Gaiam meditation cushion zafu yoga pillow (offered personally or with zabuton package)

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  • ensure this fits via getting into your model wide variety.
  • meditation cushion: promotes right alignment and posture, whilst imparting a secure seat during meditation through relieving stress on the knees, ankles and lower back
  • gentle cushioning: natural buckwheat hull filling lightly conforms to your frame for a smooth and at ease seat
  • take care of strap: yoga pillow features a robust manage for trouble-free delivery to without problems grab the meditation cushion and pass
  • upload of dispose of filling: exterior zipper allows you to easily modify, add or take away filling
  • care information: system washer-friendly detachable cover is easily removable to toss within the washing machine
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gaiam meditation cushion zafu yoga pillow

promotes right posture and positioning, at the same time as supplying a cozy seat at some stage in meditation with the aid of relieving pressure on the knees, ankles and again. Functions a device washable cover with organic buckwheat hull filling that gently conforms to your body, an outside zipper permitting you to effortlessly alter, add or remove filling and a sturdy deliver manage for smooth transport.

dimensions: 5″ x 15″ diameter

weight: 5. 5lbs.

promotes proper alignment and posture, while presenting a cozy seat at some point of meditation via relieving stress at the knees, ankles and lower back.

natural buckwheat hull filling lightly conforms on your body for a gentle and comfortable seat.

exterior zipper permits you to easily modify, upload or get rid of filling.

device washable detachable cowl is effortlessly removable to toss in the washing system.

yoga pillow functions a robust take care of for hassle-unfastened transport to without problems grab the meditation cushion and cross.

product description

promotes proper posture and positioning, even as supplying a at ease seat during meditation by means of relieving pressure on the knees, ankles and again. Functions a machine cleanable cover with organic buckwheat hull filling that gently conforms in your frame, an exterior zipper allowing you to without difficulty alter, add or cast off filling and a sturdy carry deal with for clean transport.


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8 reviews for Gaiam meditation cushion zafu yoga pillow (offered personally or with zabuton package)

  1. M+A

    This either came with a small hole in the bottom or developed it the day i sat on it because my wife spotted it that very night when I showed her my latest purchase. As it’s bound to rip more, I ordered a replacement. Replacement arrived filthy and without a bag. Had a sticky stain someone had tried to scrape off. Returned that thing. I went back and inspected inspected further the original purchase: inside the outer cover there is an inner buckwheat-filled cushion which is thin but relatively sturdy fabric (not made to last forever, but adequate). So it’s the decorative outer cover however that is garbage. The flimsiest of microfibers, weakly stitched. I thought– maybe I can keep this after all. I contacted Gaiam to see if they could sell me a new cover or if I could purchase a replacement cover, but they don’t make it/sell it. This cushion could have used a sturdy canvas cover, which would make it good for long term use. But now I have a plastic disposable item instead, with no replacement parts. You get what you pay for, as usual. Maybe as a Hail Mary I’ll try to have a sturdier cover made for it by someone who can sew. At least that would salvage the insides instead of ending up in the trash. [ETA: I gave up on this notion] — UPDATE – decided to skip the refurbish headaches and returned this thing after all. Ordered a Dharmacraft also from Amazon, per the recommendation of a reviewer here. That one costs double but it’s *by far* the superior product: stronger cover, a firmer fill cushion, ethical company to boot, well worth the money. Read more

  2. ColinOB1

    Its a little short for me, and gives me back pain when laid flat. Yoga has been helping with that, but for now I have to flip it on its side and sit on my knees rather than my preferred half lotus position. I also dont like the buckwheat hulls as they arent super comfortable to sit on. While they provide the ability to adjust to your body, there is too much leeway and I usually spend a few minutes adjusting it before I get to actual sitting. I realized I can put a fleece blanket over the top to make it more comfortable, and that has been making it better. I am good with it for now, but eventually if I keep up my practice I will move on to something better. Read more

  3. Sarah L Barnes

    Does not look like the picture. Looks more like a bean bag ball. Have bought many of your products. This is the first time ive been disappointed. My cat likes out though so I kept it Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this pillow as a pregnant lady doing my best to use optimal fetal positioning techniques while sitting at home either on the floor or on the couch. I’m please with the size, shape and fill of the pillow, however I dislike the choice of fabric used for the cover as it is a micro-suede of sorts and collects dog hair and lint the instant I pulled it out of the box. While I’m not a terribly messy person, as a dog owner, it’s really tough to always keep all dog hair up from the floor on a daily basis. I’ll continue to use this pillow, however I wish the “washable cover” would have been better explained in the description. Read more

  5. Chai

    After a week of daily use the outer cover bag stretched some, I’m 6′ and 193#. Sitting in it was like a bean bag chair. So I bought this: Buckwheat Pillow Replacement Hulls: Zen Chi 100% Organic Premium Buckwheat Hulls – 2 Lb Refill Bag and ended up putting about 1/2 pound in to fill the cushion to where it’s more flat than sinking where I sit. Works great now. Read more

  6. shrinking footprint

    This cushion is firm yet quite comfortable. It’s a decent height too which helps take pressure off my knees and ankles. You can add or remove the filling material to suit your comfort level, I left mine full as I prefer the firmness it gives. I bought mine in the color teal which in reality isn’t nearly as deep or bright as the pictures shown but it’s still a nice shade. It’s also nice that the cover is removeable for washing. Read more

  7. Michael

    These are awesome. Very good quality and they look great. We have used them in our meditation group for 2 years. We have the blue, purple, and black. Very satisfied. They have a zipper that goes around the edge on one side to have access to add or subtract buckwheat shells. We’ve never seen any shells come out from sitting on them or tossing them around for storage. Read more

  8. Prof D

    Exactly what I was looking for to assist me in finding a comfortable position to start a meditation program. The product is firm, but not uncomfortable. I am a male 5’10” and weight 220 lbs. It supports me just fine. Read more

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