Gaiam kids stay-n-play children’s balance ball – bendy faculty chair lively study room desk alternative built-in live-put soft balance legs (to be had in multiple shades, prints & sizes)

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your model number.
  • perfect seat for active kids: stay n play stability ball provides a bendy seat for excessive electricity and active youngsters and consists of 5 smooth stabilizing legs assuring the ball stays in vicinity when no longer in use
  • promotes healthful posture and thoughts: encourages children to study, adopt and practice a healthy posture at the same time as building center electricity from energetic sitting and play inside the school room and at home even as analyzing or analyzing and for the duration of film time or looking tv
  • improves attention and concentration: ball actions growth blood drift to the mind, helping to improve concentration and growth consciousness, reduce restlessness, and save you boredom and distractions in class via retaining the body energetic and the mind engaged
  • get the wiggles out: alternative seating alternative for kids in essential grade faculty classrooms providing an outlet for excess strength and to reduce fidgeting in addition to at domestic as a fun and active manner to get the “wiggles out”
  • inflation commands: it may be important to re-inflate the ball after initial inflation to permit the ball’s fabric to stretch to its very last size. Inflate ball with air, permit stand for twenty-four hours, deflate 50% then fill again to 45 centimeter height.
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our satisfactory-selling youngsters size (45cm) balance ball for kids a while five-eight is now to be had in a junior length (52cm) for ages 8-12 or all of us who may also need a bit greater top. Also, capabilities five built-in soft stabilizing legs so it stays in region and won’t roll away while no longer in use.

this balance ball chair is the proper opportunity school room seating answer that encourages youngsters to learn and practice healthful posture even as teaching awareness, stability and calm – even within the face of an excessive amount of silliness. The regular ball actions preserve the body energetic and the mind engaged simultaneously and work to growth blood glide to the mind, leading to higher attention and awareness all of the even as helping to shake out the wiggles and training session the ones humorous bones and decrease distractions and tedium in magnificence.

gaiam is a main life-style emblem with a mission to make yoga, fitness, and well-being accessible to all. Gaiam changed into created as a lifestyle company with the vision that, given a preference, human beings could pick out a way of life this is healthful and lifestyles enhancing, for themselves, their households and the earth. The gaiam well-being, yoga, meditation, and recuperation life-style is a vote for individual fitness as well as the future sustainability of the earth’s sources. Gaiam strives to provide customers with options to standard merchandise by imparting natural or healthy versions that examine with the style, exceptional and price of conventional products.


45 Cm (4-pack, Colors), 45 cm (4-Pack, Emojis), 45cm (Blue Captain Cool), 45cm (Blue), 45cm (Green Crazy Silly), 45cm (Grey), 45cm (Lime), 45cm (Pink), 45cm (Purple Miss Sunshine), 45cm (Yellow Smiley), 52 Cm (4-pack, Colors), 52cm (Blue), 52cm (Grey), 52cm (Lime), 52cm (Miss Independent), 52cm (Mr Mustache), 52cm (Orange), 52cm (Starry-Eyes), 52cm (Tune Out)

8 reviews for Gaiam kids stay-n-play children’s balance ball – bendy faculty chair lively study room desk alternative built-in live-put soft balance legs (to be had in multiple shades, prints & sizes)

  1. kv

    I made the mistake of thinking that a “junior” ball would work for early middle school kids since there was a smaller size for younger kids. I guess this is technically my fault. I have a 65cm ball of another brand that I use for myself at home. Most of my students are shorter than me. It seemed like a 65 cm ball would be too tall for my students and would not leave room for their legs to fit under desks, but I think this size is too small for my kiddos and will burst. I paid the same for this ball as I did for my 65 cm one with anti-burst technology, so I’m just bummed that this one does not look like it will hold the extra weight. Now I’m just trying to decide if I want to gamble with it or gift it to a friend who teaches younger grades. I usually research these things far in advance, but I got sucked into an Amazon Prime Day deal. I know this problem is my fault for being bad at judging the stability ball to student ratio and not researching enough, I just wish the advertising pictures would have somehow showed the size better. So here I am writing a review to save the rest of you middle school teachers from making the same mistake! Read more

  2. Thomas Lamb

    Fellow teachers, please don’t go this route! Deflaited in less than a week, air comes out around plug! School started Sept. 5th, I rolled out my flexible seating on the 11th and it is Sept. 20th and they are already deflated. I took them home and put them in the bathtub to see if there was a hole and the air is coming out around the plug. They do not accept returns so I have wasted $80, the students didn’t even get to use them for a week. I am so upset becuase the students were super excited to use these! Read more

  3. Project collector

    We Purchased this in December of 2016 and after 6 months it’s still as new,now that may not sound very impressive but that’s with pretty much daily use as balance ball, bouncy seat, soccer ball, dodge ball, medieval shield,mace, grenade,get the crackers out of the pantry stool,smaller balls mommy (what ?) pretend cow, alien planet mushroom, and various sorts of fantastical beast that are friend and foe, as well as homeschool energy-get-er-outer for three children and cousins, friends and occasional displeased cat all under the age of 7…great tool and toy highly recommended. Read more

  4. E_K

    DO NOT BUY!! As a classroom teacher, I had purchased 2 yoga balls in July during their Amazon Prime Days. I did not inflate the balls until the week of August 26- the first week of school. Once inflated, one ball (manufactured in 2019) was perfect while the second one had a hole in it. Because it was past the Amazon return days, I contacted GAIAM and they replaced my yoga ball. The new yoga ball was manufactured in 2018 and was defective once again. The holes on the feet of the balls were lined with a thin plastic. There was holes that were letting air out. Thinking maybe it was I had bad luck with the balls, I ordered another one in September. Silly me, to think that the ball won’t be defective. Please refer to the pictures. You can clearly see that the feet was manufactured (2018)wrong once again. I tried to contact customer service at GAIAM and have gotten ZERO response. Please, don’t buy this product. It is not worth your time and effort!!! The first 2 pictures are from the September order. The last 2 are of the company’s “replacement product”. Read more

  5. J. Rooke

    I purchased these balance balls to use in my 3rd grade classroom. My students have been using them for about a week now and so far they’ve held up great. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Read more

  6. Melissa

    I bought two of these for my classroom. They don’t even look like the same product. One is WAY bigger than the other. One seems durable and stands on the pegs nicely. The other has super thin material, looks like it will bust at any moment and doesn’t even sit on the pegs at all. I’m just waiting for it to bust or get a hole in it. If they were both made equally then I would rate 5 stars, but because of such the difference in quality, I just can’t. Read more

  7. Melissa Chamberlain

    I bought three balls, one of each color. I was very excited to have the balls for my kindergarten students. I was surprised when all three were inflated that they were different sizes. The pink one is tiny (my three year old fits it perfect), the blue one is middle size so not terrible, and the green one is the size the ball is supposed to be. My students don’t like the smaller two because they are too small to sit on. Unfortunately I need the different colors to match my tables otherwise I would return them. Read more

  8. Skinny Burrito

    This Balance Ball / Chair is a fantastic solution for my smart but “fidgety” boy! He can get his wiggles out while sitting in class, or at home. The stabilizing feet are just that… stabalizers, not actual stiff feet. This allows the ball to move when in use but keeps it from rolling around when he is not sitting on it. More importantly, the stabalizing feet keep it from becoming a tempting “ball” to play with when not in use for sitting. This is the perfect solution and a lot cheaper than a full chair which I don’t believe his teacher would allow me to bring into the classroom. 2nd grade LIFESAVER. Read more

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