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  • ensure this suits
  • via coming into your model variety.
  • professional-grade training devices for martial arts sports activities
  • pad capabilities an actual thai fighting layout
  • manufactured from top rate, durably constructed artificial leather-based for durable sturdiness and functionality
  • dense foam padding in multi-layered, effect-soaking up stuffing
  • guarantees ultimate safety whilst blockading kicks, punches, elbows, and knees at some point of schooling classes

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product description

product description


everlast warrants its merchandise to be unfastened from defects in substances and workmanship for a period of a hundred and twenty days from date of purchase, supplied they have got no longer been subjected to apparent abuse, forget or misuse. Everlast’s sole legal responsibility is restricted to repairing or changing products which are again within this a hundred and twenty-day length, until particular product literature specifies otherwise.

please touch customer service for full details, and for substitute assistance at 1-800-821-7930.

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8 reviews for Everlast thai pad (black)

  1. Armando N. Roman

    When it comes to practicing elbow and knee strikes, you’re gonna need a pretty durable pad to practice on unless you have a bag. Everlast’s Thai Pad here definitely fits the bill, essentially being a big padded shield for your training partner to hold onto while you go all out. It’s not as big as a few other pads out there, but it’s more than enough, and will last you a very long time.The stock picture above is true to how the product looks in-person. I love the design of the pad, with the thick stitching around the sides, and the handle with velcro strap for the forearm to ensure that the pad stays in place when held. The material used on the outside is smooth and doesn’t leave marks on my skin when I hit it. Round, reverse, side, upper and straight elbow strikes feel great when I strike the pad. Ditto for knees. Because the Thai Pad is so thick, hitting it with the top of your foot or instep is going to sting a little at first if you’re not wearing any protection.I don’t have anything negative to say about the Everlast Thai Pad. It has a fantastic design, is well-made, and is a steal for what Amazon’s selling it for. Yeah, it’d be nice if it was sold in pairs, but why not just order two while they’re so cheap?Read more

  2. Superheroes fan

    I have used mine for kung fu training for my adult students for over 2 years now, and the sturdiness of it is still the same as when I first bought it. I recently bought another set from a different brand; it was cheaping in price. I could tell right off the bat that the new, cheaper ones were not nearly the same quality as these everlast. With my everlast pair, we punch, kick, elbow, and knee them. 4’9″ girls to 6’2″ guys pound on them, and they have maintained its firmness and durability over the 2 years. Highly recommend this everlast model.Read more

  3. RB

    They work well, but the size in pictures appeared bigger than actually is. I was a bit disappointed when seeing how small it was. I would have preferred a bigger size had they had a better picture representation by having someone holding it in application.Read more

  4. Franzisqute

    Definitely not a high quality pad. Any decent kicker would rip right through the pad and hurt the holder. One of our students held it for a moderately heavy kicker and felt everything through the pad. Might be ok for holding kicks for kids but adults is a no no, unless you can absorb well with your body, but even then, the pad itself can’t take much punishment.Read more

  5. Caleb Costello

    Who buys 1 pad? I hate when companies try to take advantage of the fine print. The pad works well and all but at double the price since you have to buy two.Read more

  6. Jacob RP

    Very useful for a casual participant of this kind of physical exercise. the padding is excellent and the casing leather I believe it is, is very well put together. It absorbs some really strong blows. The size is good for average height men and women. I’m 5’9. It’s also nice just to have around for when my partner, who has no interest in taking up martial arts, wants to kick or punch tai bao style.Read more

  7. glneo

    You can’t beat this pad for the money! Is it a professional Thai quality pad? No, but it is great for the rest of us! Solid stitching, material feels nice, pad is very firm without feeling like a brick. Will have to update later to see how it holds up in the long run but I am very happy with my purchase so far! This pad is for home use for myself and my teen children for training. I paid a little over $17 each and ordered two.Read more

  8. joe

    Just started teaching martial arts and I needed a pad to hit, I wanted a focus mitt but couldn’t find one I liked in a good price range. I ran across this and decided to buy mostly because its flat, not curved and its open at the back so no one is sticking their sweaty hands in a glove like mitt.Overall it seems to be made pretty good, thick padding and easy to pick up and hold and throw down fast for reaction drills. I use the straps on the back as a second handle a lot of times.I don’t get why so many reviews had an issue with the size of the pad it really is not small. The actual size I received was 15 inch long, the top is 7 1/2 wide, the bottom is 6 1/2 inch wide, and the thickness is 3 1/2 inch so overall its great for kicks punches knees or whatever. I would call this a good medium size pad or even semi large since im comparing this to a focus mitt. I think its versatility and useful for anything, definitely not what I would call “Small” or “Kid size” like some of the other reviewers said. It may be smaller then a so called “Real Thai pad” but I don’t care about that and to me those are too expensive and not good for anything but kicks because the pad is too thick.Read more

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