Fila add-ons boxing gloves for men & ladies – kickboxing, heavy bag punching mitts, mma, muay thai, sparring pro education system (10, 12, 14, sixteen, 18 oz.)

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  • boxing gloves: fila accessories 10 oz. Boxing gloves are brilliant for boxing, kickboxing, mma, heavy bag, punching mitts, sparring and extra
  • multi-density foam: punching bag gloves offer most fulfilling shock absorption – ultimate safety for each you and your partner
  • superb: heavy-obligation construction with strengthened stitching for superior overall performance and sturdiness
  • professional-grade: features breathable mesh and pre-curved anatomic hand design to make sure right form
  • available in 3 sizes: to be had in more than one hues and 3 weight sizes: 10 oz.., 12 oz. And 14 oz
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heavy-obligation production with strengthened stitching for superior overall performance and sturdiness.

fila add-ons 12 ouncesboxing gloves are extraordinary for boxing, kickboxing, mma, heavy bag, punching mitts, sparring and greater.

punching bag gloves provide most appropriate surprise absorption – remaining protection for both you and your companion.

capabilities breathable mesh and pre-curved anatomic hand layout to make certain proper shape.

to be had in more than one shades and 3 weight sizes: 10 ounces., 12 ounces. And 14 oz.

superb things show up whilst you deal with your frame right. Thats why fila accessories wants to help you feel exquisite – and appearance super. Together, lets make in shape manifest.


Classic (Black), Classic (Forest), Classic (Midnight), Classic (Red), Classic (White), Victory (Black), Victory (Navy), Victory (Pink)


14oz, 16oz, 18oz, 12oz, 10oz

8 reviews for Fila add-ons boxing gloves for men & ladies – kickboxing, heavy bag punching mitts, mma, muay thai, sparring pro education system (10, 12, 14, sixteen, 18 oz.)

  1. cchapa

    Very good looking, however, less than two months in and they are coming apart. I only use them twice a week. I would not recommend buying these.Read more

  2. Patrick chan

    There’s blue stain on both of them but it’s fine, like like themRead more

  3. Joseph J. Truncale

    Having a life-long love of numerous martial arts and combative systems (Judo, Jujitsu, Karate-Do, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, MMA, and Krav Maga) I am always seeking ways to increase my skills. Even though I am well into my senior years I still do intense boxing workouts 3 days a week and other WOD exercise routines the other four days a week. When I saw this fantastic product (FILA Accessories boxing gloves for men & women, kickboxing, heavy bag punching mitts, MMA, Muay Thai, sparring pro-training equipment (10,12,14,16,18 0z,) on the Amazon Vine program I decided to send for them.Over the last 7 decades I have used numerous kinds and sizes of boxing gloves in my regular training both as a student and a martial arts instructor. I am happy to report that after doing many workouts using this 14 ounce set of FILA boxing gloves it has held up beautifully and feels great on my hands. I also love the hook and loop wrist closure. I have used this boxing glove on various kinds of heavy bags and punching mitts and they really protected my hands. I have even used these gloves while doing 3 rounds of warm up shadow boxing and sparring and they are fantastic. These are quality gloves that come in 3 sizes making them perfect for men, women and youngsters. They are also easy to put on and take off with the simple hook and loop wrist closures.If you are seeking a quality professional grade set of boxing gloves for your own workouts or for your students you may want to check out these FILA boxing gloves.Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Tactical Principles of the most effective Combative Systems).Read more

  4. S T

    Ok…I know boxing gloves shouldn’t be described as “cute,” but these are SO CUTE!!!I received the black and pink gloves. I’m a female with smaller hands and they are a perfect fit. They have a preformed curve and they are really comfortable to wear. Am I a boxer? Definitely not. Will I wear them and pretend I’m a professional? Absolutely.The Velcro strap is very secure around your wrist. I love the overall look and feel of them. They seem solid and snug. My hand doesn’t move around within the glove as I’m moving around. The colors are vibrant and they really stand out which I love.I’m not skilled in the world of boxing. In fact, I’ve never thrown a punch in my life…. but I’m super excited to use these to change up my workout routine!!!Read more

  5. Julia K

    I got the 14oz gloves, I’m 5ft 11in., and they fit pretty well at first. The padding is good and they feel well made but the seems where my fingers go and near the thumb part of my palm feels too tight. The tips of my fingers feel like they are getting the blood circulation cut off after just 5-10 minutes of wear so I had to constantly adjust them. I stretched them out quite intensely by pulling and stretching at different angles and they felt better but they still don’t feel very comfortable for long sessions on a heavy bag. These also don’t have webbed palms so my hands don’t breathe and my hands sweat a lot in these. I had a cheap pair of Outshock training gloves from decathlon before these and they felt much better and had the webbed palms. Everlast gloves are worth the money if you’re serious about boxing but there’s a ton of fakes on Amazon so be careful (I ordered a pair of 14oz Everlast gloves and I couldn’t even bend my hands all the way inside of them). These are a good budget friendly alternative and a priority over other offbrand cheap models, but the fit could be a little better.Read more

  6. Friscokid

    Using this for our teens to get some energy spent on the punching doll.He was complaining that after 10 minutes of hitting the punching doll bare fisted that it starts to wear on fits well and is very comfortable. he is able to be on it and hit the punching doll nonstop without any signs of damage to his is very light. He needed help to put the last glove on. but only if you want it tight.He did sweat a little in the glove, which we put some power to help absorb the moisture as well as odor. ;-)I would recommend this boxing gloves.Read more

  7. Kathryn Magendie

    Sturdy, lightweight, padded just right, adjustable at the wrists, fit my small hands perfectly (10 oz size), and the pink is fun and happy looking.On the fit: just know that these fit my really small hands—if you have bigger hands or long fingers your fingers will reach too far to the top of the glove and be uncomfortable.These are great for my hitting the heavy bag when I don’t want to use my thinner ones. Also good for just ‘air punching’ as they give me that extra heft on my hands to goad me to punch harder.I was afraid the pink would look too ‘girly girl’ or silly but they look really cute!Very well made. I’m happy with them.Read more

  8. joshyjosh00

    I bought these gloves not caring how they fit or felt. I wanted them because of their awesome color and look. But once I put them on and tried them out a bit. I am very impressed. They fit well, they have a good weight and the padding is thick. The wrist strap is wide and can be wrapped tight to keep your wrist straight when sparring or hitting the punching bag to prevent injury. I have average male hands and I think even larger hands can fit comfortable into these. Well Done FILA I am quite impressed and may even get a second set if my wife doesn’t steal them from me.Read more

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