the bag). My husband put water inside. But if you prefer you can put sand inside to make it even heavier.Read more

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