Gaiam repair robust core & returned care rub down kit green, small

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  • make certain this fits through entering your version wide variety.
  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • imported
  • core & back pain relief: stability ball capabilities a middle cradle for maximum consolation & support
  • enhance balance: kit enables to improve stability, align and hold right shape all through middle sports
  • enhance middle: back care kit strengthens core muscles for flat abs and a strong lower back
  • tone lower frame: tone, tighten and company hips, thighs and glutes
  • physical activities blanketed: two 10-minute workouts + bonus abs workout (packaging may additionally range to encompass dvd or digital download)
  • unique peanut-shape helps the backbone and decrease legs
  • stretch and fortify your spine, alleviate returned pain
  • helps you growth variety of movement, and correct posture and shape
  • anti-burst corefit ab ball is freed from the maximum harmful phthalates
  • consists of training dvd with two exercises and one stretching routine

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from the manufacturer

our our bodies are fantastic. They run, bounce, dodge and warrior-pose thru the whole lot lifestyles throws at them. And once in a while they want a little tlc. At gaiam, we know the significance of strong, healthful our bodies. That’s why our repair line has all the equipment you want to save you damage and rejuvenate to complete-frame recovery. So you can stretch, massage, fortify and flex your way to the sturdy, effective, amazingly wholesome individual you had been constantly supposed to be.

gaiam restore, say sure to a stronger, more healthy you.

gaiam restore robust center & lower back care package

comprise gaiam’s robust middle and returned kit into your weekly exercises for a more potent, healthier lower back and more impregnable middle. Its precise peanut-shaped ball is prime to assisting interact your core more effectively with each exercising, and with the aid of making small adjustments to the ball’s placement and stress, you could manage the issue of the exercise. Stretch and strengthen your backbone whilst increasing your range of motion.

  • give a boost to center muscle groups, alleviate back pain and stretch & align the spine
  • improves posture, shape & increase range of motion
  • ‘robust middle & more’ – strengthens your center and tones your body head-to-toe (10 mins) – packaging might also range to consist of dvd or digital download
  • ‘enhance and stretch’ – brings balance, flexibility and mobility to your lower back at the same time as toning your core (10 mins)
  • functions

    unique peanut-shape supports the backbone and decrease legs even as stretching and strengthening your backbone and assuaging lower back pain.

    perfect device to engage key muscle tissues as you pass thru two gently paced workout routines.

    helps growth variety of movement whilst improving core energy, posture and shape.

    product description

    incorporate gaiam restore’s strong core and again kit into your weekly workout routines for a stronger, healthier lower back and less assailable midsection. Its precise peanut-fashioned ball is fundamental to assisting engage your middle extra efficaciously with each workout, and by making small adjustments to the ball’s placement and pressure, you may manipulate the difficulty of the exercise. Stretch and support your spine whilst increasing your range of motion. 10-minute workout routines + bonus abs exercising (packaging might also vary to include dvd or digital download).

    8 reviews for Gaiam repair robust core & returned care rub down kit green, small

    1. Painterly

      I use these for neck support while sleeping as well as body/muscle work, it allows the curve to your neck to be supported and really helps with my headaches. I have an older model of this pillow that was made with a slightly different darker green plastic material that seemed more flexible , but was otherwise the same shape and texture. I can’t live without this pillow, I also use these to support one side while using my Massage Blocks, it really helps keep me propped up so the Massage Block can really get into my trigger point on the other side of my body. I highly recommend these for the purposes I use them for. This comes with a manual pin air pump. Read more

    2. momster

      This seems like a great product; however, both the original and the placement were scratched in the second workout, which is the one I purchased it for. Unlike others, I had no problem inflating the peanut, although I thought the DVD was the real heart of this product. I honestly think you could use any smallish (5 – 10″) inflatable item to take the place of the peanut. The idea behind this is great! Who can’t find just 10 minutes to strengthen their core? The first workout was not what I wanted – but it was good for what it was. The first part of the second workout was good too…but when you are doing such a short (10 minute) workout, you need the whole thing. Read more

    3. Lv73

      Please do not fall for the brand this time! It is a complete waist of time and cost the same as the product to return! I do use a lot of their products this is one that if you’re considered, you need to see in person. Unless of course you have the money to waist! I am only 130 lbs and with this item blown completely up it still feels like you’re laying on the ground. It doesn’t hit and pressure points like a foam roller. Read more

    4. SharonHultman

      I purchased this product for my husband, who has a herniated lumbar disk. He finds that it provides considerable relief in that setting. He uses this item in the car, as a back support. The strong core workout is strenuous and requires a lot of concentration, since the poses are held for a period of time. My abdominal muscles definitely felt the burn, but it didn’t hurt to do them. It is, I believe, intended as a yoga tool, since holding yoga positions in the proper form requires a very strong core. I could see this being a good strength training tool, especially if combined with yoga as a regular discipline! Read more

    5. Psyflower

      I just love this little thing. It really targets back and ab muscles effectively. I have exercise balls of various shapes and sizes which give me good ab and back workouts, but this little peanut is deceptively challenging. I really like the DVD which comes with the kit too. The exercises are challenging and the video features some really nice balance moves as well. The instructor is good and gives encouragement without being loud or obnoxious. There are no other participants in the video (which I appreciate). The only problem I had with this product was the pump: it leaked air out as the ball inflated, and this made it impossible to fully inflate. The good thing is that the sturdy metal pin which comes with the kit could be used with another pump I own, so it wasn’t a problem. (The ball needs a pump that uses one of those tiny little pins, like that which is needed to inflate basketballs, footballs, etc.) But since the pump issue may have been a defect of my kit alone, I don’t want to ding the product as a whole (because I love it so much). Read more

    6. Christine Smith

      I recommend this to every person I know with any sort of back pain. It’s a miracle working item. 10 other people have purchased it because of me, and I don’t travel anywhere without mine. What a huge relief, especially during travel! Just pump it up and lay on it, rolling it up and down your back and PRESTO! It fits in any carry on or bag. I have one at work, one in the car, one in the house. Read more

    7. E Arroway

      Like others, mine is uneven with one side of the peanut larger than the other. It’s clear that one side has thicker rubber than the other, so of course it inflates asymmetrically. I can’t use it for the intended purpose since it’s important that it be symmetric on your back during exercise. Other than that, it seems sturdy and to hold air well. Color is bright. Read more

    8. CT

      One of my friends has this and I always use it when I go to her house so I decided to buy one. She has a chair that it works perfectly in. My chair is a reclining chair so it doesnt give me the same support. This is a great product for lumbar support if you put it in the correct chair! Read more

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