Gaiam grippy yoga socks for girls & guys – toeless non slip sticky grip add-ons for yoga, barre, pilates, dance, ballet

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of entering your version variety.
  • toeless traction: open-toe layout lets in for a higher tactile sense and balance
  • hygenic opportunity to naked feet: protects feet from exposure to foot fungus at the same time as the sock also prevents feet from excess sweat and moisture for a superior grip in all situations
  • use with or without yoga mat: a top notch option for travel to toss in an overnight or carry-on bag or as a yoga mat replacement whilst a mat is out of attain – silicone grips provide a non-slip grip whenever, anywhere, specially in absence of a mat
  • multi-motive: best for wellknown and warm yoga, pilates, barre, ballet or even simply across the residence while you require a few delivered grip and stability
  • small/medium (one length suits most) – ladies’s shoe 5-10 / men’s shoe four-nine
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  • am i able to put on those with shoes or are they type of thick?
  • question: can i put on these with shoes or are they kind of thick? Solution: they are thin sufficient to wear with shoes, but the “grippy” bumps make this very difficult. I might suggest for free-fitting shoes best. With the aid of reviewer dr. Beth on january 17, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (five) crumble all solutions

  • present day gaiam yoga grippy socks with toes grip, however my toes slide till the socks have twisted around. Will these live in vicinity?
  • question: current gaiam yoga grippy socks with ft grip, however my ft slide till the socks have twisted round. Will these live in location? Answer: they stay is location for me. I do pilates and haven’t any problem with these socks. By way of sandra l. Moore on december 31, 2015 failed to get solutions. See more answers (4) crumble all answers

  • i wear eight. 5womens shoe what length are they
  • query: i put on 8. 5womens shoe what length are they solution: one length fits most. By using gardenguru on december 1, 2016 fall apart all solutions


    Black/Grey (2-pack), Bright Bouquet, Dusk, Granite Storm, Grey/Black, Heather Grey/Black, Indigo/Black (2-pack), Lagoon (2-pack), Pink/Purple, Tropical Dusk (2-pack), Yellow/Blue (2-pack)

    8 reviews for Gaiam grippy yoga socks for girls & guys – toeless non slip sticky grip add-ons for yoga, barre, pilates, dance, ballet

    1. pseudonym

      The grippy stuff is only on the bottom, and when that grips the floor, the sock sort of slide-rotates around the foot, if you know what I mean. Once that happens, the very slippery part of the sock is on the bottom, right when you need traction the most. It seemed like it would make it possible to do yoga on a bare floor with no mat but it didn’t work out that way for me. Think about it: when you’re putting pressure on your foot so that you need the grippiness, you’re probably in a wide stance or balancing or something. That is a very bad time to slip. For me, I barely caught myself before tearing a thigh muscle from a leg sliding out from under me. Just use bare feet, it’s worked for like hundreds of years. Read more

    2. Chris

      These socks were made too small in the toe area. The openings are for someone with baby toes. You can eventually get your toes in after much work, but they pinch and in yoga poses they cut into the toe joint area. Very uncomfortable. I have bought toeless socks before and they were not this uncomfortable. Gaiam supplier built these for tiny asian person I think. I would not recommend. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      These socks are super great for yoga. My husband asked me what I needed yoga socks for and I will tell you exactly what I told him: a. if your feet get cold in yoga, especially if you are doing slower forms, these will keep your feet warmer b. because the toes are free, you still get the stability of being without socks and having your toes avaialble for good balance c. the grippers on the bottom keep you from slipping like you would if you just wore regular socks to yoga to sum up: I love these socks, they are super comfy, wash up well, and the colors are very fun! Read more


      I ordered a medium, only to get a small/medium stating it will fit women’s shoe size 5-10. Wrong. These are awful and hurt like crazy before I stood up! There is NOOOOOOOO way that someone with a size 5 can wear the same sock as that of a size 10. These are clearly mass produced, of debatable quality and definitely not worth a cent. Spend the extra $ and get the real deal. This is not it. Read more

    5. priusapril

      I love yoga and practice regularly. However, I can’t imagine these socks would work all that well for that purpose. I do love these for an ‘off label’ use. These are perfect for winter pedicures. Soak your feet, scrub, and moisturize before putting the socks on. They’ll keep the moisture in and keep your feet warm, all while freeing your toes to be painted! Read more

    6. Cottage Cheese

      I typically do yoga at home on my sticky mat, but when I travel without my mat, I use these for extra grip and protection from germs on the studio’s mats. I have women’s size 10 feet and these fit fine in the length but the toes are a little tight – nothing too uncomfortable but when the socks get bunched up during the course of a class, I notice it. They wash easily in a hotel sink and dry overnight. Glad to have these tucked into my suitcase! Read more

    7. tamgib

      I like the traction afforded by these socks, but the toe openings on the black ones I ordered are very small. It makes them difficult to put on (especially in the dim light of my yoga studio), and very uncomfortable due to the tightness around each toe. I don’t have large feet or toes, so I was surprised and disappointed. Read more

    8. dp10621

      These are so painful to wear during yoga. They cut into the area between toes. Unfortunately I missed the return window by 14 days. I didn’t wear them for a while after purchasing because I had surgery and couldn’t do yoga. I wore them today and took them off about 5 minutes into the yoga class. Waste of $16 Read more

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