Fila accessories resistance band with handles – workout band exercising wire with consolation-foam handles for health strength training ideal for home fitness center, girls, men

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  • resistance bands: fila add-ons resistance twine exercising bands with handles characteristic a smooth foam consolation-grip cope with and expert-grade herbal latex cords which are designed to reinforce the arms, chest, shoulders and returned
  • comfort-grip handles: non slip foam handles offer a at ease grip and the leverage and aid needed for an most efficient exercising – additionally allows to reduce wrist fatigue
  • professional-grade: exercising bands are constructed of a exceptional, durable herbal latex designed to resist almost any workout surroundings at domestic or the gym
  • reinforce top body: resistance bands with handles are a brilliant opportunity to heavy weights and gymnasium equipment and are the right home gym device to reap your favored weight training resistance
  • workout guide included: an exercising guide is blanketed to help get you started
  • sport kind: workout & health
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fila accessories resistance cords with handles

function a tender foam comfort-grip cope with and professional-grade natural latex cords which are designed to bolster the arms, chest, shoulders and returned. Non slip foam handles offer a secure grip with the leverage and guide wanted for an top-rated exercising – additionally helps to reduce wrist fatigue.

built of a exceptional, long lasting natural latex designed to resist almost any exercising surroundings at home or the fitness center. Resistance bands with handles are a terrific alternative to heavy weights and gym gadget and are the proper home health club system to gain your desired weight training resistance.

an exercising manual is included to help get you started.

characteristic a gentle foam comfort-grip cope with and professional-grade natural latex cords which might be designed to reinforce the hands, chest, shoulders and returned.

exercise bands are constructed of a brilliant, long lasting natural latex designed to face up to nearly any exercise surroundings at home or the health club.

resistance bands with handles are a remarkable opportunity to heavy weights and gym device and are the best domestic fitness center equipment to obtain your desired weight education resistance.

non slip foam handles provide a relaxed grip and the leverage and assist needed for an ultimate workout – additionally helps to lessen wrist fatigue.

an exercise manual is included to assist get you began.

splendid matters occur whilst you treat your body right. Thats why fila accessories wants to help you feel brilliant – and appearance tremendous. Together, lets make match show up.


Heavy (Red), Light (Lime)

4 reviews for Fila accessories resistance band with handles – workout band exercising wire with consolation-foam handles for health strength training ideal for home fitness center, girls, men

  1. D’harans

    I have a full set of bands labelled according to resistance (e.g., 10lbs, 20lbs etc) that can be stacked together to equal 150 lbs. However, bands lose elasticity over time and where you hold them from can change the resistance, so really the weight analogy is a vague estimate. I ordered the current band because I wanted a dedicated band with handles to use with Les Mills CX Works. There are two varieties offered by FILA, heavy in red and light in neon. I chose the heavy version because I thought light might be too light. When the cable arrived, I saw immediately that the band was larger diameter and thicker, the resistance was higher than all of my other bands except the one labelled 50lbs, and the handles are more sturdy than the ones sent with my cheaper set. So, this product seems well made. I was challenged to use it with all of the CX works moves, because it is too heavy. But it was awesome for the exercises completed. Price is fine, performance excellent. I might go back and try the neon (lighter resistance) as well.Read more

  2. Malvin

    FILA’s resistance band with handles is a great accessory to have around the house. Whether or not the local gym reopens, it’s awesome to have FILA’s ‘strength cord’ to stay fit from the comfort of home.As a person who normally goes to the gym 90 minutes/day, 6 days/week, the withdrawal has been difficult. FILA’s strength cord has been a useful part of maintaining fitness during the shutdown. In fact, I’m certain this handy accessory will be a good substitution for those days when getting to the gym remains personally problematic for me.As you can see, the photo shows that you get the strength cord plus a helpful exercise guide. The six recommended exercises – front raise, chest fly, arm curl, side raise, arm extension and lunge – are easy to learn but are effective. I simply get a legit workout using FILA’s strength cord. Outstanding!I highly recommend FILA’s resistance band with handles to everyone.Read more

  3. Dr. Paul

    We have been working to improve and sustain our fitness, especially as we move through middle age. With a number of items we currently use (hand weights, bench w/weight bar, kettle bells, etc) we were looking at resistance bands to augment our options. We live in an apartment, so while there is the community workout room, in the age of Covid, we are avoiding that space. Two people working out at the same time can also take up too. much room and I sometimes workout late at night and do not want to make noise. So we took a chance on the FILA Accessories Resistance Band with Handles and we come away positive and happy with it.This band is a great compliment to what we are already doing. I’ve been working on two areas: upper body/arms and lower body/legs/core. This supports that overall goal.In my experience this heavy resistance has been great for my arms and challenges me. I do feel a solid burn and full on resistance.My core does feel it unless I focus and make certain I’m getting it involved.This so far there is little affect on my bottom half/legs. It does include an exercise chart with several options, which does include a lunge. I have not yet done the lunge.Which brings me to: you must wear shoes!My first time, as I took it out of the box and wanted to see, I was barefoot. Not smart. NOT that it caused pain.But it didn’t feel great on the bottom of my feet as I pulled. The rubber band is a rubbery, hard tubing and it pulled on the bottom and was uncomfortable to stand and apply pressure on. I added the shoes and all was well.Overall I think this is a great product and we are happy with it. I will say there is a limit: it is Heavy Resistance and no way to interchange with others resistance levels. Other packages come with multiple resistance options. But if you are looking for a single weight, this does the trick.We were also discussing how this would be great for travel. Again, with Covid, rather than worry about taking heavy hand weights or kettle bells or use a hotel’s workout space, this would be far easier and lighter. So that will be the plan for the future.One Con: the handles are not the most comfortable. This is not enough to keep me from using the band. They are rough I’m sure in order to assure grip, but in future I’ll use weight gloves to get a better grip and counter the uncomfortable feeling of these.Overall we are pleased with this Resistance Band and foresee continued successful use.Read more

  4. Rach’sRamblings

    I’m someone who can’t drive for health reasons. Even if I could, any gym is far away so I keep weights etc at home. I like using this. It comes with a small handbook to give ideas on how to use it. I’ve used resistance bands n the past, but the book was a nice addition.My daughter and I both thought it needed more resistance…or perhaps a medium one since the only choice is light and heavy. I will definitely be using it as will my daughter. I love being able to get a good workout at home. Though perhaps a bit pricey, it’s really nice to use. It’s also convenient to be able to get a workout at home. I’m just going to suggest that one with more resistance might be a good idea for future products.If this was helpful please hit the button below.PS. I found that with a bit of changing up the exercises you can get more from the resistance…so if you want to work your arms a bit more individually, lookup alternate/ different exercises for the band resistance exercises!Read more

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