Gaiam no-slip yoga towels

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  • ensure this suits by means of getting into your version number.
  • 1. 5mm light-weight towel presenting microfiber on one facet and rubber on the opposite
  • microfiber surface absorbs moisture quick
  • non-slip backing sticks securely in your mat
  • enables preserve your balance without slipping
  • perfect for tour – folds without difficulty
  • 68”l x 24”w
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gaiam yoga mat towel

gaiam’s no-slip yoga towels may be folded or rolled into your carry-on so you’re ready for yoga anywhere you land.

the surface is a cozy and slightly sticky blend of microfiber and natural rubber. Layer over your mat at some stage in exercise to absorb sweat and increase grip.

dual combo no-slip texture

the floor is a cozy and slightly sticky combo of microfiber and herbal rubber. Layer over your mat at some point of practice to soak up sweat and increase grip.

no-slip mat towel is in particular super for journey and can be folded or rolled into your carry-on so that you’re equipped for yoga anyplace you land… Even doubles as a yoga mat in a pinch.

1. 5mm thick yoga towel is extraordinarily light-weight and functions microfiber on one aspect and rubber on the alternative.

the last in moisture absorption on the pinnacle side and advanced traction and grip on the backside to preserve the towel firmly in location towards a yoga mat or floor.

layer this absorbent microfiber yoga towel over your mat to absorb sweat at some stage in hot yoga classes while the rubber backing enables to keep in place.


Deep Blue, Granite, Grape/Navy

6 reviews for Gaiam no-slip yoga towels

  1. C. Paul

    don’t buy this product! after a few washings in cold (not hot water) no soap, drip dry it curled at the edges, which i had to cut off and shorten the towel, it lost all it’s grip and is worse than just putting a bath towel on your mat. it’s better to go with a microfiber yoga towel, even if they cost more because this thing is really useless, and one must wash it if you attend hot yoga classes as sweat drips on it and after class mat is soaked and needs to be watched. a highly inferior product! Read more

  2. DrPepper

    I have been doing yoga for over fifteen years and I’ve owned very expensive ‘hot yoga mat towels’ from the studio and REI. I’ve always been disappointed with the towels I’ve owned in the past because those towels felt very thick, extremely soggy during a hot yoga session and found myself slipping and sliding on my mat. I saw someone else using this towel mat and decided to give it a try. I LOVE IT! This mat will keep you dry and from sliding around! I am going to purchase another when I get a chance. This mat towel was more than half the cost of the expensive yoga towel mats on the market. I takes a while to dry and it needs to be washed after every session so if you do yoga often you may want to consider owning more than one. Read more

  3. JBo

    I purchased this yoga towel to take on vacation with me. I only ended up using it a couple times, but it served its purpose well. The first time I used it, it was on a hardwood floor. The towel is thin, so it was hard on my knees, but using a folded up towel would have solved that problem. I used it grippy side down, so the towel didn’t slip, but I didn’t feel like my hands were super secure (It wasn’t too bad, just not as sticky as my regular mat). The second time I used it was on carpet which was much more comfortable – both on my knees, and on my hands. All in all, I’d say this is great for taking along on a trip if you don’t want to lug a standard mat around with you – just be sure to pad your knees if you are on a hard surface. It folded up pretty compact in my suitcase which was great! I added a picture next to a pair of my shorts so you can get an idea of the size. I plan to use it on top of my yoga mat at home when I’m doing a sweatier practice. I think it will be great for that. The towel did have a pretty strong smell when I first opened it, but I let it air out for a few days, and the smell faded (although it’s not completely gone yet). Read more

  4. T.

    The non-slip works well, especially when a little wet as with most yoga mat towels in my experience. (I just sprinkle with some water from my water bottle.) The size and color (I got the green/teal) are great. However, the smell is terrible. When I first bought it the rubber back smelled very strongly. It did fade after a few days of making my whole apartment smell like a basketball. It says it’s machine washable on cold so I threw it in the washing machine, and that made the rubber smell even worse. It gave me a headache. I bought the mat hoping to use it for travel and it still might work for that purpose if I have a spare pocket to stick it in (definitely don’t want all my clothes smelling like this). It’s not really thick enough to be used as a mat on its own but is better than just a towel. If you’re looking for a non-slip towel, spare yourself the smell and just get a towel without the rubber backing. Read more

  5. Rosemary

    5 stars for this product used AS A TOWEL, not as a mat by itself (which I don’t think you would be able to do unless it was on carpet). It’s much more affordable and less expensive than the ever-popular Yogitoes towels. I don’t recommend washing it in the washing machine, as it will shorten its lifespan quite a bit. All you need to do is rinse it out with hot water in the shower and hang it to dry. It dries in a few hours. If it starts to get grubby, run it through the washing machine, but I’ve rarely had to do that. This way you have much less laundry (laundry seems endless when you do hot yoga). With this product, you can get by with owning just one, even if you are a daily practitioner. I just replaced mine after using the same one almost daily for over three years. Great product. Read more

  6. Dblms

    I have so far only tested out a few standing poses & DD and have also done a yin yoga practice on this mat. I think it will be serviceable for a travel mat either on carpet by itself or using as an overlay on a studio mat perhaps. My biggest disappointment is the color misrepresentation. I ordered the “Purple” which in the photo appears very dark…really more of a dark plum type of color. The mat I received is nothing like it…it is a light to medium purple at the most (not dark) and definitely purple, not plum. I like the color purple, but this particular shade of purple is not really my preference for this yoga mat. Oddly, the photo on the “box” which contains the mat also displayed the dark plum color…so it appears to be an error on the part of Gaiam perhaps, and not Amazon. Oh well! I will keeping it anyway since I like that it is machine washable and very compact. I have already washed it (line dry, which was reasonably quick) and it came out beautifully. The washing helped dissipate the rubber smell and when I practiced yin yoga it was not overwhelming at all (& I can be quite sensitive to certain smells). Since this is a natural rubber, it is less bothersome for me…chemical smells are more offensive to me. While practicing, the mat bunched up a little bit once or twice but it was manageable…I did feel like I needed to be more mindful of how I moved on it so that did not happen. While testing out downward facing dog, I did not feel completely secure from slipping on the microfiber side, so I may choose to use the other rubber side for that pose in particular. Nonetheless, It does seem to give reasonably good grip for microfiber and perhaps it will improve over use. Overall, I think it will be a decent travel mat and possibly useful for other purposes as well. Being machine washable is a great feature, so I think I will be pleased to have it available – and at a reasonable price. Read more

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