Gaiam grippy yoga socks for girls & guys – complete toe non slip sticky grip accessories for yoga, barre, pilates, dance, ballet

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  • make sure this fits by way of coming into your version range.
  • 100% polyester
  • imported
  • 5 toe traction: grippy yoga socks provide a full-toe non-slip traction and warmth at the same time as to help decorate stability and stability
  • hygenic alternative to naked feet: protects ft from publicity to foot fungus at the same time as the sock additionally prevents feet from extra sweat and moisture for a superior grip in all conditions
  • use with or without yoga mat: a awesome choice for travel to toss in an overnight or bring-on bag or as a yoga mat replacement while a mat is out of attain – silicone grips provide a non-slip grip anytime, everywhere, specially in absence of a mat
  • multi-cause: perfect for standard and warm yoga, pilates, barre, ballet or even just across the house while you require a few introduced grip and balance
  • medium/big (one length fits maximum) – ladies’s shoe 10-11 / men’s shoe 10-12
  • 95% polyester, three% rubber, 2% spandex
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gaiam grippy yoga socks

gaiam’s yoga socks provide slip-resistant performance specially created for practising yoga and pilates. Get the toe-wiggling freedom of being barefoot and the slip-loose safety of your yoga mat. These remarkably secure socks additionally lessen your publicity to foot fungus.

small/medium (girls’s shoe five-10; guys’s shoe four-9).

medium/huge (ladies’s shoe 10-11; guys’s shoe 10-12).

offer slip-resistant performance particularly created for training yoga and pilates.

get the toe-wiggling freedom of being barefoot and the slip-free security of your yoga mat. These remarkably comfortable socks additionally lessen your publicity to foot fungus.

best for yoga, warm yoga, barre, ballet, dance and more.


Black/Grey (2-pack), Blush (2-Pack), Frost, Frost (2-pack), Grey (M/L), Grey (S/M), Pink (S/M), Pink Plaster/Mint (2-Pack)

8 reviews for Gaiam grippy yoga socks for girls & guys – complete toe non slip sticky grip accessories for yoga, barre, pilates, dance, ballet

  1. Martin J. Keogh

    I wanted to love these socks. They have the right amount of grip. But the fabric is cheap and they wear out quickly. In the picture you will see the holes. I do yoga and dance in them. A pair has never lasted more than a month. I suppose they are fine if you don’t mind being the one in class with holes in your socks. I’ve moved on to some better made, longer lasting, non-slip merino wool socks. Read more

  2. Elizabeth

    Socks are just right and comfortable in the toe area. Grip is perfect on the yoga mat! Get them. You won’t regret it! I don’t get paid for writing reviews & I pay the same price as you. Please click HELPFUL to show your appreciation for my time writing this review. Thanks kindly. Read more

  3. Stephan Earl

    I purchased 3 pairs because of the variety in size offered, other grip socks I have purchased have not been large enough for my man size 12s, these fit very well. My intention is to use them when I am on the Yoga Ball and for just wearing around the house all day. Well, the sock material is so light weight one of the 3 pairs developed a hole after one day use, and they all look like they will have a life span of maybe seven days use for each. Also, the toes frequently and annoyingly slip out of their designated slot when walking and when I am on the ball. Finally, the very flimsy rubber grips on the sole provide less traction than my bare feet. A waste of my 30 bucks. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    These so are very grippy, but that is the only polity thing I have to say about them. Based on the size chart I am in the middle of the large sock range. They barely fit at the heel when I stretch them tightly. The toes look like they belong on kids socks. They should be twice as long as they are. In the picture I have placed my finger tip between my toes to show how short the toes are. By the end of a workout my toes are freezing due to lack of circulation. The toes are also very narrow making it an ordeal to get on. I am thinking of cutting the toes off to make them more comfortable. If you have very short toes these may work for you. Read more

  5. Steve Savitzky

    I first started using these socks when one of our friends left a pair behind after a visit. I don’t do yoga, but they’re really good for wearing around the house. They’re surprisingly comfortable, and the little grippy rubber dots don’t slip on our hardwood floors. The only problem is that they don’t seem to be very durable. They’re getting thin around the balls of the feet, and both pairs are starting to develop holes. They’re still holding together, though, and I’ve ordered another pair so hopefully they won’t wear as quickly when I can rotate through more of them. Read more

  6. J. Val

    These socks grip the floor but slip off my toes! I purchased these socks to provide better stability when doing push-ups, burpees, and planks, but my workouts include other actions such as jumping jacks, jumping lunges, etc. Maybe these socks were only intended for very limited movements, because the pinky toe slips off almost every time. They haven’t moved so much on my foot as to create a safety hazard, but the next buyer should be advised. Read more

  7. Lisa Biers

    I wear a size 8.5-9 shoes, so I ordered the small/medium, which is the recommend size for women’s shoes size 5-10. The fit was fine and the grip on the mat was decent. They did not slide off my feet, however, someone with a smaller foot may have issues with keeping the socks on when doing more advanced planking. I did not have any issues, but my feet are toward the top end of the size range. The toe socks are better than the non-toe socks for grip and balance. It felt strange at first, but after some time wearing them I no longer noticed the strange sensation of having fabric between my toes. The grips on the bottom of the sock in addition to the non slip mat gave me the stability I needed, especially with sweaty feet. Read more

  8. Lady Grey

    Normally I prefer to do yoga in my bare feet but in the winter my feet get cold. So I got these socks. Like all toe socks they can be a nuisance to put on, but I do like that the toes are completely covered with these socks. (I have seen other socks that are “open toed”. Not my preference.) The “no slip” grippers on the bottom do keep you from sliding but they also impede the ease of foot movement on the mat. It is not that difficult but it is definitely easier to do in bare feet. Overall I am happy with the socks as they do keep my feet warm while allowing me freedom of movement of my toes. Read more

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