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  • ensure this fits by means of entering your version wide variety.
  • cork
  • all-natural cork yoga block
  • facilitates refine alignment and stability
  • perfect for prop-based lyengar yoga
  • measures five. 5″h x nine” w x 3″ l
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available in a two one-of-a-kind sizes as a block or brick

the yoga revolution is here. At gaiam we recognise yoga. We recognise a terrific go with the flow while we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga part of our lives. And that’s why each gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced together with your yoga wishes in thoughts. We have been there on your first downward facing dog, and we’ll be there for the entirety that comes subsequent. So that you can say yes to yoga, and sure to a higher you.

gaiam yoga.

say yes to a higher you.

gaiam cork yoga block & brick

built of sustainable, a hundred% natural cork, this essential accent is designed to supply long lasting (and recyclable) guide on your practice.

a have to-have for practitioners in any respect levels, our herbal cork block is good for competently unlocking greater superior poses — and also presents a firm, cozy seat for meditation.

pick from a brick or block:

  • increase your attain: yoga block or brick help to increase your attain and make extra hard poses available
  • provides guide: get the help you need throughout your stability poses
  • all natural cork: the durable herbal (and recyclable) cork floor gives an extraordinary grip with a view to now not compromise its shape
  • multi-use: canb be used underneath your palms, toes or seat as a comfortable meditation cushion
  • dimensions: block = nine” x 6″ x four” / brick = nine” x 5. 5″ x 3″
  • gaiam all natural cork block & brick

    constructed of sustainable, 100% natural cork, this vital accent is designed to supply long lasting (and recyclable) assist on your practice.

    choose from a brick or block:

  • nine” x 6″ x four”
  • 9″ x 5. Five” x three”
  • best for properly unlocking more superior poses with the aid of supporting to increase attain and make greater tough poses handy.

    herbal cork surface provides terrific grip and additionally presents a firm, at ease seat for meditation.


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    8 reviews for Gaiam cork yoga brick

    1. Pudgy

      I’ve used this cork block for about a year and am ordering another to have on hand. This listing is the same as when it was just a cork block with “GAIAM” on the side, but the pictures are different. Judging by the reviews, it looks like you have the chance of receiving the original stock, or the newer design. So you may want to keep that in mind if the looks are important! Very Sturdy. I’ve used foam before, and a cork + foam together in some cases (desperate times, ok?), and my practice would always suffer when using foam. There would be no stability, I struggled with grip, and in some cases, the foam block would collapse. Never experienced those issues with a cork block, and it doesn’t become a distraction. However! It is good to note is that for head or back support, the firmness of the cork block may be quite uncomfortable. You may find foam is better here. Another pro is that it doesn’t fall apart like foam and plastic ones do. So far my old one feels like new and is still in one piece. Only differences are that it doesn’t have that “fresh cork scent” anymore and it now has a few light oil stains. Which, if you are an oily person or like to use oils regularly, would be something to note. Your oils won’t affect grip, but the cork absorbs them and you’ll get a spot where you regularly place your forehead, for example. Personally, I am more disturbed by the oil residue on a plastic block, or worse, you go slipping because your moisture has nowhere to go. On plastic, though, you can just wipe it off. On cork, the oil is there to stay. The stains are dark at first, then fade over time. So you will end up with an interesting looking cork block over the years. . . but you can rest assured that it is anti-bacterial. :’) The weight is perfect! If I do core exercises, I’ll actually feel like I’m doing something. For reference, my go-to barbells are 20-35lbs. If you are just starting a healthier lifestyle, or are ill, these may be considered heavy, in which case, you may want to start with foam and then work your way up to using cork. The price may also be heavy, but one thing I am finding with cork products is: I have to replace them far less often (haven’t needed to yet!!). This creates less waste and more funds in my wallet over time. They also need less maintenance. so you need to use less time and product to clean them. Hope this helps!! Read more

    2. C. Evans

      I needed a coaster for the desk so I used this temporarily. Then I decided I like it as a coaster. It’s good for hot plates too. Read more

    3. Nicole

      Not at all similar to the yoga blocks I am used to using in various yoga/pilates studios. These blocks are heavy! Some might like that for stability but I am using for prenatal yoga and for low squatting positions and the blocks did not feel comfortable in a seated squat. Not easily transportable due to the weight. Size is different than your standard yoga block, much more narrow. Might be why a seated squat was not as comfortable as these. I did not keep this product. I was intrigued by the cork material though just not for me. Read more

    4. vet18b

      Not as pictured – not the correct product – twice. Ordered “Gaiam Sol” blocks and received generic Gaiam cork blocks – no Om symbol on the end. This was a gift so no time to exchange. Super disappointed. Initial order assumed it would be a pair but these are individual blocks – unfortunately did not open the first box before placing the second order for another one. For both orders I received the plain generic blocks. Would have appreciated an out of stock notice to a substitute product. I ordered these blocks specifically for the design. Read more

    5. SuziR

      Was there life before cork yoga blocks??? One of my favorite purchases. I don’t need blocks for aid with poses so much, as I’m already pretty flexible – I use them mainly for restorative poses (for example supported Bridge) so the solid cork is awesome and feels much better than the spongy blocks. When i use it in a pose to open up more or to work on form, the solid cork block gives me much more stability. It’s pretty heavy too so you get the extra workout carrying it around (just kidding! lol). I did drop it in class once though and the thud was pretty loud – definitely solidly made. Read more

    6. Julia

      I don’t mean to be ungrateful, I paid more for this item thinking it had the Om symbol on the side… it doesn’t. Both blocks I received just say “Gaiam” on the front, not “Gaiam Sol” and there is no Om symbol on either. Item pictured is not what I received at all. Read more

    7. ams911

      This thing is hard! I think there must be specific applications that call for a heavier yoga block. I’m not sure what they are but I kind of wish I had just gotten a second foam one rather than this because it’s not comfortable to put under my head or under my coccyx. Nothing wrong with the product though – I just got the wrong thing for my uses. Read more

    8. Myriam J.

      The blocks themselves are totally fine, sturdy and well made. But wherever they are being stored prior to shipment has given them a musty odor that I can’t get out of the blocks. I ordered them in late May and as I write this review (July 12th) they still smell awful. Was hoping that airing them out would help, and it has improved the situation slightly, but if you touch them the smell gets on your hands. I tried cleaning them with a bit of water and soap but as they are cork, that only goes so far. Disappointed. Read more

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