Fitlosophy fitbook: health journal and planner for workouts, weight reduction and workout, black unmarried (12-week)

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  • (1) black philosophy suit book – 12-week fitness and well-being goal-placing magazine
  • daily food log to file healthy eats, inclusive of trackers for nutrients, nutrients, water and sleep. Also consists of a day by day workout page to track strength education, aerobic, instructions, and flexibility.
  • weekly wrap-up pages to praise development, reflect for your week, and journal thoughts and suggestion.
  • 5. 5 inches square, includes pint-size pen, strap to mark your region, sleeve to stash recipes/exercises, and slot on your gym card, extra cash, and so on.
  • consists of a free download for the fit ebook+ intention placing app that will help you set a realistic, healthful 12-week aim and provide you with a printer-pleasant down load of your desires.
  • includes every day and weekly making plans pages, plus space to log before and after measurements.
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fitbook works: 76% of fitbookers shed pounds in the first 12 weeks. Whether or not your dreams are to tone up or slim down, it is crucial to write down down goals. With fitbook, you will first set up a sport plan through putting 12-week desires and then break them down into smaller, weekly desires. Want help placing your 12-week intention? Download our fitbook+ lite aim-putting app without cost to help you get to the “why” behind your fitness + nutrients, then song your progress closer to your aim in fitbook! Available for iphone and android gadgets within the app save. Every week you’ll plan workouts, food, and rewards so as to help inspire you to make time for your busy schedule and stay on target. Fitbook also tracks your day by day development with the aid of recording workouts, food consumption, and different fitness related stats. Eventually, on the end of each week you’ll mirror to your goals, log accomplishments, and praise yourself. Fitbook is dependent enough that will help you attain your personal dreams, however flexible sufficient to be used with any exercising software (p90x, crossfit, private schooling),nutrients plan (weight watchers, paleo, zone, biggest loser, sprint), or virtual health device (fitbit, jawbone up, fuelband, foundation). Write it down. Make it occur. Get fitbook: the personalized, bendy and functional line of health and vitamins journals that provide a completely unique machine to plan for fulfillment, track development, and attain your goals.


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7 reviews for Fitlosophy fitbook: health journal and planner for workouts, weight reduction and workout, black unmarried (12-week)

  1. Lauren Moon

    I love this! I am an avid runner and I have tried out many, MANY fitness apps. Although I still use Nike+for my runs, the Fitbook has taken my training to a whole new level. I stay on target with my runs and my meal prepping for the week. I have really narrowed into what foods make me feel best, what foods fuel my runs the best, and what foods make me feel bad. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness junkie, I highly recommend the Fitbook! It encompasses everything I would have been tracking in my previous app(s) but all in one place. Writing it down at the beginning of the week really opens my eyes to the week ahead. I bought this Fitbook for a specific half marathon and I won’t lie, I had my doubts. After four short weeks, I WILL be INVESTING in another one for my future half and full marathons!Read more

  2. Sue Carter

    I’ve used a lot of diet/workout logs to help me track my progress and reach my goals, I’ve only used this for a few days but it is quickly becoming my favorite. I didn’t order this before because I wasn’t sure about it’s compact size, it’s so well laid out that it actually makes it much nicer. It’s set up with 2 pages per day that open flat for easy viewing and logging. The 12 week planner is helpful. I really like the weekly planner page, I can log workout plans, meal plans, stats and even a reward, great design and concept. Each daily page has place for workout times, check boxes for body parts focus on, 9 exercises and 5 sets. The cardio log has boxes for exercise, time, intensity, distance, heart rate and calories. There is a box for ‘class’ and a box for flexibility, both of these are nice since I do a daily class workout that I just want to log time and whether it was jiu jitsu or tae kwon do and always forget to work flexibility, so that’s a great reminder. On the bottom is a place for notes and workout rating. The food log has just right size boxes for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack to track foods, make notes and rate meal with smiley faces. Nutrient tracker at bottom is a great way to remind myself to keep meals balanced, eat colorful healthy foods, drink plenty of water and a place to log sleep. I use an activity monitor with online data site, but I also like to write some stats down, in the past I usually make notes on the pages, but this includes everything I want to keep track of. If I had one addition it would be a place to include caffeine intake.Read more

  3. Edie

    I ordered this fitbook online and was pleasantly surprised by it’s fast delivery (received nicely packaged with no problems within two days). As for the product itself, it’s a great concept. I am a very organized person who schedules workout days, workout routines eating habits, weight, etc. etc. just for good measure. I’m not really looking to lose or gain any pounds but I do like to be conscious of how I feel and how it correlates to what workouts I have done. I was so excited to use this book, but just didn’t feel motivated enough to keep track in this way. My advice, if you are someone who already has a routine going on then you don’t need this book. However, if you tend to be more unorganized or are just starting the whole “weekly work out” life, then I would suggest this book for a kick start.Read more

  4. April Camacho

    Love this little Fitbook! I ordered and it came a day early with Prime. It was a little smaller than expected, but its still a cute book. In my picture I placed it next to my planner and you can see that it is significantly smaller. I still love it because the pages are well designed for goals and have different charts where you can log workouts and meals. For each week there is a weekly overview plan to write down your workouts and meals for the week (meant for jotting down the main idea for both workouts and meals) then there is a page for weekly stats including weight, goals, and notes, then the daily pages start which is designed as one page for workout information and the other page for specific food and breaking down each meal. It includes a daily chart where you log how many servings of each food group you are eating and water intake. LOVE this little book!!Read more

  5. Jess

    This is a great way to reset and get a better view of how you’re really eating, especially if you commit to writing everything down (including any snacks or bites you sneak while cooking). It’s really helpful to flip back through the pages and see where you may have opportunities… plus it makes you think twice before grabbing something mindlessly. I tried to do this in my regular planner but that is larger so I don’t carry it with me. This note book is small enough to slide in a purse and I’m much more accountable when I can write something down right away. I know there are apps to track this sort of thing but I’m more of a pen and paper person. You could create your own version of this is a plain notebook but this is definitely convenient and keeps everything organized without having to take the time to do it yourself.Read more

  6. NC Mom

    I love this little book! I had gastric bypass surgery about five months ago, and an essential part of the post surgical program is exercise. This little book allows me to follow the program outlined by my exercise physiologist easily, and accurately. The book (log) comes with its own pen that hooks onto the spine of the book, making it easy to record my progress. In fact, I often use my recovery time between sets to log the amount of resistance and repetitions. I also take the book to my doctor’s appointments so we can discuss my progress. In addition to the exercise log, there is a food log, and a place to record water intake and vitamins. I highly recommend this tool for anyone serious about improving his or her health.Read more

  7. Maris Swid

    I didn’t thinking writing everything down would work, but it really does! My trainer loves it too because she can just look through and see a pattern if there is one; or she can see that Tuesday I ate really little but due to stress my workout was on point. Even though I can’t lift my arms. So we work together but this fitbook is really good for common ground. I love how it shows goals and you get a win for doing well. mine is chicken wings or amazon.Read more

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