Fila accessories resistance cord with handles

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your version range.
  • exercise correctly with this durable heavy-responsibility band
  • support and tone targeted muscle agencies with an expansion of physical games
  • greater secure cushioned foam handles supply a non-slip grip
  • type of physical activities concentrated on special body parts
  • includes exercise guide
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from the manufacturer

remarkable things happen when you treat your body right. Thats why fila accessories wishes that will help you sense outstanding – and look awesome.

together, shall we make healthy appear.

fila add-ons resistance twine with handles

exercising successfully with this durable heavy-responsibility band to strengthen and tone focused muscle corporations with a selection of sporting events.

more relaxed cushioned foam handles supply a non-slip grip. Consists of workout guide.

  • variety of physical activities concentrated on extraordinary body parts
  • functions/benefits

    handles provide a non-slip grip for additonal guide and comfort.

    product description

    exercising efficaciously with this long lasting heavy-responsibility band to bolster and tone focused muscle businesses with a diffusion of physical activities. Greater comfortable cushioned foam handles deliver a non-slip grip. Consists of exercise guide.


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    8 reviews for Fila accessories resistance cord with handles

    1. Liesel Julien

      Works well thus far Read more

    2. Al Katz

      I( exercise twice aday to keep limber. I’m 81 years young. Read more

    3. jacqueline pidanick

      I use these for water aerobics. Good product Read more

    4. Antoinette

      Great product! The delivery was fast and efficient! Thanks! Read more

    5. John Ray

      Very good, just what I wanted Read more

    6. Kathleen San Martino

      I have being using free weights on and off for 30+ years. Due to declining stamina and lack of time, I wanted something that was easier to work with but would provide some resistance. Although this does not compare at all to free weights, it is a safer and lighter alternative. – This strength cord is only 43” long between the handle grips. – The handles are comfortable. – There’s not much resistance because this is the light version. – It comes with an exercise insert for six upper body exercises. – I love the purple and black color. – This appears to be made cheaply and I feel like it will break after extended use; however, only time will tell. I went through all the exercises and am disappointed that there were no lower body options when using this cord. Also, the cord is a bit too light in the sense that I would prefer more resistance. In summary, this works fine for light resistance toning with exercises provided for the upper body only. The user will have to search out YouTube videos or other Internet sources showing lower body workouts using resistance bands since no such exercise examples are included in the one-page guide. Read more

    7. Eric San Juan

      I admit to being a little skeptical at first. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge gym and exercise kind of guy, so I have a hard time seeing the potential in a length of stretchy cord and some handles, but happily, I was wrong to be skeptical. For a newcomer to getting fit, the light resistance cords were an ideal way to begin using these for workouts. You can feel the resistance, but it’s not powerful. However, it’s enough to keep you flexible and engage in some toning. Pretty much ideal for where I am. Would also work well for someone with experience who wants to tone. The soft handles were very comfortable. At first you’ll think the handles or cord would be prone to breaking, but no chance. This stuff is made to last! The booklet comes with some exercises, though to be honest, that’s what Youtube is for. Overall, recommended. I look forward to working these into my daily routine! Read more

    8. Douglas Figueredo

      This is the same brand resistance cord that is at my gym. Although I’m more of a kettle bell/weight guy, I use resistance cords to help activate my lats and gluts, so I use them frequently (youtube videos to find more exercises -the included pamphlet is pretty basic). I have the ‘light’ version and find it to be well-constructed. The sewing is maybe not quite as perfect as the picture, but all the stitches look solid and it’s not going to come apart. The resistance on the light version is about as light as I’d go for a resistance band and fortunately if you fold it in half you get a pretty strong pull back. I threw this one over the high bars at the gym and stretched it all the way down to my feet and then pulled myself up a bit in order to see what that kind of stress would do to the cord; it held up fine and went back to its original shape. I’d say that if there’s a combo of FILA cords then I’d buy this and one stronger, just to have the option. Otherwise, I’d start with this one before getting a stronger version since you can effectively make this more resistant through distance from a pole or from folding it over. Read more

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