Franklin sports athletic mouthguards – game mouthguards for football, wrestling, mma, boxing + more – all sport mouthguards – young people a while 6 – 11 – 2 percent

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  • ensure this suits
  • via coming into your version wide variety.
  • premium best: constructed from scientific first-rate eva polymer to offer premium shock absorbing safety and long lasting durability
  • custom fit: these mouthguards are absolutely customizable to provide a tight, relaxed in shape for all athletes
  • consists of two mouth guards: this set comes whole with (2) separate mouthguards so you’ll constantly have a spare at the prepared
  • all sports activities: whether you play soccer, hockey, baseball, boxing, wrestling, mma or some other recreation, this mouthguard is ideal for preventing accidents to any and all athletes
  • how to use: area the mouthguard in boiling water for 30 seconds. Then, run below cool water quick earlier than setting in mouth. Bite down tough and seal the lips for 30 seconds to mould in your tooth. As soon as molded, location in cold water to firm into form

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store your smile and defend your teeth from harm with franklin sports’ all-recreation mouthguards. Those customizable-healthy mouthguards are best for any athlete regardless of the sport. Whether or not it is soccer, hockey, baseball, boxing, wrestling, mma or whatever else, these mouthguards are constructed to maintain your mouth damage unfastened. Built from scientific grade eva fabric, they provide top rate shock soaking up overall performance and unmatched durability. Plus, each athlete can customise the mouthguards to the form in their mouth with ease. Clearly place the mouthguards in boiling water for 30 seconds to soften, then run underneath cool water momentarily earlier than inserting into the mouth. Bite down hard and seal your lips across the mouthguard for 30 seconds to make an imprint of your tooth. Then vicinity it in bloodless water to firm into form. Remove the discomfort and poor in shape of traditional mouthguards, and switch the absolutely-customizable, all-game franklin sports activities mouthguards these days.

8 reviews for Franklin sports athletic mouthguards – game mouthguards for football, wrestling, mma, boxing + more – all sport mouthguards – young people a while 6 – 11 – 2 percent

  1. Amazon Customer

    I bought these for my 11 year old to use during flag football which was somehow too big although the description said it is a youth size. I’ve read other reviews/questions before purchasing and some had stated it would fit 8/9 year olds which lead me to believe it would fit an 11 year old, boy was I wrong. My kid wasn’t able to wear it so I wouldn’t know how well it works or whether it was comfortable or not so I can’t judge the product itself only on the fact that it didn’t fit. Word of advice to the seller, please update your product description and give as much detailed information for customers to better gage before purchasing.Read more

  2. Heather Ites

    This is better suited for sports- or big mouths. I don’t play contact sports, and I have a tiny mouth. I wanted something inexpensive for night grinding, but I can’t even keep it in my mouth long enough to fall asleep.Great price and product for other purposes!Read more

  3. David

    It comes with 2 mouth guards total for one price which is very good for the price however I didn’t know this and bought 2 packs, one for me and one for my sparring partner.Everyone has different shaped teeth and different ways their teeth align. I am 20 years old and I have pretty straight teeth, Unfortunately they didn’t fit around my back teeth and they didn’t for my friend either.Especially if you just got out of braces I wouldn’t force yourself to fit them because even after putting them on for a few seconds you could definitely feel the tension of the rubber pulling your teeth.Read more

  4. Mimi Duff

    I thought I was buying adult size and what I get says it is for ages 6-11 – that isn’t going to fit an adult Very disappointed. They’re resending me a new pair – let’s hope these are for adults.Nope they resent the exact same thing – size for 6-11. No way it’s adults size. grrrrrrrrrr I do NOT recommend anyone buying these except for someone buying for kids.Read more

  5. DayumWright

    Bought these for the kids for their Jiu Jitsu class and they don’t have any complaints about them (and they complain about everything) so I think these are a win.Read more

  6. Peter d.

    This product was perfect ! Both fit well my Adult Mouth and easy to Mold. I had bought another brand only had one, for 3 times the money and it was to small, not what I needed or wanted.Read more

  7. Kathrine

    I have bought several types of mouth guards, the initial appeal for me was because it’s not as bulky as most. I had difficulty getting it to set. When it was set, the guard is very stiff and ridged. For me, not a comfortable fitRead more

  8. Ashley

    I really liked these mouth guards but what I didn’t like is i chose the blue/white color and we didn’t get that color, we received orange, so what was a little upsetting.Read more

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