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next technology heavy bag best for boxing and health training. Hydro strike technology absorbs strikes, supplying a lifestyles-like feel and resilient creation. Light, portable layout permits for clean pickup and shipping. Weighs 100 lbs. Whilst packed with water. Bag comes with the following elements: putting bracket, chain, sweeper nozzle and a short hyperlink. About 28. One hundred twenty five” in height, 14. 25″ in diameter. 2-yr .

7 reviews for Everlast hydrostrike water bag, 100 lb, black, p00000657

  1. Jnsiegel

    Hard bag…even with wraps and bag gloves it’s a little painful to use. I filled the bag up completely and noticed water sprays out from the plug when I hit it. I bought this bag because I had used a water filled jab bag years ago and loved it. This is not nearly as supple. Bought a spider mount for it which works really well. The d-ring that came with the bag doesn’t fit through the eyelet at the top of the bag – so I had to run a chain through it instead. It’s relatively steady when hitting which is nice. But unless this bag softens up over time, I really cannot recommend it. Read more

  2. Marko B.

    I thought that it would have been a better training tool for upper cuts and overall ability to absorb a few good beatings. I’m sorry to say that I was wrong because I’m expecting a lot of resistance/resilience sturdiness and hitting absorption and that is not exactly what you get. I am 6’5” 240 lbs and I’m coming strong and I expect to be sore, exhausted and even swollen because I don’t wear hand protection after a couple weeks of training my hands and mind to work together delivering even solid and properly timed and textbook style punches. I’m sorry but if I don’t get it with solid work and power punches I’ll get pain in and or both hands and wrists. I also have yet to mention that I know it’s a great punch because it’s louder than the old ever last original. Hey unless you have a punch that you’re gonna hold back to ensure you don’t kill your opponent you will never get over the plug desinegrating from a mediocre upper cut I was just happy to get back without paying the price for a complacent and off target throw Read more

  3. Kayla M Torres

    Broke after only 6 months. We used it for its intended purposes. Started leaking and it was too difficult to identify where the leak was coming from. Warranty is only good for 120 day so we tossed it. Read more

  4. Chris

    I’ve had a few different punching bags through the years, all different Everlast bags, and so far this one is my favorite. The concentration of it’s mass helps absorb hits much better than a very long bag. It also gives you a more targeted range and bottom exposure for uppercuts. I hit it for a total of two hours or so per week, and it’s been holding up strong. Some of the pros are also the cons, the smaller size doesn’t allow for a large vertical range of hits. I also don’t like to go bare fisted on this bag because the rubber has a bit of a slapping sensation against the skin, where the old vinyl or canvas bags don’t. All in all though, I still prefer this one to any of the others I’ve had over the years. Read more

  5. Juliana

    I was filling up mine with water and it suddenly began leaking and ripped. It wasn’t even halfway filled but the bag exploded. Made me think twice about getting a replacement for this one.. next thing you know is everything would be splashed with water. I don’t know. Might’ve received a defective one. Read more

  6. Crazywombat

    Very happy with this product. Despite making a mess filling it up, it’s been a nice addition to my home gym. It is a little shorter that I expected and I’m hanging it a bit lower than I’d like but that’s all part of figuring out placement. I’m 5-10. I never expected it to be perfect as it’s not a full length bag but I was hoping for something in between. The slip on the top of the bag makes hits above shoulder high not possible if you hang it lower while hanging it high makes kicks/knees a bit tricky. Once filled with water, it’s solid but with just enough give. Someone mentioned the seam in the middle of the bag and it’s real and noticeable but not that distracting. For the price it’s a nice addition. Read more

  7. Joey B.

    Very heavy duty bag. Comes with chain ( might be a little short for a patio cover hanging ) . The only thing the prevents it from getting a 5-star from me is it does come with a seam in the middle and it does stick out some. I duct taped the seam all the way around so it doesn’t scratch my gloves. I wish the chains were 8 inches longer so I can have the middle down to my throat area . But, chains are cheap at Home Depot. It is very stiff right now but it should get softer as I put some rounds through it. It is not as soft as foam lined water punching bag . But, it’s also built for outdoors and you can practice upper cuts on it b/c of it’s shape. Read more

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