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  • make certain this fits by means of entering your model variety.
  • your purchase includes everlast – 2 station heavy bad stand, 4813bdtc model are not blanketed
  • bag stand dimensions – 47. 6″ w x sixty six. 5″ l x 87″ h restrict – 100 clearance space – side: 4ft. X 6ft. Ceiling: 7’ three” h
  • not encouraged for out of doors use
  • adjustable height speed bag platform handles all velocity bag sizes
  • rugged, powder-lined metal tubing construction and three weight pegs offer maximum durability. All-steel surfaces are powder-lined for scratch resistance and durability

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product description

product description

heavy bag and speed bag stand


everlast warrants its merchandise to be loose from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 120 days from date of purchase, furnished they have now not been subjected to apparent abuse, overlook or misuse. Everlast’s sole liability is confined to repairing or replacing merchandise which might be lower back inside this 120-day period, unless specific product literature specifies in any other case.

please contact customer service for full info, and for substitute help at 1-800-821-7930.

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boxing training begins and ends with the heavy and pace bags, and this stand from industry chief everlast holds each. Rugged, powder-covered metallic tubing production and 3 weight pegs offer most sturdiness at the easy-to-bring together stand. It’ll assist any heavy bag up to a hundred pounds, and the adjustable top speed bag platform handles all speed bag sizes. The stand measures 48. 25-by using-84-with the aid of-69 inches (w x h x d).

8 reviews for Everlast – 2 station heavy bag stand

  1. Cainan Thompson

    The stand does what it’s supposed to do. Pretty sturdy. Some of the holes didn’t quite line up but a little hammer repositioning and the bolts slid in effortlessly. Some peoples reviews had them complaining of scratches and dents. Why would the appearance of the stand make any difference if it serves it’s function? Unless they just bought it for show. Holds up my 100lb bag and doesn’t slide around much. I’ll probably weight it down anyways. Read more

  2. Jason1326

    This is a piece of garbage, plain and simple. There are other products on the market worth your time and money. This one is not. It is insanely difficult to put together due to the misalignment of holes and the hardware provided is junk. AFTER ONLY ONE USE THE SPEEDBAG BROKE OFF OF THE MOUNT, meaning the unit is now useless. I WILL be getting a refund and won’t ever buy from this company again. Far cry from what everlast used to be. Read more

  3. kathleen phillips

    Very cheep quality. After three uses the wood on the speed bag mount broke. Two out of the three uses the heavy bag has come loose and fallen. So much for everlast name, should be WONTLAST. Very disappointed in the quality. Read more

  4. Metal Dad

    Had a bad day at work, look no further than this…works great…who needs jail time because the senior managers of your organization keep promoting the same kiss ass sycophants. Don’t murder someone, go home and pound the ever living hell out of a 70lb back and dream it is the souls of your enemies you are crushing…have will love it. Feel the destructive power of your fists…set them free. How can you feel the weeping and lamentations of the women of the enemies you’d like to crush if you DONT train. Read more

  5. Bearded Wavy

    Defective, Spent a whole two hours putting this thing together then I found out the right support leg holes don’t match up to the right part of the leg base. It’s so frustrating because I ordered this earlier this year and it says it in my garage for months until I finally cleaned it up yesterday so now I am out of the return window but even if I was it would be a huge hassle to send something of this size back. Before I even put the punching bag together I read the manual in Everlast said that if the product was defective stop and contact them and they would send You out a replacement part for a nominal fee. Why do I have to pay if your item is defective? That seems like a scam to me because why wouldn’t I just sell oh my defective units online amd charge people extra to fix everlast’s mistake? Read more

  6. Trip Bauer

    What an utter piece of garbage. Showed up blown out the bottom of the box, scratches in a number of areas, rust dust all over. Assembled a bit wonky (the wrench will cut you, it’s angry) and wobbly still. Hung the speedbag, rattles and wobbles on cheap hardware, but it’s cool, I’ll feel super strong when it flies off across the room. Hung the heavy bag on it, I am no pro, nor a super heavyweight (fairly fit 200lbs @6’1″) and every moderate jab had the frame springing and bending all over the place. I kinda want to go to town on it just to see how long it will last but it won’t stay still long enough. I’ll throw a bunch of sandbags all over the base frame to see if that helps, but the speedbag speeds on it’s own when striking the heavy, one hell of a racket. The plastic sleeves for the speedbag adjustment bracket fall out randomly. Yeah, what did I expect for $109, right? This is the first thing I’ve ever bothered assembling and then wondered if I could disassemble, re-pack and return. Not really feeling worth it though lots of effort… Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Need some help here Everlast. I started assembling the stand this evening and the base holes are out of alignment. This is piece 01, the center base tube. The holes on the right side are out of alignment with the left which makes it impossible to attach the heavy bag tube. This isn’t just sloppy incompetence, it is insulting to all your customers. Need a replacement piece 01 rather than a replacement ASAP. Read more

  8. Mz Nina, business consultant and aspiring artist

    I actually put it together by myself but not great quality. Bought 70lb body bag, but there is no way this will be steady without at least 50lbs on each front leg holding it down (total 100lbs). You could probably get away with 25lbs on the back leg. Plus the sand and your time. Would NOT reccomend water anchors, they wont be enough and will still be unsteady. So, you will need to buy at least 3 weight bags at a cost of at least an additional $100. So this is actually quite expensive, when at that price you can buy a “real” boxing station. Not great quality either, but for now will work for me, since a female and do not hit as hard as a dude. Woukd not reccomend for anyone who is a decent to hard hitter. Better to hand from ceiling in garage or room from a beam. Getting back into a boxing routine, as in real boxing and NOT boxing “aerobics” to get back into shape. In a few months will join a boxing GYM (not health club). So if u r a female, I am 5’8″ and 135lbs, it’s ok. I do not kickboxing, so have no idea about stability for that, but u would buy a different style heavy bag anyway. Personally, I would not trust it for any kicks. Read more

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