Fila add-ons conditioning struggle rope (18′ or 30′)

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  • make sure this fits by way of entering your version variety.
  • heavy-obligation ropes: excessive pleasant, expert, durable conditioning rope
  • high-intensity workouts: ideal for high-depth, feature centered exercises
  • crossfit struggle ropes: build core and arm energy
  • increase energy: complements grip and boosts stamina
  • professional grade: to be had in 18ft and 30ft lengths with 1. 5” thickness
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high exceptional, expert, long lasting conditioning rope is ideal for excessive-depth, characteristic focused workouts to construct middle and arm electricity even as improving grip and boosting stamina. Those expert-grade ropes are available in 18ft and 30ft lengths with 1. 5” thickness.


18-feet, 30-Feet

8 reviews for Fila add-ons conditioning struggle rope (18′ or 30′)

  1. Kendall Giles

    If you are into fitness, conditioning, and whole-body workouts, then you might want to consider training with “conditioning ropes.” A conditioning rope can be a very effective and versatile part of your workout routine. Let’s take a look at the new FILA Accessories Conditioning Rope and see what it brings to the health table. No instructions for how to use the rope are included, but from the pictures on the box you can get the basic idea: grab each end of the rope that is anchored around some object and move your arms up and down so that the rope makes sine wave shapes. There are lots of variations you can try: you can move both arms up and down at the same time or alternate. You can add in jumps or burpees at intervals. You can change the length of each round and the number of rounds. Because the ropes have weight, it takes a lot of effort to keep the ropes in motion and the movements can work your entire body. And there’s actually more you can do with conditioning ropes than just making sine wave shapes–for example, you could loop the rope through a weight and pull it like a sled, or loop the rope over a bar and use the rope for climbing exercises. A quick search on the Internet for possible exercises will make you a conditioning rope convert. The FILA Accessories 18’ rope describes exactly what comes in the box: an 18’ conditioning rope, 1.5” in diameter, with each end of the rope sealed off in a vinyl wrap to protect your hands and help you get a better grip on the rope. One advantage of this rope is that it is made of synthetic fibers, not natural fibers, so it won’t shed all over your floor. But note that even synthetic fibers won’t stay pristine–they will “fuzz” and look worn over time. I made a pic of a side-by-side comparison after just a few workouts, so you can see how these ropes will wear. Also, the company states very clearly that this rope should not be used for climbing–this was disappointing, since you would normally throw one end of the rope over a pullup bar and use the rope for grip strengthening hangs or L-sit climbs, etc. Not being able to use the rope for climbing is a limitation. However, I have to say that I was not expecting the rope to wear this much so quickly. In fact, as shown in the picture, the rope is showing signs of actual damage after just a few intense workouts–the inner rope material is bursting through the outer rope wrapping in multiple places. These are from workouts on a mat over concrete. I don’t know how this will affect the life of the rope, but it does not give me confidence. So, all in all, the rope damage after just a few workouts concerns me. Also, 18’ is the shortest conditioning rope I’ve ever seen. Not being able to use this rope for climbing suggests that the rope has limits to its strength and durability, as also suggested by the bursting of the rope innards after a few workouts. So I can only really recommend this rope if you want to take it on travel (the rope weighs just under 10 pounds) or for occasional use if your workout area is of limited space. Thanks for reading. By the way, if my review was helpful to you in choosing or not choosing this product, please consider clicking on the “was this review helpful” link at the end of this review—this motivates me to write more reviews! Read more

  2. Shernelle

    Perfect length for where I work out.. not to long and the weight feels like the gyms.. perfect and I love the product Read more

  3. Ric Hovda

    This is a well made and durable product. Read more

  4. Tootsie

    Rope is great, wish were slightly longer, other than that, everything I wished for. Read more

  5. L. Mastrangelo

    I don’t use battle or exercise ropes much at the gym as I’m usually nervous I’ll do something wrong and highlight the fact that I’m a stuck in the past when it comes to fitness routines. I’m an adult male who exercises a couple of times per week. I found the rope to be too light and not long enough for a proper workout. Two ropes would be ideal. I tried anchoring the middle of the rope and creating ‘waves’ by lifting and slamming the rope, alternating and repeating this motion between arms. However, one rope was too short to provide the desired effect and too light weight for a strenuous workout. The length of the rope and weight are as advertised, it was my inexperience that was the problem. My low rating is mainly based on the quality of the rope – The rope looks and feels solid but started to show visible signs of wear where anchored and fraying after only a few uses. Read more

  6. Craig Stephans

    As soon as you take this rope out of the box, you can see and feel its quality. It is durable and sturdy and you know it is going to last even with heavy use. This matches the durability of any rope I’ve seen in club gyms or the YMCA. I got the 18 ft rope. This rope is manageable in the house or around the yard. It doesn’t quite have the range of motion of the longer rope but it does the job. My son and I use it in various workout routines. It is especially good for youth because it adds variety to their training and keeps them stimulated. The workouts with the rope range through about a dozen ways to use it. This product does not include any training methods and no real instructions — that would have been nice. You can go on YouTube and spend 5 mins learning over a dozen ways to use the rope in your house or yard. Read more

  7. Chris Gagner

    High quality rope that seems to be built to last a long time. It has a great grip on it. I never felt like it was going to slip out of my hands. It’s not too heavy, but it’s also not too light. I think it’s a great balance for most people looking to get started using a conditioning rope. Update: I mentioned in my review above that it seemed to be built to last. However, that doesn’t seem to actually be the case. After a few weeks of moderate use, the rope is beginning to unravel in several places. I’ll probably continue using it since it still works great; however, this is a little disappointing, and I wanted to pass the information along. Read more

  8. G-Twilley

    I will caveat this review with the fact that we have never, ever, ever, used in exercise rope before. In fact, when my wife saw it she just thought it was a giant jump rope. First, I’ll mention that the Box claims that there are instructions on the inside. However when you open the box, the only instructions are how to Anchor the Rope to something else. I was really hoping for instructions on how to use it to exercise. Or, at least a couple of exercises to get started with. However, as industrious as we are, we looked up a link online that provided several exercises with this conditioning rope. It became clear very quickly that one may need a larger gym floor surface in order to do these exercises well. In addition to that, appropriate anchor points would be helpful. I realize, in retrospect, that I had no idea what I was actually getting whenever I ordered this. So maybe, for someone out there, this review will be helpful because you might also not know what you’re ordering when you look at this. Read more

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