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  • make certain this fits by way of coming into your model quantity.
  • streamlined, thoughtful design suit to carry almost any length yoga mat
  • quick-release magnetic snaps make get entry to and storage short and easy
  • internal strap that secures your mat
  • outer pocket thoroughly holds keys, pockets and contact
  • device washable
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to be had in a diffusion of colors.

the yoga revolution is right here. At gaiam we realize yoga. We realize a very good waft when we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been on the mat, making yoga part of our lives. And that’s why every gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your yoga desires in thoughts. We had been there to your first downward facing dog, and we’ll be there for everything that comes subsequent. So you can say yes to yoga, and yes to a higher you.

gaiam yoga.

say yes to a better you.

gaiam on-the-pass yoga mat carrier

a streamlined, considerate design suit to carry almost any length yoga mat. Brief-launch magnetic snaps make get admission to and storage short and clean with an internal strap that secures your mat, and the outer pocket effectively holds keys, wallet and call.

machine washable and durably constructed, this is a clever, elegant carrier it really is simple to take care of and smooth to love!

  • streamlined, considerate layout in shape to hold almost any length yoga mat
  • short-release magnetic snaps make get entry to and garage brief and clean
  • features an internal strap that secures your mat
  • outer pocket adequately holds necessities
  • machine washer-friendly
  • new ‘seasoned’ carrier


    a streamlined, considerate design healthy to hold almost any size yoga mat.

    quick-release magnetic snaps make get admission to and storage short and smooth with an inner strap that secures your mat.

    outer pocket thoroughly holds keys, pockets, cellphone and different exercising necessities.


    Citron Storm, Granite Storm

    7 reviews for Gaiam on-the-go yoga mat service

    1. Miranda

      I was looking for something to carry my yoga mat, that had the following criteria: Held my mat rolled up in between uses Was quick to take off and put on (not a bag) Had straps that didn’t require twisting around to make sure they lay flat Had a pocket for phone, keys, wallet Was nice looking This was the best thing I could find, and fits pretty much all my criteria. I tried several other products before this that did not work for me. The only draw backs with this carrier are that I find the grey fabric to be bland colored (my mat is black, so it doesn’t contrast in a cute way. I’d prefer the option of more colors) and the fabric itself is rather stiff, almost waterproof material. I would have preferred something a little softer, particularly where the straps are concerned. They aren’t super comfortable to carry. Not uncomfortable, but they are hard and round, and just not the sort of soft lux that I’d ideally like. The zippered pouch is a good size, it can easily fit my iPhone 6 (could fit the 6+ too) and some keys. But it’s not big enough for a wallet, so that is a compromise. The thing is, it would be really easy for Gaiam to make the pocket a bit bigger. The actual width by length is a generous size, but there is no depth! It wouldn’t take much extra material to add some depth to the pocket, and it would make a big difference for what you are able to carry in it. I have a standard size 5mm mat, and it fits perfectly. There are interior velcro straps which allow for different sized mats to fit, and then the grey material with the straps wraps up around the mat, and closes with a magnetic closure. The closures are not particularly strong, and can unsnap quickly. I actually like this, because I don’t want to be faffing around undoing anything when there is already velcro inside to manage. The velcro allows for me roll my towel up inside my mat, and it still fits with plenty of room. Overall I like this carrier. I will keep it, and I’ll use it. I haven’t found anything else on the market that exceeds this product, but I also feel like it’s lacking in a couple of areas that would be easy for Gaiam to fix. By the way I also have a Gaiam yoga mat, and I LOVE their company and products. High quality, all the way. This will last for a very long time. Read more

    2. Lauren

      This mat is just ok. It holds my mat (lululemon 5mm reversible, 5lb) just fine, and it is pretty cute–particularly the inside fabric, but the straps are very coarse and uncomfortable and leave marks on my shoulder (see photo). Some threads are loose on the handle (see photo) and as others have mentioned, the magnetic snaps are not very strong. The pocket is not big enough for my phone, but my phone is huge (6 plus with wallet case). I can fit my keys and sunglasses in there, and some small items like a tampon or chapstick. Read more

    3. PurelyNicole

      I bought this carrier for use with my standard 24″ x 66″ x 1/8″ mat, and it worked great with that mat. I’ve since switched to a 26″ x 72″ x 1/4″ mat, and the fit is a bit tight. The carrier still works, but unless I roll my mat up tightly, the magnetic closures aren’t secure. I’m not too concerned though because the velcro strap still holds the mat securely. The little pocket on the front is a nice touch. I wear cycling gloves during my practice for extra hand cushioning, and the pocket allows me to keep them with my mat so I don’t forget them. My only real complaint with the carrier is the straps, They’re a bit thin, and it’d be nice if they were a little thicker for comfort. Another improvement would be putting a pocket on each side for extra utility. But overall, I’m very happy with this carrier. Picture is with my 26″ x 72″ x 1/4″ mat. Read more

    4. Jelliestar

      This is a pretty great yoga mat carrier. It fits my average-sized mat easily, and could probably take a much thicker mat. It doesn’t hold much else, but the outer pocket can handle my gym card, a lip balm, my phone, keys, and a hair tie. I usually carry a separate bag with towel, change of clothes, etc. I just needed a carrier to carry my mat, and this does the job. It’s well made, the stitching is strong and the snaps are sturdy. Update: I just upgraded my mat, and can now confirm that this carrier fits a Manduka Pro mat comfortably. Read more

    5. Suzanne

      I didn’t see until after my purchase that this doesn’t fit thicker mats. My mat is a 1/2 inch and as you can see from the picture it fits in the inner velcro strap but the outside fabric will not completely close. Other than that, it came in good condition and is cute. The pocket is small and i may be able to get my keys but def not my iphone 7+. Read more

    6. Serena

      First; the color, grape, is great. Next the pocket is roomy & holds eye patch for meditation time, car keys gym mbrship card & several hair ties easily. That is about all that is good about this carrier. The straps are skimpy too narrow for comfort. The snaps do not hold, they pop open immediately, one even broke thru the material now I have a hole where it is supposed to snap. fortunately the inner velcro strap holds but allows the mat to slip a bit causing it to slip forward. So far it hasn’t fallen out. It cannot comfortably be held on the shoulder, the straps are too narrow. All in all what could have been a great mat carrier is a very bad one. Too bad I didn’t get around to returning it to Amazon in time now I am stuck with it and not happy with it. Read more

    7. F. Jewel Kidder

      The material and style seem to be of good quality. The fabric is thick and sturdy to withstand repeated use. I have stored my mat in the tote but have not “used” it. The snaps were difficult to close as though one part was too large for the second. Once secured, they did not stay closed. Maybe it will improved as the fabric becomes more flexible with use. The rating could be more or less depending on the quality of the snaps once the tote is utilized. I have used this tote for over a month thinking maybe the fabric would loosen and the snaps would work. NO WAY; the snaps do not close under any circumstances. I have added velcro to the second closing which enables me to secure my mat. The internal (first closure) using velcro which was effective. The tote now satisfies my need with a little help from my sewing machine and added material. Read more

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