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  • make certain this fits
  • by means of getting into your model range.
  • microfiber mat-sized grippe yoga towel – 24″ x sixty eight” – fits perfectly over traditional yoga mat
  • double-sided construction capabilities a microfiber pinnacle and a p. C grippe backing to save you slipping
  • acts as alternative for yoga mat in a pinch
  • microfiber top is splendid absorbent – dries in 1/2 the time of a cotton towel
  • gadget became one after the other in bloodless water and dry flat
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available in a variety of colours.

the yoga revolution is here. At gaiam we know yoga. We recognize a very good flow when we’re in one. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga a part of our lives. And that’s why every gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your yoga desires in thoughts. We had been there in your first downward facing dog, and we’ll be there for the whole thing that comes next. So you can say sure to yoga, and yes to a better you.

gaiam yoga.

say sure to a better you.

gaiam grippy yoga mat towels

gaiam’s grippy yoga towels are more-absorbent, speedy-drying towels perfect for warm yoga and traditional practice alike. Percent backing ensures an excellent grip with mat or ground for non-slip overall performance. Microfiber is hypo-allergenic, absorbent, and dries in 1/2 the time of popular cotton towels. Sized to in shape directly on pinnacle of your yoga mat or can be used alone on carpet or different padded surfaces.

irrespective of how tons you perspire, sense confident in each posture with gaiam’s greater-absorbent, speedy-drying grippy yoga mat towel.

  • extra-absorbent, rapid-drying towels
  • % backing guarantees a great grip with mat or floor for non-slip performance
  • sized to suit without delay on pinnacle of your yoga mat
  • can also be used alone on carpet or other padded surfaces
  • gadget wash one after the other in bloodless water. Dry flat
  • seventy eight% polyester, 22% nylon
  • 68 l x 24 w inches
  • vivid new colours!

    test out gaiam’s new collection of shiny colors to assist raise your practice.


    sized to suit immediately on top of your yoga mat or can be used on my own on carpet or other padded surfaces.

    percent backing guarantees a good grip over your mat or immediately at the ground for a non-slip overall performance.

    microfiber is hypo-allergenic, absorbent, and dries in half the time of standard cotton towels.


    Blue/Fuchsia, Granite Storm/Citron, Ocean Sky, Sparkling Grape

    7 reviews for Gaiam grippy yoga mat towels

    1. Samantha Gieger

      I decided to give this item a go given the positive reviews, and I was severely disappointed. Yes, this towel sticks to your mat very well thanks to the PVC backing, but the microfiber material the top is made out of is incredibly slick. The instant I tried to settle into a down dog, my feet and hands slid away from me in opposite directions. I can now say I’ve faceplanted by slipping out of down dog! I was also able to plant my hands and “run” on the surface of the towel by sliding my feet back behind me repeatedly. I tried dry hands/towel, wetting my hands/dry towel, and damp hands/damp towel. None of these combinations were any better than the others. This towel is, however, incredibly absorbent. I guess I have an overpriced bath mat, now.Read more

    2. Hannah Fulmer

      There are lots of mixed reviews on this product about it being slippery or not, but everybody is right! If you start using this and you have dry hands or feet, it will defintely feel slippery. It has this soft material like any other microfiber would feel. However, the second that you start to have a little sweat/moisture in the palms or feet, you will stick like glue. I love this mat because I get really sweaty hands during downward dog and sweaty feet during a wide-legged forward bend, and this keeps me glued in place. I also tend to get warm and sweat more than the average person possibly, so if you don’t get sweaty until later on in a flow, give it a spritz with some water and you’ll be good to go. Haven’t washed it yet, and also be aware that it has a slightly chemically smell right outta the box, so hang it up to let it air out (mine smells like nothing now). The grippy material on the bottom keeps it from slipping off my mat as well, but I also have a gaiam mat, so that might help with that. Anyways, works great for vinyasa, and I assume it would be perfect for hot yoga since it works better with a little sweat.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I love this towel so much I actually had to go back and read all the negative reviews to see what everyone’s problem is. This towel is fantastic! First let me address the most common complaint about this item. NO, the towel is NOT intended to keep your hands from slipping on the mat. Sooooo many people gave this a bad review because they just didn’t understand what the “no slip” means. It means the towel doesn’t move on the mat. It doesn’t bunch, slide or otherwise move from the spot that it has been laid so you don’t find yourself having to adjust it during class. As for the hands slipping, I have not had an issue with that with this towel personally.I do hot yoga 4-6 times a week and this towel is an absolute MUST HAVE if you do hot yoga. It’s thick, absorbent, the backing sticks wonderfully to the mat- so well that at the end of class I actually peel it off and it makes the sound that tape makes when being pulled away. It fits my mat just right and really extends the life of my mat as it’s no longer being drenched in sweat 5 times a week. The towel washes with all my other towels, on warm or hot. I dry it on medium heat and have had no issue with the backing cracking or peeling. I’m on 60+ washes and it’s in great shape. I just ordered another one for my husband who also practices with me on occasion. Even my yoga teacher asked me where I got it! Don’t even second guess it. Just buy it. So worth it to not have to deal with a scrunched up towel during class!Read more

    4. 52763

      Bought the same mat in green and love it so I was thrilled to see I could order it on Amazon! I got it in purple but the stitching that makes it quilted was absent!? It’s like it was just glued to the bottom gripping fabric and stitched along the edge to keep the two layers intact. The picture shows the same vertical and horizontal stitching (quilting stitching) but when my purple mat arrived and I used it a couple of classes it perform nothing like the original green quilted yoga mat. Remaining hopeful and I’m going to order the green one in hopes its like my original QUILTED yoga towelRead more

    5. jlang

      I love this sticky mat. Have purchased two so far. Works just as expected in heated yoga classes. And I appreciate the rubber texture on the back. It maintains a stable cling to the foam yoga mat below during an entire hour-long class. I also love that you can pop it in the washer, and dryer with low temp. You could also air dry it.Read more

    6. Willey294

      Gaiam usually makes good quality yoga equipment – this one needs work. The mat towel does grip the mat underneath, but the major issue with this one it that its absorbent covering is too smooth and slick. You’ll be slipping on some of your poses when you feet really need a grip. Searching for better.Read more

    7. MarissaR

      I bought the apple/green towel years ago and loved it, and decided to get the turquoise color. The turquoise color didn’t have have the stitching across the width of the mat and spaced about 6 inches apart down the length of the mat, the way my original towel did. This becomes a problem over time, especially when washing because the backing separates from the towel portion. I decided to get the granite/citron, based on the photo where it looked like that the stitching was there (just like the green towel that I had). Unfortunately, when I received the gray, it was just like the turquoise mat. Ugh! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… shame on me. Hence the return. Too bad they changed the design/make of what was once a great hot yoga towel. My search continues.Read more

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