Everlast combined martial arts heavy bag gloves

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8 reviews for Everlast combined martial arts heavy bag gloves

  1. Love Life

    Many reviews have said it: L/XL still seem small and that’s without my wraps on. The plastic is flimsy. I admit that I ordered them thinking that Everlast gloves would be genuine leather. My error. Thumb feels hyper-exposed and vulnerable, even if they might not be entirely. Who knows but what matters is my psychological comfort of knowing my thumb is better protected.So, I’m returning them the same day I received them. I’d rather pay 2-3 times more for a pair of Reyes gloves. They haven’t sunk the way Everlast has, the brand of my heroes Ali, Frazier, Arguello, Jose Chegui Torres, and so many others.Read more

  2. CasaMan

    These gloves are not even close to what I expected. If you have large hands, diificult to get your hands in the gloves;. If you wrap your hands, it’s very difficult to get your hands in the gloves. Second plastic feeling. Padding is good. At best, good for a person just starting to hit the bag. For a trained athlete, not a good choice.Read more

  3. Edward Inzauto

    I like these gloves for the ease of use – particularly having my thumb exposed – since I’m just using them to work out at the gym. Unfortunately, these are very light gloves and the padding is minimal, causing knuckle pain with properly wrapped hands and moderate strength heavy bag work – primarily on my left (lead/jab) hand. These gloves are 7-8 ounces.Read more

  4. Andrew Nicholas Love

    I like the gloves but after only one month the seam split and now they are done. Just not worth it. I should have paid some more money and got something better BUT STILL……One Month?????Read more

  5. Kevin Jones

    I received these on Dec 24th 2018. My first use was Dec 26th. I have had approximately 15-20 bag sessions with these gloves and already blown seams on the right next to the weight. Also the padding is essentially gone now. I feel my knuckles getting way too close to the bag on hard shots. Also both gloves have significant wear on the striking face of the glove at my index and middle finger knuckle. That is where I feel they have worn thin.My left hand for the first time in years had a busted knuckle after my last use. My sessions are about 30 min long bag sessions so not that long. Can’t afford something that won’t protect me or you.Read more

  6. Richard

    I bought these because they were cheap and just wanted something to get back into a little heavy bag work for fitness. When I was younger (80’s-90’s) I paid $35-$50 for basic bag gloves with no wrist support (and you HAD to use cloth wraps with bag gloves on your hands to keep from damaging your knuckles or wrists). These gloves exceeded my expectations, and they give very good wrist support with the velcro straps. How well they hold up, I don’t know yet., but they are better than the basic gloves I grew up with, and they are half the price.Read more

  7. J. Stan

    I took a risk buying these because my typical glove size is either 2xl or 3xl, but I had heard that these run a little big, and they do. I personally can not use the 180″ wraps with these gloves and instead use a pair of the 108″, so if your hands are larger, you may want to take that into consideration. The seam under the (useless) thumb sleeve, can be quite a bother, and you have to make sure to pull the glove on ALL the way, this will remove the pressure point, and when you wrap your hands, just make sure to give yourself at least 1 layer over that part of your hand and you will eliminate the problem. I have not had time to put these though weeks or months of abuse to see what they can withstand, but I have put them through 3 very serious workouts with a heavy bag and they are comfortable and sturdy so far. I do NOT like the thumb sleeve, and I with they would just eliminate it altogether, and the wrist strap could use a little bit of a redesign, it is really hard to get it tight especially with one glove on. But those are minor complaints and not necessarily something that will bother everyone, just me. All in All, if you have larger hands and are having trouble finding bag gloves, I highly recommend these, just remember, shorter wraps may be necessary.Read more

  8. Dillon Hearn

    I’ve used these for quite some time now. Used for heavy bag and sparring with a buddy. They held up well for quite a while tho eventually the outer side of my right glove busted at the seem as you will see in a few of the other reviews. I initially bought these because they were on the cheaper side. I used them today even with the busted seem and they are held together pretty well. I also want to state that I’ve never bought gloves before so I didn’t know what size to buy, and these were a bit snug on my hands which could’ve caused the busted seem now that I think about it.Read more

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