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  • ensure this suits with the aid of getting into your model quantity.
  • clean to apply
  • pump is 10″ long
  • works with a diffusion of workout equipment

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maintain all your workout and stability balls inflated with this fast, twin movement pump. Smooth and quick to use.

8 reviews for Flaghouse exercising ball pump

  1. Miles W.

    I’ve got two large yoga/balance/exercise balls, one at home and one at work, that both came with a pump included. Over the years, I lost one pump and the other finally broke, so I needed to replace it. What I didn’t like about the included one was that it was pretty large, and squeaked with each back and forth movement. To be honest, I’m kind of glad it broke. In searching for a replacement, I came across a lot of other options, but most of them seemed to be a “universal pump” i.e. designed to use primarily a needle but adaptable to yoga balls by adding a plastic attachment. They didn’t seem to be great at either one, which seemed to make them less durable as well. I finally found this pump, which is purpose built for exercise balls because it uses a plastic nib and not a needle. You do need to thread the nib on, but I think that as long as you’re not always taking it off and replacing it, the threads should not wear out on their own. Lastly, this pump is quiet, and very smooth – much smoother than my old pump, requiring a bit less effort to use. It’s more compact too. In regards to the stock photo, I was worried about that shiny plastic. It reminded me of old children’s toys, the ones that used soft shiny plastic and felt really cheap. It’s not that shiny really, and the plastic is much better quality than the photo makes it look. I’ll try and upload a user photo. Read more

  2. ALN

    I purchased this pump because the chintzy one that came with my exercise ball several years ago finally broke. I wish I had known when I first got the ball how much easier this style of pump was. I suffered through years of messing with that chintzy pump! Trying to keep the tip inside the ball while also holding the pump straight up while also pumping the small handle up and down. It was a pain. It also made a terrible squeaking noise with each pump. I hated using it–in case that isn’t obvious. This pump has a grip close to the tip which makes keeping it inside the ball SO EASY. And the part that you pump is also big enough to grip with your whole hand which makes pumping SO EASY. I wish I had found this product sooner. Now I don’t dread putting air in my exercise balls. Read more

  3. ezboomer

    I bought this pump because it was small enough to put in my suitcase to fly to a vacation in Florida. It was used to inflate my inflatable wedge that I use to sleep due to reflux. The amount of energy needed to fully inflate the wedge is strenuous for my shoulder and neck problems but the wedge has a valve that closes when air is not being pumped into it so I was able to do it at intervals. Once it was inflated I left it that way for our entire stay. The pump did it’s job and that’s what mattered. The width of the pump is about the size of a standard flashlight. The length is 2 1/2 inches longer than a flashlight. The tip screws into the body of the pump. I took this off and kept it in my pocket because I didn’t want it to break off during rough baggage handling. If you do the same just don’t lose the tip. It would probably be hard finding a replacement. Worked well. I recommend it for my purposes. Read more

  4. Joseph lopez

    I use yoga balls to workout and also as a chair for my office so I am constantly refilling with air! Over the last 2 years I have purchased 4 pumps on amazon, all of which were very low quality and frankly just did not work. Also, when you purchase a new yoga ball on amazon, nearly all the suppliers include a terrible pump that is also ineffective. This pump is the same shape as most of the others but for some reason is just a much thicker plastic and built stronger. It works really well. I purchased a new yoga ball this month and threw out the pump right away — this is the only pump on amazon that actually works! Enjoy! Read more

  5. Janice Giampaoli

    My old pump died so I bought this new one. It works like a charm and my bosu ball and other fitness balls can be inflated with no problem. Easy peezy! I highly recommend. Great value for the price! Read more

  6. transponder

    Used this to pump up my Swiss ball/ exercise ball/ stability ball (whatever you choose to call it) since the original pump had a tip that would stick awkwardly in the ball hole, and eventually I misplaced it. This tip does not try to cling to the hole, is not awkward to withdraw, and the pump is easy to use. Better than the original! This pump also has a separate metal pin-type tip for different inflatables, which I’ll keep in case I ever need it. Very versatile. Read more

  7. KL

    Lost the one that came with my exercise ball so ordered this and it’s so much better than what I had previously! Works fast and very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this little pump. Read more

  8. Dotts

    It worked wonderfully, a good sturdy plastic with a nozzle fit perfectly into the refill hole of my Gaiam exercise ball. Read more

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