Everlast 70-pound mma heavy-bag kit , black

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  • make sure this fits
  • by way of getting into your model quantity.
  • package consists of 70-pound heavy bag, heavy bag gloves, 108-inch hand wraps and bungee wire
  • heavy bag stuffed with a custom filling of natural and artificial fibers blended with sifted sand
  • heavy bag gloves and wraps for defensive your hands towards the abrasion of the bag
  • customizable peak with adjustable chain
  • bungee cord for adding greater resistance to the bag

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product description

  • 70 lb heavy bag produced from exquisite tough and rugged polycanvas fabric.
  • especially blended filler provides resilient surprise absorbency.
  • mma heavy bag gloves manufactured from excessive excellent syntehtic leather-based with a supportive hook-and-loop wrist strap.
  • best for heavy bag exercises.
  • guarantee:

    everlast warrants its merchandise to be free from defects in substances and workmanship for a length of one hundred twenty days from date of purchase, supplied they’ve no longer been subjected to apparent abuse, overlook or misuse. Everlast’s sole liability is restricted to repairing or replacing products which might be back inside this 120-day period, until precise product literature specifies otherwise.

    8 reviews for Everlast 70-pound mma heavy-bag kit , black

    1. Scott

      It’s a bag. You can punch it. I’m not an expert on these things. I just bought this to add something new to my workouts. It seems good.The bag itself is fine, but it didn’t come with everything advertised. I didn’t receive the tape, the gloves, or the bungee cord for extra resistance, This is the same complaint that I’ve seen in other reviews.I don’t care about the bungee cord, but I could have used the gloves. I hung the bag and beat on it for a while and now knuckles are all torn up. It would have been nice to have had the gloves.I tried to contact Everlast through Amazon so that they fulfill their order as it was intended to be. There was no response. Amazon provided a telephone number. I called it, and a phony-happy-polite lady told me I would have to send them an email with a receipt. Why they couldn’t handle it over the phone, I don’t know. It would have been easy. So, then I had to send them an email. But that wasn’t good enough. I didn’t send them enough proof, I suppose. So I send them a copy of the Amazon’s email saying that my order has been shipped. It has every bit of information attached to it that anybody could possibly ask for. This still wasn’t good enough.I explained to them that I don’t appreciate having to put so much time and effort into acquiring goods and services that I had already paid for, and then told them to go ♡♡♡♡ themselves. And I told them I would give them an honest review, which I have just done.Make up your own mind. The product is not bad, just hope that you get what you ordered. I you don’t there is no easy way to make things right.Read more

    2. Jarvis

      POW! Right in the kisser! POW!! Right in the kisser! Love this bag!!!!! I ended up mounting this to a tree as I’m simply renting the house I’m staying at. So far it has taken the elements well. Bad day? Hit the bag. Need exercise? Hit the bag. Want to kill someone? Well…get professional help…then hit the bag.Read more

    3. Amazon buyer

      I bought this for my wife she seems to be angry these days. I hung it in the garage, she goes in there.. hits the bag instead of me and it’s all good.It’s well made and heavy. The gloves are cheap but you should invest in good gloves if you wanna box or hit the bag.Read more

    4. M. Jarrett

      It was great until the strap broke. We have had it three months (to the day) and the strap broke with just normal use (and it is just one 12 y/o that uses it). We are very disappointed. The pictures on the website look like the stitching section is far larger that it is.Read more

    5. sheil poisson

      First time ever I haven’t been happy with purchase. This product is advertised by picture and product description as being sold as a whole kit with 70 lb bag, chain, gloves, hand wraps and bungee. I only got the bag and chain. There is no packaging slip or way to correct. Very disappointed.Read more

    6. Justin V.

      This is a great value for an entry level setup. Because others said the stitching failed quickly on the straps, I wrapped the top 4” in black gorilla tape to help hold everything in place up there and spread out the weight burden. No issues at all with the bag or stitching.The wraps are solid for entry level and amateur boxing work. There are plenty of videos online that show different wraps styles. These wraps do a good job of keeping everything in place like they are meant to do.The gloves are basic MMA style training gloves (thumbs out). They are sufficient for bag work. Kind of a one size fits all, so smaller hands may have some issues with them sliding around slightly, but that is to be expected when buying a starter set like this. They are good for the bag, not so much for sparring.This bag does come with the bungee and a loop on the bottom of the bag to use a weight for bag stability. Doesn’t come with the official bag weight though.Overall, this bag is exactly what I expected it to be and I have been able to put in good work on it over the several weeks I have had it (3-4 workouts per week ranging from 30 – 60 minutes) without any of the quality issues others have reported.Read more

    7. marcalexander

      Arrived on time, ALL items included. Box was in good shape from UPS. Free ship can’t beat that! I also purchased an anchor weight and 150 lb. spring as well. Initially I wanted to mount it to a floor joist in the basement, I have the bracket. Although I think I will ultimately go with the i-beam bracket. The steel i-beam running the width of the house seems like it would be more substantial. For fun I’ll test both ways to check optimal performance. Temporarily its on a basic eye hook and I’m not real crazy about it hanging long term that way, I take it down after use. My bag, the zipper and stitching seem fine and intact well. I can see over time the straps will take abuse, the weight and movement of the bag could put strain on the stitching of the straps. Another gentleman stated in his review that he wrapped the top 4 inches of his bag with gorilla tape to distribute the weight and tension better around the straps. That seems logical to me and I will wrap the top when I officially hang the bag in its final spot. The gloves and wraps seem good, comfortable/functional for what you get in a combo like this. You can always use or find other gloves of your own preference. For the price it was right in a basic home setup. Not looking for top teir gym quality, I would have bought a heavier, leather bag for more than twice the price if that were the case. I’m satisfied, Everlast is a good name in the industry.Read more

    8. natalie

      2 of the 4 straps on the bag have already broken in 4 months… pretty disappointed in the stiching.Read more

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