Fitness truth x-elegance mild business multi-exercise abdominal/hyper back extension bench, black

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  • make certain this suits by using entering your model variety.
  • installation dimensions: 64” l x 28. Eight” w x 35” h; 36”l x eight-12”w tapered bench with 2. Five” thick medium density foam
  • 1 flat and three decline bench modifications and 14 thigh guide cushion peak modifications
  • sweat and moisture resistant double stitched vinyl bench protecting
  • transportation wheels for smooth shifting from room to room
  • 1. Five” round tender and slip resistant push up and dip deal with bars
  • 650 pounds of actual weight capacity; user top variety of five’ to 6’4 inch
  • 24”l the front and rear stabilizers make the bench extraordinarily stable
  • meeting required

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from the manufacturer

ergonomically designed thigh pads with huge starting for consolation. The thigh assist cushion has 14 height changes and has 2. 5” thick medium density foam.

650 lbs actual weight ability. Built with 2” x 2” steel body production with 45 diploma hyper returned extension angle giving this bench fantastic energy. 24”l the front and rear stabilizers make the bench extraordinarily strong

1 flat and 3 decline bench adjustments. Goal decrease lower back muscular tissues with terrific back extensions and forward lower lower back stretching with bench in flat and decline positions

1. Five” round tender and slip resistant push up and dip manage bars. 4” thick roller pads with 2 roller pad adjustment tiers for special consumer heights. Sweat and moisture resistant double stitched vinyl bench protecting

product description

fitness fact. Real humans. Actual consequences. Get the same severe health club-first-class workout at domestic with the x-magnificence mild industrial multi-exercise belly/hyper back extension bench. Constructed with 2″ x 2″ steel frame production with 45 diploma hyper back extension angle and 36″l x eight-12″w tapered bench with 2. Five” thick medium density foam, the x-magnificence abdominal bench can aid 650 lbs of actual weight potential, and user height variety of 5′ to 6’four”. With 14 thigh help cushion height changes and 1 flat and 3 decline bench changes, you may goal your arm, chest and lower again muscle tissues as well as abdominals with dumbbell sporting events, lower back extensions, sit down-united states of americaand greater. So teach hard and get the outcomes you need with x-magnificence belly/hyper back extension bench. Additional functions: 36″l x eight-12″w tapered bench with 2. Five” thick medium density foam. Sweat and moisture resistant double stitched vinyl bench overlaying. 4″ thick roller pads with 2 roller pad adjustment levels for specific consumer heights. Exercises include flat and decline stomach crunches, lower back extensions and preacher curls. Goal upper, middle and decrease chest muscle tissues with a couple of bench dumbbell sporting activities. Goal decrease lower back muscle groups with extraordinary lower back extensions and forward lower returned stretching with bench in flat and decline positions. 1. 5″ round smooth and slip resistant push up and dip deal with bars. 24″l the front and rear stabilizers make the bench extraordinarily solid. Transportation wheels for clean moving from room to room. Side indirect sporting activities will support stomach muscular tissues. Break up 2″ thick thigh foam cushions supports the mid phase to avoid discomfort whilst hyper extending. Dumbbells are not included. Meeting required. Installation dimensions: sixty four” l x 28. 8″ w x 35″ h. Installation weight: fifty five. 6 lbs. Guarantee: constrained lifetime.

8 reviews for Fitness truth x-elegance mild business multi-exercise abdominal/hyper back extension bench, black

  1. The Masked Reviewer

    Pros: Nice Quality construction and padding Versatile int he extreme Completely supports your hips on reverse sit-ups Sit-ups? Check. Push-ups? Check! Side-leg raises Both-leg raises Stands up to a lot of weight CONS This thing is pretty freaking big, like about 5 feet from end to end when sitting on the floor all put together, so if you actually have ample space for it, unlike me, then you won’t mind that part. It doesn’t fold down. You’re stuck with this big thing in whatever room you use it in, pretty much. If they’d made this thing easy to break down or fold for storage, I’d have easily given 5 full stars. Again, many won’t mind this aspect, however, so keep that in mind. Since it is a non-issue for those with a home gym room or the garage space in a clean garage, I will give it a 4.5 just not to knock their rating down needlessly. But seriously…if this is going in your bedroom, better think twice…it’s really bulky and space-consuming. Read more

  2. Natasha Lopez de Arenosa

    I’m so happy I took a jump and bought this. Some of the reviews intimidated me about assembly. Almost didn’t buy it at all since I don’t have friends that live close enough. Almost wasted $80 on “professional assembly.” Only took me 40 minutes with distractions from new episodes on tv, haha. It’s basically 6 major steps. The bolts and nuts and washers needed are separated by step. Only used the two wrenches provided (someone called them “disposable wrenches” and that they used their own. They worked perfectly fine….) I did use my phone on selfie mode to align the holes for the pads. For those that may not have a clue and are anxious people like me- use one wrench to keep the bolt in place while the other tightens the nut. My sibling mentioned they wouldn’t have known to do that, so just making that note. I have yet to do a full workout, barely assembled yesterday. I tried out a few typical movements on these type of benches. Sturdy so far, easy to adjust. I’m 5’8″ and it’s so much more comfortable than the short bench I had. The material on the padding is almost TOO nice, what a shame to get my sweat all over it. I will update after a few full workouts. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Perfect purchase – packaging was well done, instructions and hardware were the best ever ! took 15 minutes to put together – the hardware is separated by the steps, no trying to figure out which bolts for which steps, and on top of it all there really isn’t a lot of assembly. As for the bench itself, it is amazing – *Durability – this thing is solid ! *Short people vs tall people – I’m 6′ 2″ and muscular build / my wife is 5′ tall & slender – we were both able to do what we wanted on this regardless of our heights – this bench is going to get a lot of use from the both of us Read more

  4. Michael

    Overall, just kind of poor design. I’m only 5’10”, and on full decline setting, my head literally touches the ground. The piece designed to allow you do do back extensions makes every bench exercise awkward because it’s in the way – with a standard bench your legs are just kind of apart and feet flat on the floor. With this bench you cannot do that unless you take the back extension pads out – but you would only want to do this for flat bench stuff, as without it, your legs really have nothing to anchor to with decline exercises. Overall, pretty bad product – I’ll keep using it because it’w what I have but the awkward/lousy design and lack of incline settings leave a LOT to be desired. You can do much better for the $$$ in my opinion. Read more

  5. Jon Ben

    Lots of misinformation on here about how hard it is to assemble. It is super easy, think 15 min assembly with all the needed tools (two small wrenches) included. Seriously look at the picks you could assemble it just from what I snapped with each step. Read more

  6. Stacy Wheat

    My husband and I were in need of a back/hyperextension machine to add to our home gym and thus the search began. My husband is 6’3 and I’m 6’1 (with a 38″ inseam) and both just over 200 lbs, so finding equipment to properly fit our bodies sizes, and not break the bank, can be a challenge After reading many reviews on numerous brands of similar equipment, I found this gem! The assembly instructions were amazing and took my husband about 20 mins to put together. (As noted with other reviews, he used our own socket wrenches instead of the “tools” provided.) Once assembled, we immediately tried doing hyperextensions. We started with it extended to the highest setting and we’re pleasantly surprised to discover that we needed to lower it not one but two settings to fit properly. Also, when it’s completely lowered, it is perfect for our daughter (who is currently 4’10). The unit is well built and very sturdy. Oh, and the padding is awesome! Extra bonus…. it arrived in less than 48 hours after ordering. I highly recommend this machine! Read more

  7. LKO8419

    I bought this for my own personal gym and after hesitating due to price I finally decided to just get it and I have not regretted it since! This bench is perfect for ab workouts and can be adjusted to three different angles. It is also perfect for hyper back extensions. The foot rest is wide and does not slip, the foam rollers and hip pads are very wide and have enough cushion but is also supportive. The quality and strength of this bench does not make me hesitate to use it. The main bench is long enough to use for general use as well. After looking for a good bench I think this is the best one for the price. Read more

  8. JM

    Have now used this for several weeks and can say that it’s very well made. The assembly instructions were among the best I’ve ever seen for a product that needs to be assembled. They clearly thought this through. The steel is heavy duty, the pads comfortable and firm and the bench angle for both sit-ups and hyperextension is good. The adjustments that need to be made to go from sit-up to hyperextension are quick once you do it a few times. I’m very impressed with this — great value. Read more

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