Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright workout motorbike with pulse, 31. Zero’ l x 19. 0′ w x forty six. Zero’ h (1200)

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  • assembled dimensions: 31”l x 19”w x 46”h; folded dimensions: 22” l x 20” w x fifty five. 5” h
  • without problems adjustable to healthy users five’three” to six’1”. Helps as much as three hundred pounds
  • lcd show: an easy to study large window (three. Three”w x 1. Five”h) lcd display that shows distance, calories burned, time, pace, pulse and scan. Hand pulse sensors for monitoring your target heart rate
  • area saving design: this compact motorbike may be without difficulty folded to half of the assembled length. Can be moved with the blanketed transportation wheels.
  • eight degree tension: an 8 degree magnetic anxiety manipulate gadget allows the person to modify the tension level for an less difficult or greater difficult workout.

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comfortable exercising

large seat cushion (14. 6” x nine. 7”) with smooth on and off for human beings of any size. Effortlessly adjustable to suit 5’3” to six’1” consumer heights. 300lb weight capacity.

8 degree tension

an 8 degree magnetic anxiety manage machine allows the person to regulate the tension level for an less difficult or extra hard workout.

area saving design

this compact motorcycle can be effortlessly folded to half of the assembled size. May be moved with the covered transportation wheels

large 3. 3” lcd show

an easy-to-study huge window (three. 3” w x 1. Five” h) lcd show that shows distance, energy burned, time, velocity, pulse, and scan. Hand pulse sensors for tracking your goal heart price

3 reviews for Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright workout motorbike with pulse, 31. Zero’ l x 19. 0′ w x forty six. Zero’ h (1200)

  1. Blackstar5

    I ordered this bike after considering the Pelaton and other expensive bikes. The reviews for this bike sold me. It arrived very well packaged. I looked up youtube video for assembly and then simply followed that by memory. Very easy setup. It took me about 30 minutes total, including unwrapping the package. I tried it today. Small enough for limited spaces but sturdy and solid. It’s heavy to pick up but easily manageable with the two front wheels that will engage the floor as soon as you tip the bike. I rolled it from a closet storage to my living room and climbed aboard. I am 6 foot tall. I am 53 years old. I could reach the pedals at the next to tallest seat setting with a nice stretch during the pedaling. My wife is 5 ft tall. She lowered the seat to the lowest position and had no trouble at all with comfort during pedaling. For myself, I remained higher for the warmup of 10 minutes on the 1st tension setting and then lowered the seat to the next lower setting for a more thigh engaging round. I tried all of the tension settings and found all of them workable and easily switchable. The seat is comfortable and well padded. I also sat both back and close on the seat and both were great positions to alter the workout a bit. Don’t forget to plug in the display module during setup. I forgot to do so myself and realized such when the display was not working. Once corrected, the display is easily read and will shift through the multiple readouts. Essentially, I only care about time and heart rate. By touching the button, when the reading is where you want, the display will remain on that point. To move away, just tap the button again. Very simple. The machine is quiet. I was impressed by this. I was also impressed at how the stability of the bike feels secure. After the workout, I simply pulled the pin, raised the seat-side of the back upwards, slid the pin into the last hole and the bike was ready to roll away or just get out of the way. In conclusion, I am thrilled at my decision to NOT spend over 1K to buy the fad-bike peleton. In fact, I’d rather watch TV or a movie, listen to music, or work on my phone than hear a coach try and push me to strive harder – since the coach costs me much $$ and uses my download data. Nope, I don’t need all that. I need a bike I can move, jump on, work quickly, and be happy. The cost of this machine, ease of setup, usage, and quality makes it my BEST PURCHASE OF 2017. Read more

  2. ReeserRoo

    I’ll start off by saying that I’ve geared this review toward customers who anticipate using this bike seriously, frequently, and at moderate to high intensity. I began riding this bike in January, and through semi-regular use, I put 315 miles on it by mid-March. Life got in the way, and I didn’t ride again until June 2nd. From that date through early-August, I put an additional 770 miles on. To work toward my fitness and weight loss goals, I adhered to the following 35 minute regimen, six days per week: I would warm up for five minutes at the easiest resistance on the dial (1 out of 8), followed by medium to high intensity intervals of Resistance 3, 5, 3, 5, 3, 5 for five minutes each. I went hard, got a GREAT workout, and lost 30 pounds in the process. So why am giving a 3 Star Review for such outstanding results? Here’s what went wrong: At 625 miles, the rubber pedal strap (the piece that holds your foot in place) snapped. It’s a cheap part, and though I was out of the manufacturer’s warranty, I called Exerpeutic [at (844) 641-7921], and their rep was kind enough to send me a new pair of straps free of charge. Shipping took less than a week and the straps arrived in perfect condition. Around 1,050 miles, the flywheel began to make kind of a whirring and clicking noise at any resistance at or above 5. The flywheel is visible through the top of the compartment it’s housed in, and I could see that it began to wobble in there. Previously, I loved that the ride was smooth and whisper quiet. At 1,075 miles, the pedal strap mount (the piece that holds the strap to the pedal) broke off, and took a chunk of the cheap plastic pedal with it (pictured in my attached image). After that, I used an elaborate contraption made of multiple strips of duct tape to hold my foot on the pedal. When I bought this bike, I also purchased an exended warranty from SquareTrade, and I’m glad I did! I called them to see what could be done about the flywheel and broken pedal, and the rep that I worked with deemed that the cost of shipping the bike and its repair was prohibitive… and he agreed to refund me the entire value of the product! (You can read my 5 Star review “A+ Customer Service, Very Good Experience, with a Little Bit of a Wait” of that experience here ). I asked him what I needed to do with the bike, and he quipped “What everyone else does… use it to hang your laundry!” To sum up, here are my Pros and Cons of this Exerpeutic Upright Bike: ***Pros*** • Basic console, the original AAA batteries still haven’t worn out • Sturdy, shake-free ride, even at high speeds/intensity • Ergonomically sound and comfortable • Folds-up to save space • Smooth and quiet • Simple assembly ***Cons*** • Mileage on the console resets to 0.0 after 999.9 miles, I would have liked five digits • HUGE proprietary seat, which can’t be swapped out for a standard seat or saddle • Not durable for more than light to medium intensity rides, a few times per week • The 9/16ths pedals are cheap pre-molded plastic • Cheap rubber pedal straps This is a great bike for those who are just looking to get into stationary cycling, or maintain their current weight. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that’ll take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, I’d say you’re better off looking at higher quality (and yes, higher priced) options. Feel free to leave me a comment or question, I’m happy to add anything else you’d like to know about the product. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, hopefully this information was useful! Read more

  3. Greg

    I’ll Start with the bad. THIS IS NOT A UPRIGHT BIKE. The angle of the seat toward the back of the bike, and the peddles toward the front place this bike in the recumbant category. NOT a full recumbant, but more recumbant than upright. Look closely at the pictures. Witch I should have done before ordering. Your feet will be well out in front of you, not under you as they would be on a bike. This position makes it impossible to get a true cycling workout from this bike. The other issue I have with this bike is the seat. It’s huge. Comfortable if you don’t go hard for to long. But it’s huge. Spending more than a few minutes going hard it will start to rub the back of your thighs. On the upside. For the money this is a well made, sturdy, easy to assemble bike. It is quit, and folds fairly easy for storage. If you don’t care that a bike is upright, or recumbent, and want a bike you can ride and watch tv or play games on your phone while going at a easy pace this is a very good bike. If you want a true cycling workout this is NOT the bike for you. Exerpeutic should not advertise this bike as upright. Read more

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