Energy systems water dumbbells, pair

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  • make sure this fits with the aid of entering your model range.
  • gentle, durable, non-abrasive closed-mobile eva foam
  • cushioned-manage water barbells sold in pairs
  • 3 resistance levels: mild, medium, heavy (offered separately)
  • mild and portable when out of the water
  • best for water aerobics, swim exercising, or other aquatic health education
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product description

designed like traditional dumbbells, our aquatic model has one, and 3 round floats on each stop, depending at the resistance stage. Hand grips are cushioned for comfort. Not like traditional loose weights, water dumbbells are light and transportable when out of the water. Product of eva foam for sturdiness, they’re uv, bacterial and water resistant for hygiene and are extraordinarily rapid drying. Offered in pairs. Blue.

closed-cellular eva foam is durable, non-porous and perfect for the pool. It dries fast and resists uv harm and micro organism. Bought in pairs.

those pool hand weights are not heavy out of the water, and each resistance stage just adds another foam ring so the weight stays light, but the amount of pressure had to push them thru the water will increase. Light has one set of froth rings, medium has , and heavy has three.

designed like traditional dumbbells, however manufactured from gentle, non-abrasive closed cell foam, the strength systems water dumbbells are a first-rate addition to any water-based cardio health training.


Heavy, Light, Medium

8 reviews for Energy systems water dumbbells, pair

  1. Dave

    Purchased the product about Dec first. Today, Dec 7th 2018 was the first day of use in a 45 min class at the Y. The end cap came off within a couple of minutes, then the foam next. Then the real problem was exposed. The tube that holds it all was cracked at the end. Says to me that the product isn’t manufactured correctly. If you look closely at the close up of the ‘pipe’ you can see the crack continues in the unbroken piece. I read the others but figured gluing the end cap back on was not big deal but the cracking plastic pipe says more will happen. I would not recommend this to anyone. Shame on Amazon for not checking this problem out when others said the same thing in a nicer way. Read more

  2. T. Orth

    Purchased the medium and the heavy size water dumbbells. They worked great first couple aquasize classes and were just the right amount of resistance for my husband and I but now the caps on the ends keep coming off so the foam circles fall off. Yesterday this happened to the medium weight and we were unable to locate the side disc cap in the pool so now I’m unable to use the dumbell. Very disappointed in this product. Read more

  3. Lsm

    I only used these twice and the plastic tube inside the rings on one of them broke. The outer buoy popped off. No way to use that now. Also, these are extremely heavy under water. I was looking for 80-90% resistance. These aren’t rated that way, but they must be over 100%. I do water aerobics daily with buoys. The fact that one broke after the second use tells me I need to search elsewhere. Read more

  4. C.I.A.

    For the past 9 months I have been doing water aerobics at my community pool. The medium size dumbbells that are provided worked well but became too easy. It took about a month of 3 x a week to get used to these monsters but the results are awesome. I decided to not use them during the class but stay afterwards for about 30 minutes and go through my routine. The only negative issue is they do hurt my hands if I don’t take a few minutes between each exercise. But who would complain spending a few extra minutes in the pool. Read more

  5. Ann

    I have a set of these oversized dumbbells (different brand, which I can’t get anymore) for daily water aerobics exercise. I bought this set for a friend of mine that also does water aerobics. I’m a 75 year old woman and these definitely keep my arms strong. I’ve had mine for several years and have had no problems with them. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Read more

  6. Sharon Gillman

    Use one and two for different exercises in deep water. We use it for free style, under knees for thighs, for abs and the uses are many and endless. I bought this set for myself to use in my own pool. I love these. Read more

  7. J.D.Reviewer

    I purchased a number of pairs of these and keep sending them back. The end caps that keep the cylinders on the pole keep falling off when you are using them in the water. These are “advanced” water dumbbells. Challenging. They work very well – until the end cap falls off. Read more

  8. Mark

    With all the gyms closed I bought these to work out in the pool. I am a big guy 240pds strong but not buff. These give you a great power workout. I don’t think they would work well for a small guy. You would have a hard time keeping them down in the water without floating away. I decided to even order the next size down. Read more

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