Eurosock vitalsox italian graduated compression socks (1 pair- fitted) for ladies best for jogging, journey, yoga, nurses, maternity pregnancy, black, medium

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  • seventy five% silver drystat, 15% lycra, 10% nylon
  • imported
  • device wash
  • vitalsox distinctive silver drystat- vitalsox technical performance fabric designed the use of quick drying polypropylene infused with silver to face up to and forestall the growth of micro organism and fungus even as it repels scent from the socks. Your toes might also nevertheless odor however your socks will not preserve odors, easy care flip interior out and gadget wash warm.
  • the simplest patented compression- how is it distinctive, it’s far graduated starting on the mid foot for plantar ligament an arch assist, our compression is tested for my part in the course of production to the right range for maximum move growth. The ft are the furthest point from your coronary heart through increasing sparkling oxygenated blood to your damaged tissues via as much as forty% faster recuperation time and athletic performance is superior. Most flow.
  • fine compression range, vitalsox makes use of compression for maximum circulate and luxury this best range is the maximum beneficial for strolling, crossfit, walkers, being pregnant, maternity, vein help, marathons, sports, fitness center, yoga, spartan, standing, working, sitting, or sleeping, usually growing stamina and faster recovery, for more compression size down one length in the length chart.
  • four way stretch- strive it -pull each instructions, if it is shorter in one route that is only 2 manner stretch. Our socks stretch each guidelines for regular compression at some point of the entire sock, if they may be too long, just seize each sides of your calves and slide them right down to just underneath your knee. Every pair is hand examined in our manufacturing facility for performance, they are washed in a “chemical free” fabric softener with a nice sparkling scent making our socks “ready to wear” proper out of the field.
  • a hundred% made in italy- due to the fact that 1998 vitalsox the chief in era and actual tested graduated compression socks. Crafted from start to finish in our personal manufacturing facility never outsourced to the bottom bidder or built the use of machines designed for other products with inferior low priced non examined materials. Performance does make a distinction, guaranteed satisfactory that sticks out in your sock drawer, in italy we are proud to make a superior product at a reasonable fee. The quality compression socks at any fee.

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8 reviews for Eurosock vitalsox italian graduated compression socks (1 pair- fitted) for ladies best for jogging, journey, yoga, nurses, maternity pregnancy, black, medium

  1. Avy M.

    Since 10/2015, I have ordered six pairs of these socks: 2 pairs for an elderly man (in his 80s) who flies between India and the US a couple of times each year, and more recently, a pair apiece for my mother, father, husband, and myself. I have not collected feedback from each wearer, but here’s what I can say thus far:- My mom usually wears a size 7.5 shoe, so I got her a small. Unlike the more expensive (and tighter) toe-less compression stockings her orthopedic surgeon told her to get- which raised incredibly painful blisters around her calf because she did not put them on 100% correctly- these socks were more forgiving. They prevented the typical swelling she experiences on India/US flights.- I did not watch the Youtube instruction video before trying to help my dad put on his pair. It took three of us (dad, husband, myself) to get the socks on his feet, and I remember my dad falling backwards onto the sofa with mild exhaustion/frustration. I recommend watching that video first to save yourself some struggle (I googled “how to put on Vitalsox”).- I usually wear a 8.5 shoe in women’s, so I got a medium in this sock, which fits my foot fine. The band is a little tight around my chubby calf, but was not too painful after the India/US flight. I would say that my typical transoceanic flight experience involved tingly feet; perhaps some mild (visible to the eye) swelling … but after wearing these socks: no tingling! Although I’ve worn these socks just twice, it was a good experience overall, and I’m happy I bought them. I think I paid between $20-25 for each pair usually, although when I purchased the pair for my mom, the price was $35. I emailed/Facebooked Vitalsox, but they are separate from the Amazon seller(s) and can’t help the price. So my recommendation is to bookmark the size/color you want, and swoop in when the price is low-$20s as opposed to low-$30s. Personally, I find the black to be good for travel (hides any grime you might pick up when going shoe-less through airport security) and the fuchsia curlicue design made me think “Hey, pretty!”- a small ‘feminine’ design touch that appealed to me over the ‘medical apparel’ type vibe that I associate with, well, compression socks.- I found the review by “H-Man” for the “VT1211” Vitalsox model to be really helpful; that’s what ultimately swayed me to Vitalsox as opposed to other brands.- I will evaluate the socks after a couple more flights, and will come back to possibly upgrade my 4-star rating. Didn’t want to be too gushy based on only two wears.Edit (08/2017): I wore these for a short flight from San Francisco to Denver, and again had a good experience (I didn’t have any tingling). However, my husband wore his as well, for what turned out to be a long day (more than 12 hours’ wear) and they *may* have contributed to a flareup of his athlete’s foot. Well, that, and wearing hiking boots for many hours each day, for a couple days. Just wanted to mention that in case anyone else suffers from that condition :-(Read more

  2. Cheryl

    These compression socks fit great and I think will do a great job for long flights and drives. I wear ladies size 8.5 or 9 shoe and ordered Medium, and the fit was perfect and they go up to my knee (I’m 5’6). They have a nice compression that starts in the foot, but not overly strong like a medical grade sock, so they feel comfortable and supportive. Just grab hold of the heel inside the sock and pull it out so that you can stick your foot in, and then it’s easy to pull the leg part up because they have some stretch. You can adjust them then so they fit smoothly on your leg. I ordered these because I got 2 PEs after major surgery, which are gone now but I’m not taking any chances on long flights and drives. I ordered the black socks and they look good too! The decoration makes them look like I’m not wearing men’s knee-high dress socks! I would highly recommend these!Read more

  3. elaine

    these are amazing! I am a nurse on my feet for at least 5-6 hours non-stop. i have tried other support socks, but these are the absolute best. I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe. They are large enough in the mediums so that they don’t cut into my legs at the very top–as others did. The material is much more high end than the sockwells. Yes, they are pricey and that’s why I kept trying other ones. Don’t bother. These are superior. Plus they’re cute!Read more

  4. Joy

    very comfortable socks. I wear a size 10 shoe, and I purchased Mediums. they fit great — the toe area has room, and the heal area is just perfect. the first day, I wore them 17 hours, and my legs felt amazing. the compression is just right. I will be buying a second pair. they do come up to my knee, and I have not washed them yet, but I don’t think I will be putting them in the dryer. I don’t want any shrinkage, as they are perfect as they are! highly recommend.Read more

  5. Lila

    I really like these compression socks. I bought the black pair. They really help with the swelling in my left leg, I almost don’t have any when I wear these, especially on summer days when my ankle swells more from the heat. I also bought two pair of their recovery training socks with the cute swirls on the sides. The fabric is soft and they aren’t too hard to get on.Read more

  6. D Dee

    I have congestive heart failure, so I need a circulation nudge occasionally. I thought these compression socks were a bit too tight, but after leaving them on for a while, they felt so wonderful that I didn’t want to take them off! If my legs start cramping up at night, I’ll slip them on and often the cramping will go away – that beats taking pain meds all the time.Read more

  7. Km

    I bought these when Amazon had them 1/2 priceI was skeptical but I’m on my feet in metarsal boots 10 hr days and my feet hurt I’m wearing these new socks and gotta tell ya they are wonderful my feet feel so much better and my calfs love these socjsRead more

  8. RedLassie

    Didn’t expect to like these this much! Purchased for a long haul flight and walking tour and my feet and ankles had zero swelling. Made my journey so much more pleasant.Read more

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