Gaiam kids balance ball chair – classic children’s stability ball chair, alternative college classroom flexible desk seating for lively college students

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  • make sure this fits by means of coming into your model number.
  • alternative table chair: an appropriate child-sized seat for improving awareness & focus at domestic or in the lecture room at their desk, this exercise ball chair allows to lessen restlessness, fidgeting and prevent boredom
  • lively learning chair: stability ball chair promotes a healthy posture & continues the mind focused and body engaged – facts have shown that kids are able to awareness extra carefully while actively balancing their frame on a stability ball
  • endorsed person top: designed for kids a while five-7, or kids between 42 and fifty one inches tall making this active sitting chair ideal for preschool, 1st and 2d grade students. Weight limit: 175-kilos.
  • consists of: infant-sized 38cm balance ball, clean-inflation air pump, adjustable returned help bar, secure metallic ball holder, and smooth-glide caster wheels (2 lockable)
  • inflation commands: for a super fit, it can be vital to re-inflate the ball a few times after the initial inflation to stretch to its final length. Inflate ball with air, permit stand for 24 hours, deflate 50% then fill again to 38cm height.
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to be had in a spread of fun colours!

starting yoga young brings an entire life of advantages, from energetic bodies to awareness, stability and calm. It can have a superb effect on how kids research, develop and even play.

that is why at gaiam, we’re bringing the ones advantages to the smallest of yogi’s – with vibrant colours and fun patterns to help shake out the wiggles and training session those humorous bones. So, are you prepared to analyze yoga?

gaiam kids balance ball chair

kids will love this healthful and fun alternative to a chair. The correct child-sized seat for improving concentration & consciousness at domestic or inside the classroom at their desk, this exercising ball chair facilitates to reduce fidgeting and prevent boredom and restlessness.

statistics have shown that kids are capable of recognition more carefully while actively balancing their body on a balance ball. Whether or not it’s at domestic or in the lecture room this chair will excite children to study and undertake wholesome posture!

  • includes 38 centimeter stability ball, air pump, adjustable back assist bar, at ease metallic ball holder, and smooth-flow caster wheels (2 lockable)
  • advocated for youngsters a while five-7 or 42-inch -51-inch
  • weight restriction = 175lbs
  • inflation commands: inflate ball with air, let stand for twenty-four hours, deflate 50% then fill once more to 38cm peak.
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    consists of 38 centimeter anti-burst balance ball, air pump, adjustable lower back assist bar, cozy steel ball holder, and smooth-flow caster wheels (2 lockable).

    encouraged for youngsters a while 5-7 or forty two-fifty one inches tall. Weight restriction 175 kilos.

    the height of the lower back of the chair is 2 toes tall. The base measures 20 inches wide from one side of the wheels to the opposite. A few fundamental assembly required.

    often instances, it may be essential to re-inflate the ball a couple of times after the initial inflation to allow the ball to ‘stretch’ to its final size.

    fill the ball with air, permit stand for twenty-four hours, deflate 50% then fill once more to 38cm height.

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    Grey/Green, Grey/Orange, Purple, Purple/Pink, Replacement Ball, Green, Replacement Ball, Orange

    7 reviews for Gaiam kids balance ball chair – classic children’s stability ball chair, alternative college classroom flexible desk seating for lively college students

    1. S.K.B

      I was nervous when I saw the pictures and negative reviews about the ball being too small. However as other reviewers have mentioned, blowing up the ball is a process. I didn’t even wait an hour….I blew it up…I waited 15 min….deflated it a little, blew it up again (it got bigger)…repeated the process after another 15 minutes and BAM the ball was the full size like in the pictures! It seems to be good quality, the wheels were beyond easy to install, just slide them right in the holes and you’re done! My son is 8 and he is sort of short for his age (like 49” tall). His desk is 25” high from floor to the bottom of the desk (where it would hit your thighs) and I would say this chair is ok. I wish it were about 2 inches taller but like I said I think it will do fine. I’m curious about the adult size but from the measurements it seems that one would be way too big. Kind of wish they had an in between size. As for stability, he’s been using it for a couple hours now and he hasn’t fallen off or anything like that. He’s very wiggly and fidgety and the chair doesn’t seem to be a distraction or a problem for him. He was just excited to have a “bouncy ball” desk chair! Read more

    2. Dressi

      Okay, so like a lot of people the ball didn’t fit. See my pictures. As I first inflated the ball, I noticed it did not fit like so many others have posted pictures of. There’s a good hand-width if not more between the bar and the ball and it didn’t look like the pictures in the description at all. Disappointed, we turned to the reviews and noticed people having the same issue. Then I noticed something in the product description that was not in the instructions provided. Inflate the ball once, leave for 24 hours, deflate, let sit, rinses, repeat. So, I did this. I inflated the ball as much as that little thing would go. Soon it was letting out as much as as it was putting in, so I figured I got the ball as far as it would go and it wasn’t the full size according to the pictures or the documentation stating its diameter. I let it sit for a while. Noticed the instructions. I deflated it and let it sit for a day that way. I inflated it once more after this and noticed that it inflated larger than it did the first time! Still wasn’t big enough to match the pictures. I repeated the process. I let that sit for another day, deflated it and let that sit for a day, inflated it a third time and now I have the result in my other pictures posted. It touches the bar. It’s still not up to full size according to the documentation, so I’m going to repeat the process once more. ALSO, the handpump was insufficient… I had to use a bike pump to get the ball up to a fuller size. We have 2 of these chairs and one ball inflated larger the first time than the other, still not enough but it was larger already. Just after 1 inflation/deflation cycle, it was the same size as the first ball after 2 cycles. So I’m going to put them both through another inflation deflation cycle and see if they get as big as the pictures seem to indicate. Now my problem is that the chair turns out to be TOO TALL for the desk we have… but that’s my problem… THE REST OF THE PRODUCT REVIEW. It seems build well and is very light. It’s all plastic save for the bolts and the bar. The bar is not adjustable for the most part, though I wish it was. Without the ball fully inflated, my child’s calves hit the bar and he instead just puts his feet on it, which makes the bar push further away. It doesn’t easily deform though but the plastic base could be damaged that way. The casters rolls well on carpet and the locks do work… on carpet. On hardwood the thing just slides all over the place just like anything made of plastic or wood or anything hard would do so, not really the fault of the design. If the wheels were rubber coated, they’d be fine. They’re standard casters so I could get them replaced if I really wanted to. The thing installs easily. I’m not sure why the back uses hand operable bolts unless they intended for the back to be taken off and on enough to justify it? Or was it just out of wanting to make it as tool-free as possible? Regardless, it works as designed NOW THAT I KNOW HOW TO INFLATE THE BALL CORRECTLY. I’ll also say that getting this product was the idea of the mother… I’m not really a fan of these balance ball chairs and it actually was horrible when I used an adult sized one (not from this product line). But with a back to the chair, it won’t actually roll around, it might be nicer. My son just bounces on it a lot and wants to use it to climb with. Right now the ball is rather tacky, as in like it’s sticky, but that’ll fade. My other balance ball was like that it and it lost its tackiness after not too long. Hopefully the ball won’t turn into just another play thing and the chair sits in the corner, empty and unused… but that’ll be another problem entirely. Read more

    3. Busy Mom of six

      I love this chair. It’s perfect for my children. Have to purchase more since each one of my kids want one of their own. So we will soon have 6 rolling around the house soon. Very easy to put together! Now, reading the reviews I was honestly getting annoyed at the customers who gave this item bad reviews because they claim the ball was too small. Please read the directions and understand how these balls work before making such a negative review. *The best way to get the ball to the proper size. -Pump up the ball with the air pump, as much as perfect . -Leave the ball alone for a day. -Deflate the ball half way, then let it sit for about 12 hours. -Pump up the ball again, as much as you can. -Let it sit for another 12 hours. -Now pump up some more air into it. And you now have a ball that will fit properly. Also for the first few days of use, add a little more air in it every night. The ball has a type of material that needs to stretch in order for it to get to the proper size. If you follow these directions, your ball will be at a perfect size. Enjoy 🙂 Read more

    4. A. King

      The ball doesn’t fit in the chair. I ordered the blue/green, pink/purple, & the gray/orange for my kiddos. All of the balls drag across the ground. Yes I did follow the instructions and deflate them on the second day to 50% and reinflated. Still dragged. The description says it comes with a 35cm ball. The photos show the ball bulging across the bar at the front and touching the back brace. I measured the distance straight across from the bar to the back and it was 40cm. The pictures are incredibly misleading. I’m keeping the base but now have to purchase 45cm balls so they will actually fit snugly and not sag through the hole. Read more

    5. A M

      What a joke! The ball is WAY smaller than what is shown in the photo! It is NOT as advertised and made a strong request with Amazon customer service to REMOVE this seller from its website immediately! What a waste of my time opening the package, putting it together and now have to re-package it, print a return label and paste it on the box and drive to a UPS store to return it. I’m very upset that this has wasted my entire morning when I have so much to do! Read more

    6. Stacey

      This chair is great! Don’t listen to the “ball is to small” reviews, you just need to use a stronger pump to get enough air into it. We used the air pump that came with our air mattress. The chair fits our 7 year old and our 9 year old (he is the model in the attached image). Smaller kids may have an issue sitting all the way back and touching the ground, I’d say this is the right size for k-4th grade. Read more

    7. Dana

      We freakin love this chair!!!! I have an 8 year old who loves to draw and she says this chair is so comfortable while she’s at her desk. Read more

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