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  • make certain this fits via getting into your model quantity.
  • 14. 75-inch diameter pilates magic circle with professional grade, nonporous, molded padding
  • designed to improve muscle tone of inner and outer thighs, palms, and chest
  • steel middle ring with foam molded padded grips
  • created by means of joseph pilates to be a versatile exercising accent you can use anywhere
  • 90 day guarantee, brown boxed version does now not consist of academic video

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stamina pilates magic circle

firstly created with the aid of joseph pilates, the magic circle is a versatile manner to workout everywhere. Tone and enhance muscle, improving regions like internal and outer thighs, upper arms and chest with the rubber-covered resistance ring. Form-molded grips and a non-porous, padded molding make the stamina pilates magic circle an excellent workout device.

extraordinary with aeropilates reformer

product description

product description

this professional exceptional magic circle may be used alone or introduced for your aero pilates reformer exercise. This magic circle capabilities form molded grips to suit easily towards your frame with a nonporous, molded padding that resists moisture. The magic circle was created by means of joseph pilates to be a versatile exercise resource you could use anywhere. The gentle rubber-protected resistance ring presents faster, extra centered toning, enhancing muscle strength during the body in particular in hassle regions just like the inner and outer thighs, upper hands, and chest.

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the pilates magic circle became created by means of joseph pilates to be a versatile exercising accent that you could use everywhere. The tender rubber ring presents resistance for faster, more targeted toning to enhance muscle power at some point of the frame–and especially in trouble areas such as the inner and outer thighs, top palms, chest, and the pelvic muscle groups. This magic circle boasts professional grade, nonporous molded padding with form-molded grips to fit without problems towards your frame, over a steel center ring. The hoop may be used by myself or introduced to a pilates reformer exercising.

8 reviews for for mat & reformer workouts

  1. Christine Binnendyk

    As a Pilates trainer, I’ve purchased many brands & styles of Pilates Magic circles. When I purchased this model (which says Aero Pilates on the handles) to match up with other Magic Circles from Stamina (my other circles say Magic Circle on the handles) I was seriously disappointed. I purchased 5, and none of them have any resistance to them. They appear oval, not circular. When you press on the handles, the magic circle compresses almost 100%. I don’t know if this is a different Stamina model, or if the production quality has simply gone down dramatically. There are other Magic circles on the market that provide better resistance – this order is being returned. Read more

  2. ARG

    I was worried by some of the low star reviews and the great price that this listing may not be authentic. Given that they were several years old I decided to try this out. My mother is doing physical therapy and finds this to be a great tool during her sessions. She took this one in and her therapist pronounced it authentic after inspecting and doing a side by side with the ones they have. Besides that vote for authenticity of this product, the ring is pretty firm and well constructed. Lots of versatile uses for both exercise and rehab. Read more

  3. Mandylyn

    Great product. when my coccyx is out of place, I sit on my couch with my legs at a 90 degree angle, with my spine straight and squeeze these between my knees, which are hips-width apart, as hard as I can for a few seconds. Then I repeat it a couple of times. When I do this, my coccyx goes back into place and I don’t have to see the chiropractor, which saves me time and money. Thank you! Read more

  4. janniesue

    I have been using this same pilates ring at the physical therapy place I have been going to for back pain. It works great for the isometric exercises I have been doing there, so I decided to buy one of my own so I could do the exercises at home on the days I don’t go to physical therapy. Read more

  5. Barbara

    I am happy with the product, but I am not happy they did not include ANY information. I would have really appreciated a sheet with exercises using the Circle. I don’t know how to reach them to see if it was left out in error. Read more

  6. Daniela Lo Feudo

    I’ve worked with this Magic Circle before at a studio and decided to buy one for myself and my private practice. I stand behind its quality and durability – especially for such accessible price. Read more

  7. Jessica Kurowski-Giokaris

    Can see how this product could easily wear out after a year’s worth of regular use. It’s affordable enough that it’s not really an issue. Will definitely need replacing at some point. It is simple and effective. I absolutely love mine! It didn’t come with any instructions or workout videos which I found disappointing, but nothing a few YouTube videos can’t remedy. If you’re looking for a great addition to your home gym and regular workout routine I absolutely suggest the magic circle! Read more

  8. Rabbid Reader

    I love the one we use in Pilates class and decided to deepen my morning hamstring stretches with this one. Its good quality. Read more

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