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everlast energy core bag (ea)

air-foam chamber gives realistic experience. Rounded layout allows for smooth motion around goal increasing aerobic, leg conditioning & hand-eye coordination. Powercore electricity transfer ring absorbs impact and decreases base movement and sliding. High density base can easily be full of water or sand (approximately 250 lbs. With water, 370 lbs. With sand). Solid base presents easy-to-hit goal, maximizing your exercise. Top is adjustable from fifty four” to 65″. Now not recommended for outside use.



6 reviews for Everlast-powercorebag

  1. Brian Jyriel

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I’ve had this free standing heavy bag for almost 3 months now, and it’s pretty good for my first boxing bag. I had to make some changes to the way the bag made weight though. Instead of filling it up with water/sand, I used a couple weighted plates and dumbells. I don’t have much space in the garage to place the weights, so I hide them inside whenever I don’t use them. I recommend adding something under the bag to reduce the sound/movement after each punch. A minor complaint would be that I wish it was a bit taller. I’m 5’11 and I feel my punches are aimed too low. Of course I could place some mats under it to make it taller, but if there’s going to be a new model of this heavy bag, I hope it’d be taller. Anything above the Everlast logo feels like if I throw a strong punch, the bag may break. But since I’m just a novice, technique is my priority at the moment. I’ll update this after a couple months if anything happens, but so far, I’m satisfied. Read more

  2. David

    Great product, says to use either water or sand for the weight, problem is the water leaks and spills everywhere. Sand is a better way to go, but I didn’t have an opportunity to get any and since it said water was fine I thought it would work well…they just need to do a better job sealing the attachments if they suggest water use. Read more

  3. eltree

    I wanted to like this thing, because it was an affordable piece of striking equipment. I’ll review it for its merits as such first: You fill the base with bags of gravel or sand. Do not fill it with water. It advertises that you’re free to do this, but you’re also free to pour wet cement down your sink drain. Not a good idea. Once you do so, and manage to get the bag to stand at any height – not terribly easy owing to the laddered construction of the spine – that is, the notched plastic pillar the “bag” sits around – it’ll be too low. I’m just over 64 inches tall, superfly weight, and this thing is too short for me. I have it at the second highest position. The highest position will not hold given the molding of the ladder. It’s just not built to fit into that slot. Being made a sort of polystyrene or something similar, it doesn’t give too much, not even after two months of continuous use. This can be a good thing, as it encourages you to pop your strikes back, rather than try to dig through it. If you’re trying for more a style of punching through a target, that’s still feasible, it just demands better hand and wrist posture to avoid injury. In that sense, this would be a simple and effective training tool, and a good addition to a home gym. Although I’d wager it’s too short be of any use to anyone but a child. And you probably don’t want your child to use this. I think it’s a polystyrene core, as I said, sheathed in a PVC shell with the Everlast logo on it. Somehow, this managed to necessitate a Prop 65 warning. I know PVC can be made poorly and off-gas some nasty chemicals, but I also know that that’s less and less true as we have gotten better at making PVC. My guess is they’ve added phthalates or lead to the compound, earning them the warning. Want some cancer with your exercise? Of course, that’s just a Prop 65 warning, everything is toxic, enjoy life, you’ll be fine, etc… The plastic core, however, whether it’s entire nontoxic or not, is absolutely shredded. To reiterate, I am very small. I do not have a lot of striking power. And yet after two months of use that was not continuous (this thing is not a joy, after all), maybe clocking in a very liberal estimate of 5 hours of total use, the core sheds a cloud of microplastic dust every time I hit it. Every time I tap it. This is stored indoors in proper conditions, not exposed to sunlight, nothing. It’s just made terribly in every regard. Other reviews talk about the base, which is made with the attention to detail that you might expect from a walrus. I should hope I don’t need to expound on that. Please, please don’t buy this. I bought this is December, and so I’d love to return this for a refund, but if I can’t, maybe I can at least dissuade some other potential buyers from wasting their time, money, and energy. Read more

  4. AZ PRO Outdoors

    I wasn’t sure what to expect and was afraid the bag might have been a little flimsy but I have to tell you that I absolutely love it!!! My fiance and I cleaned out a little corner in the garage and this fits there so perfectly!!! It’s perfect for my workouts and I don’t have to pay Jabz $100+ per month any more. We put two 50 lb bags of sand in the bottom and left the sand right in the bags (way less messy that way). I do wish it was a little bit taller as even on the highest setting I can’t do the high lateral punches but other than that one thing, I think it’s pretty perfect! Read more

  5. Luke L.

    Based on the questions/reviews out there, I wanted to hopefully provide some help. Someone said it moved “all over the garage” when they used it…not sure how proper usage of this type of equipment would lead to that result. I suppose if you wanted to make a point that you could move it…but anyway, I did spring for putting sand in it. To not have to worry about if (when) I ever move, I was able to buy seven 50 pound bags of sand and leave the sand in the bags and arrange the bags to completely fill the base (the box says the base holds 370 pounds — those last 20 pounds would have to be loose, and maybe even more than that). I did have trouble getting the bolts to line up for the outer ring — when I got one side right, the other side wouldn’t line up, and vice versa. I ended up giving up because I dropped a bolt inside the base (any project I do doesn’t seem to be done until I drop a bolt in an inconvenient place). Because I already had 7 bolts on and all the sand bags in…just didn’t want to mess with it. It only looks like a slight more amount of movement without the one bolt. The inner ring lined up better. The bolts are the hardest part of assembly…putting the additional “rings” in the bag. was the second hardest part, but at least the rings are foam so they could be “mashed” enough to pull the bag up around them. I am over six foot and the height is fine…for those that were saying it was too short I don’t think they adjusted it correctly. You have to twist it sooner than you think to lock it into the highest setting. To to recap: reasonably tall, stable enough (using sand) and some difficulty with assembly. My family will be using it for years. Glad I purchased it. Read more

  6. Reye808

    Not good for adults. If you punch or kick it real hard the top piece flys off. The sand I put in it is coming from the bottom. This bag is garbage. Read more

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