Frame power 3-in-1 workout device, trio instructor, elliptical and upright/recumbent motorbike brt5088 gray, silver, purple

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  • three in 1 multifunctional instructor: keep area and get all the aerobic physical games you adore with this convertible gadget.
  • problem-loose transitions: without difficulty transition and modify the magnetic resistance to personalize your exercise session.
  • fluidity flywheel: heavy-weight flywheel machine lets in system to run quietly with continuous resistance tiers.
  • delivered functions: compact health motorbike elliptical has 3 sorts of handlebar alternatives and heart-rate monitor gadget.
  • best for home health club: because it offers so many exercising possibilities, it’s far ideal for your home health club setup. The transport wheel makes this system portable and clean to keep while now not in use. Lights from pictures may motive moderate variations in coloration from the real product you receive.

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frame power trio instructor machine three in 1 elliptical teacher upright motorcycle and recumbent motorcycle brt5088

shop space and get a killer exercising with the frame strength three in 1 trio instructor from frame flex sports. This compact teacher can be used as an elliptical, upright bike, and additionally recumbent motorbike. Its resistance may be adjusted magnetically, so it’s smooth to get the workout you need.

easy digital pc console to track your: energy burned / time / velocity / distance.

  • digital pc console
  • transport wheels for smooth storage
  • trouble free transitions without unmounting or adjusting hardware
  • patented 3-in-1 design (patent no nine,474,925 )
  • features:

    7 reviews for Frame power 3-in-1 workout device, trio instructor, elliptical and upright/recumbent motorbike brt5088 gray, silver, purple

    1. Frank

      I’m writing this review after using the Trainer for a total of about 15 minutes on day 1. I’ll update if something changes significantly with further use. The item arrived broken. As shown in the picture, the “encased” flywheel is surrounded by brittle plastic that cracked and shattered during shipping. The pieces in the second picture were inside the “encasement” when I took it out of the box. It’s not a significant enough breakage to warrant packing this beast back up and lugging it around to return it, and it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the operation, but it was less than optimal. That’s really the only negative thing I can say about this. It is sturdy and operates very smoothly. Initial impression is very positive. Assembly was a workout on its own. It wasn’t difficult, but it was pretty physical with bending and kneeling and maneuvering. I’m at about a 7 on a 1-10 scale of handiness with a fairly decent set of tools, and it took me about two hours from opening the box to hopping on. I watched the assembly video that was attached to this listing when I purchased the item to kind of get a feel for what the process would be like. I think that helped. The instructions themselves are very clear and straightforward, though, and the parts are well laid out and labeled right down to the individual bolts and washers. You’ll get a little messy because things are pre-greased. If you’ve ever put furniture or other semi-complicated equipment together before, though, you’ll find the process clear overall. Where you really get the “low cost” feel of the item is in the “computer.” It’s a very basic timer/distance/pulse thing. It’s not going to give you a structured work-out or anything like that. That said, it does what it sets out to do well. Just don’t expect more than it is. As for the actual mechanical aspect, this trainer really seems to outperform its price. When you’re on and doing your thing, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. It feels very sturdy and stable. I’m not a big or heavy guy, though, so YMMV according to body type, etc. For me, it’s perfect and very stable. It makes very little noise when you’re using it – just a woosh. I was very happy with that. I like to listen to music when I exercise, and this unit’s silent operation lets me focus my attention on the music rather than on any annoying clicks or bangs. It is very smooth in operation. It adjusts at all the important points: The elliptical bars, the seat forward and back and the seat up and down. As long as you’re in the range of sizes given in the description, it seems you will be accommodated. Except for the breakage during shipping, I am very pleased and impressed with this trainer. Read more

    2. Christina M

      I put this together about two weeks post op, so it took me awhile. About 2 hours. Watch the video, it’s easier to understand than the booklet. It’s heavy. My boyfriend had to move it exactly where I wanted it because I couldn’t lift more than 10 lbs at the time. It feels very sturdy except the seat. It does rock and loosen a tiny bit during use. I just tighten it before each use. No big deal. I can’t figure out the resistance. It either doesn’t have much or mine isn’t working properly. I asked here for an answer, and they want me to call. I don’t want to deal with all that so I haven’t called yet. It does make some noise, but I can hear people talking to me, hear the TV, etc. The faster I go, the quieter it becomes. I have it on a wood floor in an old house, so maybe a rubber mat would absorb the sound, but again it’s actually not that bad. It does make a knocking noise at times. I don’t know if something isn’t hooked up right, needs retightenes, or it’s from my weight on the machine, but it doesn’t do it constantly. I’m still 4 weeks post op, so I haven’t pulled the machine out of its spot to tighten each bolt again. It’s a very basic machine electronic-wise, which is what I wanted. Old house, few outlets. The display is battery operated and has a little ledge for a phone, e-reader, whatever. A magazine would probably not sit well fully opened. All in all, I am happy with it (sitting and then standing without changing anything is amazingly convenient), but am not sure about some of the odd noises. Hopefully they diminish over time or go away after I tighten/loosen a few bolts. I’m 5’4″ and I can reach the pedals in all 3 positions. Read more

    3. Stacey Humphreys

      I previously wrote a glowing review of this product, but my opinion has soured. After using the product since November 13th, the machine catastrophically failed causing me to fall off the back of the bike onto my head. The weld on the seat stanchion broke. I have tried to contact the company via Email (there is no telephone number) for replacement parts and they do not answer. I called Amazon and they offered me a $30 promo for items stocked and supplied by Amazon. This vendor should be fired from Amazon and this product banned for sale. Oh, this is 30 days out of my warranty. Read more

    4. Michael J Smith

      Nice machine, the assembly was a little more than I expected, but painless. Instruction manual was easy to guide. Follow the instructions, read everything because you don’t want have to go back because you tighten something to tight or you missed something in a step. The 9 step assembly set up to build the trainer from the ground up. If you have a portable work bench handy it will make it easier. Also have a socket set and #2 philips, or you can use the tools that come with the hardware but it’ll add time to the build. Read more

    5. M. Whitten

      It took several hours to put this thing together, and once I was done I used it for a few weeks. The flywheel became loose, and the very next day the chain fell off. There is no way to easily access the inside of the machine for me to try and fix the problem myself, and even if I did it only took a couple of weeks for this to happen, so I’m sure it would just happen again. This thing is too cumbersome to return and they know that, so they build it cheap. It’s a piece of junk, please stay away and save yourself the time and money. Read more

    6. Nicole Simas

      I love the convenience of having 3 machines in 1. It was not difficult for my husband to put together & did not take him more than 30-40 mins. He’s a very handy guy though so he may just be quick, lol. It’s sleek, functional, & not difficult to store. Yes it’s a little big but if you have the room, it’s worth it. I highly recommend it! Read more

    7. meowc

      The product itself is great, works for exactly what we need. The tension knob however is in an unfortunate place and broke the day we setup the bike. Read more

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