Fila accessories stability ball with pump

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  • broaden stability and flexibility
  • anti-burst, thick-walled creation
  • also can be used as a chair to improve posture and similarly interact the center
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broaden balance and versatility. Anti-burst, thick-walled construction. Can also be used as a chair to enhance posture and in addition interact the middle.


55cm, 65cm


Blue, Orange

7 reviews for Fila accessories stability ball with pump

  1. Caliaha

    If you think all exercise balls are the same, I’m here to tell you they’re not. I have been using an SCP Pro Series Ball (65 CM) for years and have to say it is much better quality than the Fila ball. I have tried lots of exercise ball brands over the last 20 years, and SCP is still my favorite. I was using Gaiam yoga brand, but I like the SCP so much more. You can check out my photos of my current SCP ball (green) and my new Fila ball (blue). Both are 65 cm which is a good size for an average-sized woman like me. There are several reasons why I prefer and recommend the SCP ball over the Fila. 1. SCP is thicker and stiffer. The Fila is too soft even when fully inflated. 2. SCP holds air better. The Fila is more like the Gaiam ball which losses air and needs to be refilled more often. 3. My SCP came with a removal tool for the air plug (see my photo), but did not get a plug removal tool with the Fila. I don’t know why the air plug hasn’t been improved over the 20 years I’ve used exercise balls. You still have to fight it to get the plug in after inflating and pull it out to add air. The Fila does not provide a tool to remove the plug, so you have to find some way to pry it off. You can see the tool I got with my SCP, which is like a golf tee tool. You have to use pliers or a screw driver, but you run the risk of puncturing the ball. 4. I hate the pump that comes with the Fila. It is difficult to handle and the air escapes from the ball at the handle of the pump if you don’t hold it just right. Eventhough it looks cool, it’s cheep feeling and doesn’t work very well at all. I love the classic pump that came with my SCP ball. 5. Color. All the manufactures color code their balls by the size. The 65 cm is blue for the Fila. The 65 cm is green for the SCP. I was hoping to get a bright orange 65 cm, but that is not available from either manufacturer 6. Price. The SCP is $28 on Amazon and the Fila is $22. Spend the $6 more on the SCP, it is well worth it. 7. My rating is based on comparison with the SCP ball. I can’t give the Fila more than a 2-star rating as it is just generally average. Also, for some reason I received 4 plugs with my Fila ball. I don’t know why they would include 4. I would have rather received maybe just 2, then some kind of plug removal tool. It comes with an exercise guide, which is just a single page with a few exercise (see my photos of it). I wouldn’t consider it a guide and you would be better off checking YouTube to get video instructions. Or, even better, there’s lots of excercise ball DVD videos. Check out my reviews on those. There’s some good ones out there! Note: I was provided this product for review as part of the Amazon Vine program. I provide an unbiased review and I am not paid by the manufacturer for my review. I do not work for either company, I am a individual that just likes to review products and write up reviews. My only compensation is I get to keep the product. I think I will take this Fila ball to work and use as a chair and keep my good SCP ball for home use. Thanks for reading my review, and feel free to post questions to me if you have any. Read more

  2. Pat Stephens

    Easy to inflate and holds air for a few weeks before needing a bump. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I expected to get an orange ball, but got blue. And after a month of use I need to blow it, but uncorking it is very inconvenient Read more

  4. chrystal

    Perfect size!!! I am using as a chair! I’m over 160 and this baby holds! Read more

  5. William A. Nolan

    We like using these stability balls when we visit a gym, so it is great to have one at the house. The exercises you can do with this are not strenuous, but they do really aid in flexibility and promote the ability to balance better. For people our age (approaching 70), balance and flexibility are more concerning than strength and endurance. We use a really good rowing machine to get a good, total body workout, and this ball is a good fit with that. The medium is close enough that both my wife and I can use it. I’m an inch or two over and she is an inch or two under, so it works well for both of us. The pump that comes with it isn’t super fast, but it does the job, and they give you a bunch of the removable plugs that you use to stop up the fill hole. The material seems thick enough to be plenty tough, and the 300 pound rated weight capacity gives us more than 100 pounds of leeway. We will use this two or three times a week. Read more

  6. Brandy Alexander

    This is an excellent item to add to your home exercise equipment I really like this particular stability ball set because it includes a pump ! I’m a procrastinator so having a pump to get started was perfect. The quality seems great. I’ve used it quite a bit over that last month and it feels solid (no burst issues) The box states it has thick walled construction reducing the possibility of bursting. It’s important to select the correct size ball in relation to your height. Here is Fila’s ball size guide : * Small ball 55 cm for heights 5″0 – 5″5 * Medium ball 65 cm for heights 5″6 – 5″11 * Large ball 75 cm for heights 6″0 – 6″5 I selected a medium ball , it arrived in beautiful bright teal blue color. On the a Amazon site it showed an orange ball so the teal was a nice surprise. Fila’s includes an exercise guide sheet. It includes 5 core exercises and two stretches. The guide is good to get you started but I went to YouTube has many excellent free stability ball excerise videos. This ball can also be used as a chair. The box states using it as a chair may improve your posture and engage the core <---I have not tried this yet. Overall, this nice piece to add to your excerise equipment collection. It's cheap, effective and could be deflated if space is ever an issue. Read more

  7. J. Weber

    This is a typical stability ball sold a major chain stores. It’s inexpensive and does an OK job. The ball come completely deflated in a box, and I had to let it air out in the garage for a few days to let the odor dissipate. You use the included cheap air pump to blow the ball up. It takes a bit of finaggling to get it started. In my case I had my husband start pumping while I held the deflated ball, until some air got in it and it could rest upright while you finished inflating it. The plastic (?) is thinner that my other stability ball and it has to be inflated every few weeks if you’re an active user. I know this from our gym. My favorite stability ball is the duraball, it’s over 12 years old, I bought it from a company called Fitter1 out of Canada. The ball is very thick, holds the air very well, came with a large easy to use air pump which actually pumps alot of air and looks brand new after a ton of use. I use it both as my desk chair and for exercise. I got the FILA for our vacation home and it’s good enough for light use but if you’re serious get a better ball. You’ll pay more but it hey – my other one has lasted 12 years and will probably last another 10 years! Read more

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