Gaiam easy-cinch yoga mat sling, 1 remember

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  • ensure this suits
  • via entering your model range.
  • yoga mat now not blanketed: purchase of an “clean-cinch yoga mat sling” does now not consist of a “yoga mat”
  • colour: assorted (turquoise sea or granite typhoon)
  • durable carrying strap for your yoga mat
  • metal d-ring sliders make sure that your mat is at ease
  • lightweight layout
  • measurements: 35½”l x 1″w and care instructions: hand wash. Dry flat.
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sold individually in diverse shade options

the yoga revolution is right here. At gaiam we recognize yoga. We recognise an awesome drift while we’re in one. For over 25 years we’ve been at the mat, making yoga a part of our lives. And that’s why every gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced together with your yoga wishes in mind. We have been there to your first downward dealing with canine, and we’ll be there for the whole lot that comes subsequent. So that you can say sure to yoga, and yes to a better you.

gaiam yoga.

say sure to a higher you.

gaiam clean-cinch yoga mat slings (bought in my view in assorted color alternatives)

a great aggregate of comfort and function, gaiam’s smooth cinch yoga sling is a exquisite replace to our traditional sling.

a durable, single nylon strap with metal d-ring sliders slip over mats easily to accommodate any mat length, preserving it comfortable and secure.

  • comfort meets function
  • durable, unmarried nylon strap
  • metal d-ring sliders for smooth on/off
  • ideal for the yoga commuter
  • bought personally in assorted colour alternatives
  • pick out from an expansion of varied coloration options!

    sliders slip over mats easily to accommodate any mat size, holding it comfortable and comfy.

    best aggregate of comfort and characteristic.


    Mulberry, Navy, Turquoise Sea or Granite Storm

    8 reviews for Gaiam easy-cinch yoga mat sling, 1 remember

    1. Matt

      I give the sling 5 stars, and the way the sling is sold 1 star. Here’s what you need to know: you’re buying 1 sling, not two despite there being two slings pictured. The sling colors are sold as assorted so you will get one color or the other, whichever they decide to send you- you don’t get to choose beyond the binary color possibilities. I think this is a dumb way to sell these slings. With that said, the sling itself is great! It seems very sturdy (in fact, I bet you could use it as a strap for your practice) and thus far it has not loosened or fallen off my mat. It does exactly what it was designed to do. I recommend this sling, but if you really care about the color then you might consider purchasing from a different seller since it’s a little bit uncertain what color you will get.Read more

    2. D. Baer

      This is a quality product. Simple and effective. I have no complaints about the product or functionality and would rate it 5 stars.My main complaint is that it was not possible to select the color. All I could do was select the “Fuchsia/Blue” option and see which one showed up. That is ridiculous!Read more

    3. Meghan Foster

      I was looking for a product that combined a carrying sling with a yoga strap, so I could easily carry my mat and not have to bring a separate strap. This is exactly what I wanted! When I used it to carry my mat, it was longer than I expected, but I realized that it needs to be in order to also function as a strap. It seems to be sturdy and well made, exactly what I want in a strap (I have used thinner straps before and don’t really care for them/find them harder to grip). I also like that the design allows you to use it with any mat thickness. One concern I had was that the straps would slip out from rings and my mat would fall out. However, that hasn’t been a problem! My mat stayed put even when I dropped it and caught it by one side. It is disappointing that you can’t select the exact color you want, but I chose the turquoise/granite option because I figured I would be satisfied with either color.Read more

    4. seri

      I see a bunch of complaints about not being able to select your band color and I get that. However, I just picked a pair of colors that would go nicely with my yoga mat and went with it. Not a big deal to me since either color would work. I ended up with grey, which is perfect.The band itself is really nice. I have no complaints about the material or how it’s made. I had almost bought a strap from 5 below for $4 but even though it was adjustable, it felt like I would be adjusting it every time I used it. So, I went with this one instead and I’m really glad that I did. This one goes on and off quick and easy and it doesn’t get loose enough to fall off while sitting in the car (I was worried about this initially). Bottom line, this strap is well worth the money.Read more

    5. Brianna Large

      Imagine my surprise when I was the idiot who thought this came with the yoga mat.Like all of the other reviews, the color choice is beyond queer. Though I did like the sense of mystery.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Nope! Described as Purple/Pink, I thought it was a double pack. If it not WHY on earth can you not choose what color you want. If I’m spending my own money I should get what I want!Read more

    7. Benjamin

      Very simple design. Feels well made. I also sometimes leave my yoga strap at home and just use this if need be, for stretching or whatever other needs I can use it for. I have a yoga mat bag that I would like to use more, but I find this so much simpler than trying to roll my mat tight enough to get into the bag, and usually I forget about my yoga towel by the time I get the mat in the bag. With this I can just roll up my mat, wrap my towel around it and slip the strap on and throw it over my shoulder.Read more

    8. hello1285

      I compared several brands of yoga mat straps and settled on the Gaiam strap because of the price (a little under $10) and because of reviews stating that the strap does not slip or loosen when mat is resting and tension is otherwise released from the strap. It’s true, the strap does not slip. I had a Velcro-closure strap before, and that did not slip either, but this strap is quieter (no Velcro). Also, the strap is long enough to fasten around my extra long, thicker Manduka mat with slack enough left to wear it messenger-style (see pic). The color was a bit of a gamble (I didn’t know if I’d receiver teal or gray), but that didn’t bother me much.Read more

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