Gaiam essentials yoga block (set of two) – supportive, gentle non-slip foam floor for yoga, pilates, meditation

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  • make sure this fits through coming into your version quantity.
  • stability + balance: yoga blocks offer the stability and stability needed in your practice to help with choicest alignment, deeper poses and increased power
  • durable supportive foam: these light-weight and supportive foam blocks are built of a durable foam with a nonslip floor and beveled edges for clean gripping. Premium blocks are 50% denser than fashionable eva blocks
  • alter + align: use under your arms, ft or seat (meditation) to make sure the right alignment wanted to be able to competently assist and modify poses to fit your degree of pliability if you feel tight, do not chance harm and grasp a block or two
  • expand + deepen stretches: blocks make for the proper yoga prop and partner, as they’re an crucial tool to your exercise to assist make bigger, assist and deepen your stretches while additionally operating to growth your range of motion
  • care information: spot smooth with slight detergent – towel or air dry (dimensions: 9 inches w x 6 inches h x 4 inches d / weight: four. 6 ounce) bought as 2 percent
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sold as 2-percent and available in a selection of colours. If you experience tight, do not danger harm and take hold of a block or !

the yoga revolution is right here. At gaiam we understand yoga. We know an awesome drift while we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga a part of our lives. And that’s why every gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your yoga needs in mind. We were there to your first downward going through dog, and we’ll be there for everything that comes subsequent. So that you can say yes to yoga, and yes to a better you.

gaiam yoga.

say sure to a higher you.

gaiam yoga block 2-p. C.

those lightweight foam blocks provide the stableness wished for optimal alignment, deeper poses and multiplied power. Used below fingers, feet or your seat, gaiam lightweight block guarantees right alignment and appropriately assists in deepening stretches.

in case you feel tight, do not threat harm – grab a block and enjoy your yoga consultation. Built of a durable foam with a nonslip floor, available in several hues and measuring 9″l x 6″w x 4″h.

  • yoga block 2 percent: yoga brick set gives the stability and stability wanted on your exercise to help with top of the line alignment, deeper poses and expanded energy
  • durable supportive foam: these lightweight and supportive foam blocks are built of a durable foam with a nonslip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping
  • regulate + align: use beneath your arms, toes or seat (meditation) to make certain the right alignment needed a good way to adequately aid and regulate poses to suit your degree of flexibility
  • make bigger + deepen stretches: blocks make for the proper yoga prop and companion, as they’re an essential device for your practice to help make bigger, aid and deepen your stretches
  • care information & dimensions: spot clean with mild detergent – towel or air dry (dimensions: nine”w x 6″h x 4″d / weight: four. 6oz each) bought as 2-p. C. (top class shade choice is 50% denser than preferred blocks)
  • features/advantages

    those durable, light-weight and supportive foam blocks with a non-slip surface offer the stability wished for highest quality alignment, extension for deeper poses and elevated power.

    used beneath arms, ft or your seat, those blocks will ensure proper alignment to safely assist and alter poses to suit your degree of pliability.

    in case you experience tight, don’t risk harm – snatch a block or and enjoy your yoga consultation with confidence.


    Deep Purple, Grey, Vivid Blue

    8 reviews for Gaiam essentials yoga block (set of two) – supportive, gentle non-slip foam floor for yoga, pilates, meditation

    1. Mama3hooper

      Being new to yoga I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on my first set of blocks. I did however want quality for the price. My mat and strap are from Gaiam so I have some trust in their products. These almost delivered. They are very light weight and the size is very versatile, but the foam is almost too soft. They are easily marked, scratched and gouged. My son even took a small chunk out of the side edge. Over all not a terrible buy. But not terrific either. Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      I ordered these blocks for my mother-in-law because I have the same ones, and they are great quality. However, I was at her house the other day and noticed that they sent her a gray one and a vivid blue one. The order should have been two vivid blue ones. I do not know why they sent 2 different colors without consulting me about it first. Seems like bad customer service in my opinion. Read more

    3. SVR

      Nothing like the blocks you use in yoga class. Super light and flimsy. Started falling apart after one (light) use. Read more

    4. A Sarama

      Arrived banged up with marks on the ends (from shipping and/or mishandling) and is easily marked up. I can see my palm mark on the block after one use. Not ideal. They are not firm enough for me and are very soft. Wouldn’t recommend. For reference, I’m an intermediate yogi. Read more

    5. Evan

      I bought these blocks based on the fact that it was a well-known brand with positive reviews. My feeling after using them for a bit is that they are far too soft to be used for weight-bearing purposes. The good: * They are lightweight blocks * Since they are soft, they are very comfortable if you lay on them during restorative yoga poses or sit on them The bad: * Because they are so soft, they don’t provide much support if you lean on them. They don’t provide any confidence since they flex when you put weight on them. * They get damaged very easily. The block in the picture has been used less than 50 times and never left my house. What you see in the picture is me putting only a portion of my weight on one of the blocks. That is about as much force as would normally be on the block if I was using it for support. I weigh 146 pounds. Ultimately, it depends what you need blocks for. The softness provides a benefit when you sit on the block or rest your elbows/forearms on it. Other than that, I am very uncomfortable using these blocks. In the end, I now use two sets of blocks, I sit on these and use a different pair to lean on during poses. I think there are better foam blocks out there for the same price. Read more

    6. LemonBasil

      This is why you should always check the most recent reviews: These yoga blocks have a noxious smell, overwhelming and putting them in the sun for days doesn’t help. There is no way anyone wants these blocks inside their house, esp by their body while doing yoga. If you sort by most recent reviews, you will see several people have the same problem. I suspect they have changed manufacturing and hence the issue. Read more

    7. Jessica

      I really like these blocks. They are firm but have enough give that they don’t hurt. I’ve even been using them in place a bolster until I get one and they’re working great. I will say they “dent” very easily so if you leave them on a textured surface, they’ll take on that texture even if you don’t have any weight on them. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      These are not firm, they are squishy. Very disappointed as I was looking for some truly firm yoga blocks. Read more

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