Gaiam pilates coreplus reformer resistance band package (includes digital exercise)

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  • pilates resistance band: the gaiam coreplus reformer is a resistance band with four loops and luxury-cushion grips
  • each time, anywhere: get a dynamic resistance workout that tones, strengthens and stretches the entire frame everywhere–no cumbersome gadget or journey to a pilates studio wished
  • virtual exercise download blanketed: functions mari winsor and has three brief, focused segments so that you can customise your middle exercising to suit your health degree and time table (see packaging for information).
  • add resistance in your pilates practice: lose weight and tone muscle quicker by adding resistance on your pilates practice – a brand new and progressive health device with a 4 loop design that engages your entire frame
  • ideal toning health answer: versatile, lightweight and clean to shop, the coreplus reformer is the best weight loss and toning health answer

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product description

product description

flatten your abs while getting a complete frame exercise with the coreplus reformer. Mari winsor (of winsor pilates) takes the lead on this full-period application that replicates the movement of a pilates reformer magnificence. Lose weight and tone muscle faster by adding resistance in your pilates practice. The coreplus reformer is a new and modern fitness tool with a four loop layout that engages your complete frame. Flexible, lightweight and east to keep, the coreplus reformer is the best weight reduction and toning health solution. The progressive new coreplus reformer by way of gaiam and mari winsor mimics the resistance movement of a pilates reformer the use of lightweight resistance bands joined in an x. Get a dynamic resistance workout that tones, strengthens and stretches the entire body everywhere–no bulky device or journey to a pilates studio wished. The forty five-minute coreplus reformer virtual downloadable exercising (see packaging for details) capabilities mari winsor and has 3 quick, targeted segments so that you can customise your core exercise to suit your health level and time table.

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  • full-duration 45-minute coreplus reformer exercise dvd
  • care: dry the coreplus reformer resistance band with a towel after use. Hand wash in cold water with slight cleaning soap to easy. Dry thoroughly. Avoid exposing the resistance band to warmth or immoderate sunlight. Keep in a groovy, dry region.
  • the name gaiam is a fusion of the words gaia (the name of mom earth from the minoan civilization in historical crete), and i am reminds us that we are all interconnected with the earth, the air and water, and very much part of this dwelling device that sustains us all.

    8 reviews for Gaiam pilates coreplus reformer resistance band package (includes digital exercise)

    1. K. Townsend

      I’ve been using Gaian products for well over 20 years and have never had something that doesn’t work. This “reformer” is not a reformer. The elastic tubes are to small to do full body stretches (I’m 5’2”), and the exercises are difficult (and I can easily do these on a reformer). Considering how long this product has been around, I’m surprised Gaiam hasn’t fixed the problems.Read more

    2. Ruth M

      Did not receive any instructions except ‘_____check video.’___ since there is no video how am I supposed to adjust lengths and use properly?I thought it would be good for older users but I don’t have esp!!will return if I’m not supplied with a video.And it smells like rubber tires – which I hope would wear off (unless I have to return it if I don”t get a video)Read more

    3. MLawrence

      Hard to use, kept rubber-banding myself and the video makes it look so much easier than it is to manage and execute exercises. I felt the product was defective because they left the rubber (safety) bands loose which caused them to move around constantly and they did not seem to have any grip to them when I tried to lever my feet or hands into various positions. I returned the productRead more

    4. Nom de Plume

      Not sure if it’s me but this thing is flimsy – expected a much better product from this company. It came with an accompanying DVD which is not for beginners. They go way too fast and you’re trying to figure out how to use get your feet into the straps properly and keep up too??!! I do reformer and mat Pilates and this thing was all twisted and would take some learning curve. Not for me. I’ll stick with bands instead. I should have returned it but too late now!Read more

    5. Krasava M

      This workout DVD was good, but not great. The exercises are broken down into three regiments for upper body, lower body, and abs and each one is about 15 minutes or less, which is good if you’re on a tight schedule. The Pilates in the video are simple, and even though they show an “easier” way to perform the exercises in the video for beginners, anyone with a good level of fitness can complete these steps. The Coreplus Reformer itself can get very annoying as it tangles easily and does not stretch enough. I’m 5’9 and while doing the full body stretch, I feel like the cords are going to snap in my face. Additionally, it’s impossible for me to do the tricep extensions with these cords; they simply are not long enough. I’m wondering if the women in the video had coreplus reformers custom-made to fit their height because I think the Coreplus reformer is just too small for most women.Read more

    6. Monette L. Bebow Reinhard

      I especially like that I can do as little or as long as I want. There are three workouts, and each is about 12 to 15 minutes. Most of this takes place on the floor, and most of it feels like a great workout for the arms, whether you’re working on arms or not. I know some have complained that the cords are too short or long, but I’m 5’8″ and find them to be pretty good. Sometimes you can do a double-wrap with them around your hands if you need more resistance. I do feel I’ve worked out though, if I just do 20 minutes.Read more

    7. K. Baldwin

      Not really a good purchase for someone new to Pilates. This was my first Pilates DVD purchase. I was under the impression that it was good for beginners. I did not find this to be true. I had a difficult time trying to manipulate the cords and learn the moves at the same time. Which resulted in a very ineffective workout experience. I decided to take a step back and purchased a tape that introduced me to the Pilates moves without any frills. I’ll probably retry this one once I feel comfortable with my skills doing just the basic Pilate moves.Read more

    8. mimscase

      These are Great for Pilates work and strengthen your Body’s Core. I highly recommend this product for its durability and great price!Read more

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