Fila accessories pace soar rope – 9ft traditional fitness jumping adjustable tangle-free cable & extended cardio staying power education for women, guys

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  • pace leap rope: fila accessories classic velocity rope is a 9ft bendy, tangle-loose cable that is adjustable to match a spread of users and capabilities extended duration handles for an clean and secure grip
  • adjustable layout: 9ft length is adjustable to allow the leap rope to be shorted to any favored period – perfect for beginner to advances athletes and adults, ladies, guys and kids
  • prolonged deal with period: the longer manage permits for a more secure grip and feel, to help gain faster speeds and rotations for high depth and crossfit fashion workouts and double unders
  • tangle-unfastened rope: this bendy, non kink pace rope cable affords a complete frame aerobic and conditioning exercise – rope is lightweight and transportable, making it amazing to toss for your fitness center bag or journey carryon
  • multi-purpose: speed leap rope is designed for all stages of health from kids, schools and fitness packages, in addition to high degree athletes and running shoes in gyms and golf equipment for aerobic and endurances sports. Sport type: weightlifting
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  • the way to regulate? Push out rope from the handle. Plastic holder at the quit of the rope include 2 pieces. Separate , push out adjust.
  • the way to alter? Push out rope from the cope with. Plastic holder on the cease of the rope encompass 2 pieces. Separate , push out alter.


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    8 reviews for Fila accessories pace soar rope – 9ft traditional fitness jumping adjustable tangle-free cable & extended cardio staying power education for women, guys

    1. gisela mendoza

      Ripped. Cant handle what its meant for.Read more

    2. Nguyen Tran

      The jump rope is nice, the rope is sturdy, feels like it will last for routine use. The handle is a bit on the cheaper side, it’s molded to appear it has functional screw, wish it was just a simple smooth design. The logo is a nice touch.Adjustable jump rope, no clear instructions on how it’s suppose to be adjustable, I initially couldn’t figure out the clamps, you have to pry it a bit at the joint, don’t need any tools to get it open, but wish there was clear instructions on the box to tell you how to do it. Once you get it open, adjusting it is just moving the stopper where you need it to be and pulling the clamp unit back onto it, had to guess a few times where the handle will settle at after adjusting.Once adjusted though, it’s works as intended! the clamps don’t come undone while using, I believe you can clip the excess rope length but I just bend it back into the handle in case someone taller might want to use it.Read more

    3. Kim

      I have to admit that I can’t figure out how to shorten this thing!(I haven’t had a new jump rope since the wood handle rope one I got yearsssss ago.)As a total novice, I was looking forward to adding this to my workout schedule since I moved my home gym to the garage with higher ceilings, but…It says that it’s for up to 6’ people (I’m 5’8”) & it should reach your armpit when held up from the floor.If I tie a knot in the handle end, it won’t fit back into the handle.The little end piece doesn’t move, so it’s not like it slides up or anything.So – – The length that it came is the length that it stays, apparently. Which is just a little too long for my comfort. The nylon rope is painful on bare legs, so I’d rather have better control when I use it!The long grip length is nice for my XL hands & it does seem to be tangle-free.I just wish I knew the shortening trick!**Thank you for reading this review & I hope that it’s Helpful!**Read more

    4. Jeff M.

      Good plastic jump rope.I like that it’s adjustable.Though I marked it down one star since it didn’t have any instructions on how to adjust it.My 2nd picture shows that you push the rope out of the handle, pull apart the light gray ‘cap’ (I used my nail to separate the 2 pieces) once separated you slide the bottom piece as far down the rope as necessary and then reconnect the two pieces and it will stay there. Pull the handle back up.Once adjusted was a great quick workout tool.Read more

    5. Vivian Luxx

      I decided to get back into jump roping in order to get some more cardio in this fall. My main priority was finding a lightweight speed rope that can give me the leverage I need to do all my drills. Upon arrival, I noticed that the jump rope graphic was scratched and had arrived compromised. Despite that, I was still willing to give it a shot. The jump rope itself is very light and I like how it feels when I am engaged in my normal routine the only thing that I do not like is the fact that the handles are made out of plastic and have no grip. It makes the product feel cheap and like it is not made to last. Other than that the rope is great when in action. If you’re someone that just cares for a good training session without needing good quality go for this speed rope, otherwise do your research and get something else.Read more

    6. Heather C. Redding

      Seems like a great quality rope. Doesn’t tangle and works well. I’m 5’11 and it’s too long for me to, decently, use at full length. My husband is 6’1 and it’s even a bit long for him, even following the measurement to armpit instructions. There are no instructions on the box on how to adjust it. I’m usually pretty good at stumbling through manipulating things without instructions, however, I’m at a loss with this product. My husband can’t figure it out either. If you tie the ends to shorten it, it no longer spins accurately to jump quickly. So, if you can’t figure out how to adjust it, then I’d only buy it if you’re tall! Otherwise, good luck to you on the adjustment! My husband gets a jump rope all the himself! LolRead more

    7. OA

      I was pretty amazed at how well this Fila jump rope was made. Initially it seems a little on the lower end, but after using it I am all in. The longer handles are made of a solid but lightweight plastic that feels good in your hands. The rope itself seems like it will hold up to some serious usage. You can adjust the rope so that this is tailored to your height, but there are no instructions anywhere on how to do it. I finally figured it out after a day or so. There’s a plastic cap at the end of each rope that separates to adjust. Trim some of the excess rope off but leave just a little to tick back into the handle.Read more

    8. Iris74

      Nice length, comfortable hand grips, flexible cord and a light weight made this a great addition to my work out supplies. My previous jump rope had a hard thin cable that was really annoying and the Fila, in comparison, is really great. The length adjustment is hidden in the handles so you don’t have added bulk or hardware on the outside. Very easy to adjust the length if more than one person is using the device and needs different lengths.Read more

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