Gaiam repair strength and versatility kit

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  • ensure this fits with the aid of entering your version quantity.
  • consists of three resistance bands (light, medium and heavy)
  • color-coded bands for easy resistance identification
  • improves flexibility and range of motion
  • facilitates recondition and sculpt muscle groups
  • includes exercising guide

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product description

enhance your electricity and versatility progressively by using the use of the gaiam restore power and flexibility package which features three resistance bands ranging from light, medium and heavy. Whether you’re getting back from an damage, or need to growth energy step by step, this package is the right way to recondition and get in shape. Exercising manual blanketed to assist guide you thru the transition from light to heavy.

8 reviews for Gaiam repair strength and versatility kit

  1. ocean1

    Although disappointed that these Gaiam branded resistance bands are shorter than originally marketed with fitness dvd, I ordered them anyway for their potential durability and consistency within the color coded Gaiam fitness system. It is possible at 5’10” height to slightly modify the exercises to use the shorter bands without injury, however it would be nice if original lengths were available from this manufacturer. Great product when used mindfully. Read more

  2. Mimi

    Gaiam is a trusted brand and the description sounded good. No disappointment (read some bad reviews) – bands are 60-inch and labeled light, medium, and heavy. Love the modern colors. I’m a youthful 62-year old – powerwalk daily; rowing machine 3 times a week. My goal is to re-shape my upper arms – especially triceps. Even a 10lb. hand weight sitting, or standing puts pressure on my lower back which is a big no-no for me. I’m confident these resistance bands will help me reach my goal. Google resistance band tricep exercises – lots of choices. Read more

  3. wombat

    If you were getting these resistance bands because you liked the old Gaiam resistance bands you will be disappointed. The new ones are quite a bit shorter than the old ones and it seems to be a company secret which color corresponds to light, medium or heavy. Because of the much shorter length, about 2/3 of the old bands, it would be difficult to determine the resistance by comparing a new one to an old one. (If you choke up about a third on the old one it will not feel the same.) Comparing the bands to each other would seem to indicate that the grey one is heavy, the blue one is medium and the green one is light. For the old bands, blue is heavy, green is medium, and purple is light. So now I have two different strength and length blue and green bands. I was trying to avoid this which is why I didn’t buy bands from another company. Might I suggest putting heavy, medium or light, whichever is appropriate, on the band itself. Read more

  4. Anne Ducks

    My old blue one finally broke and I ordered these. They are skimpy and narrow and just not as good as before. The old ones were wide and long and strong and really felt good to use. I used to use it all the time to stretch out upper body arms and back. I just don’t use it any more. Read more

  5. N. Henson

    I agree with several other reviewers about the length of the bands. I am short, so they work for me, but they are much too short for my husband. So I am returning them and buying other bands at a cheaper price that I found at Marshall’s in their fitness department. Also, there are no instructions in regard to the resistance for each band. I consider Giam to be a top seller for athletic and fitness equipment, but they bombed on this one. Read more

  6. Miss Meg

    Love my bands! Bought them to work on stretching my ankle after I fell and broke/dislocated it and my doctor told me to work on range of motion while I’m still not allowed to walk on it. Not back to full range of motion yet as I’ve only had them a few days but a definite improvement since I started! Read more

  7. Erin Sturch

    The product was delivered fast and in-tact. After having a band for 10+ years, it tore, triggering the need for this purchase. All three bands received are sturdy and have great resistance. Definitely a recommended buy! Read more

  8. Mkane23

    I purchased these bands to replace the band that came with my gaiam balance ball. These bands are much thicker/stronger and a bit shorter than the gaiam band that accompanied the balance ball and video. They are great quality nonetheless. Read more

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