Everlast new omniflex freestanding heavy bag, black pink, 67″

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  • make sure this suits
  • by getting into your model range.
  • nevatear outer shell presents durability and functionality
  • omniflex neck allows for optimum impact absorption and reduced base motion
  • low profile base design for punches and kicks
  • approximately 130lbs when full of water
  • excessive grade, surprise absorbing foam construction

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product description

ever remaining omniflex freestanding heavy bag affords all the blessings of a heavy bag workout. Boom your cardiovascular fitness at the same time as enhancing power by means of utilizing the bag for punches, kicks, etc. Adjustable top permits for more than one putting positions and might accommodate users of different sizes.

8 reviews for Everlast new omniflex freestanding heavy bag, black pink, 67″

  1. yash patel

    Okay so despite of the mixed reviews on Amazon, I decided to give this a try. As a beginner I found this bag very good. The flexibility of use makes it a versatile punching bag. It’s a solid construction, don’t know how people were able to break it. Height is adjustable and I am 6 feet tall with 190 lb weight and after punching it really hard it didn’t tip over. I would recommend this product for beginners and intermediate level. Hope this helps someone like me :)Read more

  2. Nidhish Shivashankar

    In terms or whether or not it’s a heavy bag, it is what I intended on getting but be warned it might not be what YOU expect out of the term “heavy bag”. It’s more analogous to a rev gear teardrop bag.Pouring in the sand freaking sucked because you have to get it at an angle. It took me a few hours. I’m probably just stupid but it didn’t go well for me.The punching cushion also came ripped on mine.Read more

  3. Jephrey Hines

    I bought this for my 10 year old son and also for me. I’m 6’2″ and at the maximum height it works perfect for high kicks, knees, elbows etc. The spring on the bottom will make this to move a lot every punch and kick will rock this thing back and forward, you can use this to simulate someone punching you or coming towards you and you can dodge it etc.I don’t like the cushion its terrible and hard so please buy gloves and you need to tape your wrist and knuckles if not you are going to damage your hand or fingers. I have some MMA style gloves and it still hurts after some power punches this is because the back and forward will make the punching bag come to you at more force and speed (momentum) so you are going to get your wrist bend or received a high impact so protect your self.I recommend anyone to buy this it really works and size wise is super small you can have it in a small apartment or a corner in your garage.Read more

  4. Hava Edelstein

    I am a forty-something woman who is five feet four inches tall. I love using this punching bag because it’s fun and a good frustration outlet. I do want to say though that I am not exceptionally strong, but it is still easy to punch this bag so that it springs back pretty dramatically in the other direction before coming towards me again. While I generally like this feature, I would prefer just a little less springiness. I think this bag would be better for kids or adults who are using it on a casual basis like I am instead of something using it for serious boxing practice. I am happy with my purchase though the next time I purchase a bag, I will look for one that is just a little big stronger.Read more

  5. Steve McClintock

    I just use this for an upper body workout, and to get my heart beating…it’s fun. I don’t have space for a full bag, so this works out great. It is dense foam though, so it’s not going to feel so hard as a bag, but for messing around it’s good. It’s easier on your body than a bag. I hear the spring can eventually wear out, but nothing lasts forever, and I don’t go crazy on it like some videos I’ve seen.Read more

  6. DavidK

    I’m new to boxing, so I”m not sure what my expectations should have been. Unfortunately, this thing took a beating for a while but ultimately gave in. It broke a piece at a time. If you’re good with cost getting your 2-4 months of 3x/week use, go for it. I’m going to look elsewhere for a replacement.Read more

  7. Sandra A. M. Bristol

    It was easy to assemble, I got it for my daughter and her family at the beginning of May. It is performing well. They haven’t owned it long enough to attest to it’s long term durability but so far, so good. They have it on a concrete slab so I don’t think the suction cups are being used.6-27-2020Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    This thing basically sucks. It’s not even remotely close to being a heavy bag. However it is a heavy water tank, ha. The bag itself has almost zero resistance. It’s basically for a child. I returned mine. Didn’t enjoy it at all.Read more

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