Everlast 4455p hand wraps

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  • degree one hundred twenty inches
  • manufactured from machine-washer-friendly a hundred% durable cotton-weave
  • handy thumb loop with velcro closure for smooth and relaxed wrapping
  • meet expert and beginner requirements
  • 120″
  • made of machine-cleanable 100% long lasting cotton-weave
  • handy thumb loop with velcro closure for smooth and at ease wrapping
  • meet professional and newbie necessities
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product description

this everlast® popular mexican-style handwrap is available in a breathable cotton material for comfort and guide.



8 reviews for Everlast 4455p hand wraps

  1. S Lee

    I’ve bought other wraps from Everlast, but this variation is cheap! Right from the get go, during the first wrap, when the velcro was caught on the cloth material, the fabric easily came undone when I pulled the velcro away. This is a much cheaper variation so I’m guessing it’s a knockoff of the real thing. Needless to say, I spent few extra dollars and got the real thing from another seller. Save your money and buy elsewhere!Read more

  2. eastcoaster

    the description of the product is incorrect. these are NOT 100% cotton weave but a poly-cotton blend, which is stated clearly on the item’s packaging. i haven’t seen a pair of 100% cotton wraps in a long time but i had hopes that perhaps these were a hold out. nope. that said, the 120in wraps are a decent length for my hands, and i’m able to wrap my knuckles. however, there’s a bit of slip so if you wrap your thumb, it’s going to get loose. i haven’t had the pulled threads issue yet with these, but i expect to. for 3.50-4 bucks for the pair, it’s a decent buy. i wouldn’t spend more just to get the other colors.Read more

  3. Sheena

    I wouldn’t buy these again. The yellow wraps (in the middle) were used by a serious boxer and given to me almost two years ago. I purchased the black wraps (left) and red wraps (right) less than four months ago on Amazon as “add-on” items– the preowned yellow wraps have outperformed BOTH. The red wraps get 2 stars because they’re still functional but they’re definitely not durable–as soon as the velcro attaches to fabric it’s a wrap (no pun intended.) The entire wrap is shredding. The yellow wraps are not 120 length; however, I don’t think length should change the fabric quality, especially with the same brand. The tags even faded in the wash. With all of this considered, I suggest paying a little more for better quality.Read more

  4. AJ Halligan

    Crappy. Velcro started peeling away from the wraps, snagging the material as well. These are 120 inches, which I did not know before I bought. The page did not make this clear before purchasing. Not long enough for average-sized adult hands. Basically a waste of $7Read more

  5. Avengersrox

    Got these for myself and a friend. Worked great for the light boxing we did. Lots of reviews say they’re too short and for someone with large hands this may be true, but for me it was fine. I was able to do a basic knuckle wrap that provided good wrist support and plenty of knuckle padding/protection. Great for beginners like myself but for more experienced individuals or those who want to do heavy hitting, longer wraps would probably be better.Read more

  6. The Stan Clan

    I’ve been kick boxing for about 3 months now. I was provided a set of wraps. They are getting worn, so I ordered these. These aren’t as stretchy as the original ones I have. When wearing, I have to make them so tight so they won’t slide off my hands. Quite disappointed.Read more

  7. Lauren Gwynn

    I wanted to purchase pink because of the donation to the breast cancer non profit. Unfortunately the quality and practicality of these wraps for boxing are nil. They should provide longer options for better wrapping. I have super small hands but definitely prefer more support. The Velcro pulls apart the fabric when it gets stuck (which it will). Mine basically fell apart after 3 weeks of use (10 boxing training classes). I hadn’t even washed them. Maybe good for children? Going to toss them and try again w another brand.Read more

  8. Carl Brenden

    These are of horrible quality! Don’t let the 4 star rating fool you. I noticed the first red flag when the Everlast label was printed on a cheap, scratchy t-shirt-tag-like material, as opposed to the picture. The material is thin and obviously not cotton. The thumb loop isn’t even the same color, and the velcro is exactly what one might find at a back-alley dollar store. To ensure my ability to sleep at night, please don’t do this to yourselves. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!Read more

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