Gaiam necessities exercise step platform cardio stepper bench, health device workout deck with adjustable riser height & non slip textured surface

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  • workout cardio step: this gaiam essentials step deck platform is the precise exercising system to get you into shape with a combination of aerobic and excessive intensity useful education
  • adjustable layout: cardio stepper can regulate in peak for the most suitable fit – do no longer threat injury and step up too excessive
  • non slip textured surface: health step functions a sticky non slip textured surface design that gives premium traction with or with footwear
  • durably built: step up exercise platform is designed to help customers of a wide variety with a heavy duty construction, making it super for organization fitness instructions or in your property health club or living room
  • gaiam essentials: wherever you’re on your health journey, finding useful merchandise at a cost is continually a plus. Gaiam essentials gives a big choice of colors and styles designed to keep your exercise transferring

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gaiam essentials step deck

the precise exercise device to get you into shape with a mixture of aerobic and high depth practical schooling. Aerobic stepper can modify in size to make suit your perfect hit – do now not risk damage and step up too excessive.

features a sticky non slip textured surface layout that offer top rate traction with or without footwear. Step up workout platform is designed to help customers of all sorts with a heavy duty construction, making it exceptional for organization fitness classes or in your property fitness center or living room.

gaiam essentials

anyplace you are on your health adventure, locating functional products at a cost is always a plus. Gaiam essentials gives a big choice of colours and styles designed to hold your practice moving.

8 reviews for Gaiam necessities exercise step platform cardio stepper bench, health device workout deck with adjustable riser height & non slip textured surface

  1. LunarLioness

    I just wanted one to have to do my post-knee surgery exercises on days I didn’t feel like going to the gym. I like that the risers nestle into the base when not in use. The top *is* a little slippery, so you may want to wear shoes or go totally barefoot when using this stepper.Read more

  2. Elisabeth M

    This is a pretty decent little step.Pros: Sturdy and light weightCons: 1. The highest you can make it go is about 6 inches off the ground.2. It’s not very long. I’m about 5’8, and I can’t lay on it comfortably to do lifting exercises on my back.Read more

  3. Veejay

    I really Love The Gaiam Essentials step platform. Arrived faster than Expected. The quality seems excellent. Remains stable and does not bow when stepped onto. It’s lightweight, sturdy, less expensive than others, & pleasing to the eye. It looks better than the picture. There are two levels 3″ & 6 ” and the side extensions stow away underneath, so it stores flat.Read more

  4. Stacey

    For a cheap step, this will do the trick, but nowhere near as good as the gym quality ones. Although the description says it is not slippery, it is. The top is hard plastic. Although there are diamond-shaped “treads”, they are of hard, shiny plastic. Never use this with socks on! It is ok for me while wearing athletic shoes. The bottom is also not grippy, so it can slide or slip when stepping on or off. There are just two tiny black circles of grip that I’ll bet fall off before I use it much longer, though they are currently holding on. I’ve used this 3 times now. I’m definitely keeping it, I can use it, and it’s not too big (for storage). But the small size and slippery quality mean that I look down a lot while using it to make sure I’m safe as I place my feet and I’m 5’2″. I wish the top and bottom pieces were coated with rubber. Overall, I’m glad I got it, but I do wish it had more grip to it and were just slightly larger.Read more

  5. Ms Black

    It is lightweight and it is dorable but it slides all over the place so how is says it’s supposed to stay in the place has a good stuff underneath to keep it from sliding all over the place that it does not it’s like everywhere on my wood floor and I almost fell using it once so not happy with thatRead more

  6. Prankster

    I purchased this as a step for my mom to get into bed easier. It’s very well made and very sturdy. The only down side is when the extra lifts are stored underneath, they fall out easily when moved. I wish they snapped in better. That being said, they do stay on just fine when used to make the step higher. I would recommend.Read more

  7. Melissa Schneider

    I give it an overall 4. It is sturdy, long enough (barely) for me to lay down and do some weighted exercises – I’m 5’2”. It said in the description that it’s for male and female, but it doesn’t get tall enough for my husband to use for more than lunges. The risers fit nice, but there needs to be at least 1 more set to make it tall enough to do squats that start from a sitting position.Read more

  8. Von

    Using this product is like haven’t a death wish. My first day working out in this step plate almost sent me to the emergency room. I stood on this step plate and it slid from under me and I i flew into the air and landed the back of my head. The landing from the impact gave me head ache like no other. It Also caused swelling in my neck and soreness on my nape still to this day and this happened Saturday night.Read more

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