Fila accessories hand weights for ladies & guys – neoprene included dumbbell for workout, exercise & health (sold as singles in 2 lb, 3, 5, eight, 10, 12, 15 pounds)

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  • make sure this suits by using coming into your version variety.
  • tone muscle tissues correctly: fila accessories exercising weights are composed of neoprene shell for a non-slip grip. Keep away from damage or ache with our smooth to grip weights that goal to construct and grow muscle. (sold in my opinion as unmarried weights)
  • precise shades: workout weights dumbbells set comes in 5 colour coded alternatives so that you can customise your exercise. Select your favorite color to make you experience and appearance your fine whilst running out. Shade options additionally make dumbbells smooth to spot and seize speedy.
  • hexagonal shape: hexagonal shaped yoga weights enable weights to stay fixated in position. No greater rolling of your weights and misplacing them.
  • at ease to keep: neoprene material make weights a long way extra easier to maintain for long periods of time. Evaluate to different exercise fitness dumbbells which are made from tough cement and iron.
  • home exercise important: fila add-ons at home weights are extraordinary for sculpting the arms inside your house. Pair along with your favorite workout or schooling consultation for an powerful routine.
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Blue, Lime, Navy, Purple

8 reviews for Fila accessories hand weights for ladies & guys – neoprene included dumbbell for workout, exercise & health (sold as singles in 2 lb, 3, 5, eight, 10, 12, 15 pounds)

  1. Paige Becker

    Great weight! But hopefully you can read better than me and see that it only comes with one… I totally thought it was a pair and was really surprised to only find one in the box! Read more

  2. Alyssa

    Wish I read the reviews or the description!!! It only comes with one… I was really sad when I opened the box. The weight itself is fine, some blemishes in the neoprene but otherwise functional. Just silly to sell only one. It never even crossed my mind that was a possibility. Read more

  3. Abigail

    Its a good solid product and comfortable to use. Be warned there’s just one! Read more

  4. mmp2002

    Aside from looking like they were literally kicked all the way here from the amazon facility these are great. Mine are a little dirty (from the kicking) will insert a pic. They are soft easy to hold and heavy. Pretty good for weights. Read more

  5. Mike S.

    The Neoprene Coated dumbells are the only way, at least that I have found, to get the very light-weights, like 3-lb weights and even 8-lb weights at a reasonable price. I personally use the lighter weights for some shoulder exercises that I either cannot do with a heavier weight or would be almost dangerous to try with heavier weight (like those that can put a lot of strain on your rotator cuffs). They are also good for people who want to weight train, but not put on a lot of muscle, or are just starting out and have not built up to using a heavier weight for some exercises. They are a bit shorter than the non-coated weights, so if your hands are really big they may not be easy to grip, and if you have a dumbbell rack they may not fit perfectly on it. But, if they do fit in your hand, they are easy to hold and do not slip, even if your hands get sweaty. You should note that they are sold individually, not as a pair. So, if you want two of them, and chances are most people will, you have to buy two at the same time. Read more

  6. Julie Sands

    Cute 5 pound handweight. Remember to purchase two or more if you need more as these are sold singly. True it is not that super sexy adjustable amazing dial in more than 5 star Bowflex handweights, but with isometrics and a small inexpensive set of handweights fitness goals can still be accomplished and I could still afford my airbrush makeup kit, etc. Read more

  7. David J. Sylva

    I bought one of these months ago, and was very happy with the quality and shape. It was unavailable for a while, so once it became available again I jumped on the opportunity. Many other weights are far more expensive and come with high shipping costs due to the weight of the item. This one felt like the best quality for the best price. Read more

  8. Ciani

    It came with little tears and uneven poky areas on the handle. I ordered a replacement and it had the same issue. I’m afraid to use it because I don’t want it poking my skin! Read more

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