Energy structures fiberglass pilates ring with 2 handles

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  • make certain this fits
  • through getting into your version number.
  • fiberglass ring with a pliable foam cowl
  • molded plastic handles
  • molded plastic handles
  • 15 inch diameter
  • firm resistance
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  • it’s miles advertised as ‘jewelry’. Is it one ring or two? Thank you!
  • it’s far advertised as ‘jewelry’. Is it one ring or ? Thank you!


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    8 reviews for Energy structures fiberglass pilates ring with 2 handles

    1. Neil

      I received the item Oct 11, 2020. The item worked well for a few weeks. However, it quickly began to deform, going from round to elliptical. It finally broke with a snap last night (Jan. 13, 2021). As you’ll see from the photo it isn’t round anymore. Not well made.*****I wish to edit my review. I like some other users had the ring break very quickly after light use. My ring deformed almost identically to that of another user. I wrote to Power systems customer service to complain. The response would be funny if it weren’t true:”Good morning [name removed],Thank you for sending that receipt.Amazon fulfills the Power Systems order from their pre-purchased Power Systems inventory in their warehouses; we have no record of this order because we were not involved with it. You will need to contact Amazon for a replacement. I apologize that there is nothing more I can do for you regarding this order.If you have any questions please let me know.”Apparently, Power-Systems views a nearly $40 item as something they don’t have to stand behind. I won’t buy another one. It’s too bad. the concept is great but the quality of the manufacturing is pitiful.Read more

    2. Melissa B.

      I’ve tried other Pilates rings and this one’s definitely the best. Other rings weren’t strong enough or sturdy enough(I had to return a few that were flimsy and had barely any resistance). This is the same brand they have at the gym I use. I’ve been practicing Pilates three times a week for about a year and wanted my own equipment.Read more

    3. sharpcheddar

      We use the grey ones for my Pilates class I teach, this black one has more resistance and is wonderful has plenty of resistance for stronger people. The handles are not too comfortable is you using it for inner leg work, just turn the ring around then. It is not meant to smash together like a circus strong man because of the way Pilates is executed it is a strong slow concentrated deep muscle workRead more

    4. Roger D. Gaunt

      I’ve only had this three months and look at it! It broke last night while I was using it, nit a circle anymore!! I had one like this from Powe System for over four years and it is still a circle, guess they don’t make them like they used to!Read more

    5. Lee A

      These rings are what we’ve used at the fitness center. I’ve wanted a set for home and not gotten around to ordering until now. Seem to be good quality – and hold up well there.Read more


      Rubber coating covering the band has cracked at 6:00 & 12:00. I do not believe this affects the ‘safety’ of this product as I believe it is simply the protective covering over the suspension band itself. Still,it is dis-concerting to see the “cracks” open up when exercising with it.Read more

    7. Erik V.

      Good quality and works well for hips. I wish I had bought the firm one instead of medium or bothRead more

    8. Gloria

      Not as sturdy as the ones at my pilates studio but it is so great to have it to stretch at home. Will never be without one.Read more

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