Gaiam meditation cushion crescent zafu fashion yoga pillow

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  • make certain this fits
  • by means of coming into your model range.
  • meditation cushion: designed to improve your spinal alignment, provide you with proper height, and offer a extra at ease and deeper meditation
  • relieves strain on back, ankle & knees: meditation pillow will offer the comfort you need at the same time as meditating – your knees, ankles and returned will be relieved from pressure by using selling right posture (can be used without or with gaiam zabuton cushion)
  • top rate cushioning: crescent formed pillow is tightly filled with a kapok filling so one can lightly conform for your frame’s shape permitting you to ease in and gradually recognition without shuffling your seat while in meditation
  • extremely-soft: cushion is wrapped in an extremely-soft microfiber cover with a hidden zipper and handy wearing handle
  • dimensions: 17″l x eleven”w at middle and 7″ thick / weight = 4lbs
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  • what are the dimensions? Looking for the width more mainly.
  • it’s type of kidney formed as you may see via the image. So maintaining that in mind ~ at its widest component it’s 19” it’s about thirteen” deep except where it makes the small indent it’s approximately 12 1/2”. It’s about three-31/2 inches high. I’ve loved this product from the instant i first used it. I use it every single day. Honestly propose it. See much less

  • is the burgundy cowl a red or red?
  • is the burgundy cover a red or crimson?

  • what is the filling?
  • what’s the filling?

  • how thick is it?
  • how thick is it?



    8 reviews for Gaiam meditation cushion crescent zafu fashion yoga pillow

    1. O. Meehan

      After looking at several cheaper and prettier ones on Amazon, I was scared away by reviews stating that it was infested with bugs. Not wanting that drama, I thought of Gaiam, they are a reliable brand. Limited color choices, but the quality is what I wanted. Makes meditation easier.Read more

    2. Kylie

      I bought this meditation pillow after getting skeptical about the buckwheat cushions from reading reviews where people dealt with bugs in the buckwheat hulls. At the ashram i did my yoga training at, the majority of their cushions for public use are buckwheat and they’ve never had bug issues, but to play it safe i went with this Gaiam cotton filled cushion. Although it might not conform to your body as easily as the buckwheat cushions, its VERY comfortable, especially the more you use it, and the crescent shape helps support your legs so they don’t fall asleep. I highly recommend – affordable, comfortable, supportive, clean, lightweight.Read more

    3. KtMt

      I absolutely didn’t want a seed filled yoga pillow due to the overwhelming number of reviews that talked about bug infestation. So I’ve always love Gaiam products and was happy to find this one (it was sold out on their site in this color but I found it on another site on Amazon) which is fiber filled. It’s amazingly comfortable. Offers just the right amount of height of to help lift my tailbone off the ground when sitting cross-legged to alleviate my hip pain. The cover is washable, the pillow itself is not so bulky as to have a hard time finding a place for it to store nicely. It’s perfect. I highly recommend it.Read more

    4. Honest Opinion

      I really wanted a small, half moon sized zafu. But I wanted it filled with cotton, NOT husks. Husks I find so hard to sit in after a while. Not sure what people like about them really. I have a large cotton one that I use at home that is still quite firm, but heavy to take somewhere.This item is the most comfortable zafu I have now. It’s really soft. So if you’re into uncomfortable zen practices, you won’t like this. It is a bit lumpy. And it is big, much bigger than I wanted. Maybe I’ll sew it.Read more

    5. Donnelsl

      I suffer from Sciatic Joint Dysfunction…this meditation cushion has decreased my pain and discomfort when meditating and when sitting on the floor for projects. I sat on the floor for 2hrs in order to work on a project that required me to sit on the floor – I was so excited that I was not down on my back the entire evening and next day due to pain. I will buy this again when needed.Read more

    6. Happy

      I was so worried about bugs being in a cushion that I ordered, after having read so many reviews across so many different brands. I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to worry about that with this one. Instead of buckwheat, it’s filled with memory foam. It feels solid, yet still provides a comfortable seat. Gaiam consistenly provides quality products.Read more

    7. AVS

      I LOVE this cushion. I have very tight hip flexors which prevents me from Indian style for long periods of time. This cushion helps immensely. I can meditate and do kundalini yoga for much longer periods of time comfortably. And it’s soft yet supportive. Highly recommend.Read more

    8. Peter Johnson

      I bought this meditation cushion because some reviews said it is easier on the knees and hips. After using it awhile, I agree; that is true for my body also. Whether everyone has the same results, I can’t say; but for me, this is a winner.Read more

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