Gaiam restore multi-grip stretch strap green, 1 ea

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  • make certain this fits
  • by means of coming into your version range.
  • attain deeper, more effective stretches
  • more than one grip options
  • prevents injury
  • alleviates tightness
  • includes workout guide

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our our bodies are fantastic. They run, leap, dodge and warrior-pose thru the entirety existence throws at them. And once in a while they need a little tlc. At gaiam, we know the importance of robust, healthful our bodies. That’s why our repair line has all of the gear you need to prevent damage and rejuvenate to full-body recuperation. So you can stretch, rubdown, make stronger and flex your manner to the robust, powerful, amazingly healthy character you have been usually intended to be.

gaiam repair, say yes to a stronger, more healthy you.

gaiam restore multi-grip stretch strap

obtain deeper, greater powerful stretches with gaiam restore’s multi-grip stretch strap that permits you to development via one-of-a-kind grip positions as you turn out to be more bendy. Use this stretch strap to prepare for day by day activities, prevent harm, alleviate tightness and decorate average flexibility and variety of motion.

the multi-grip stretch strap permits for revolutionary stretching as you gain more flexibility. With a couple of grip options you may circulate up the strap for a tighter stretch or continue to be on a loop in the direction of the end of the strap for a extra comfy stretch.

  • obtain deeper, extra powerful stretches
  • multiple grip options
  • allows to save you injury
  • alleviates muscle tightness
  • includes exercise guide
  • use this stretch strap to put together for day by day activities, prevent harm, alleviate tightness and enhance typical flexibility and variety of movement.

    designed to allow user to development through exceptional grip positions as they emerge as more bendy.

    acquire deeper, greater powerful stretches with a couple of grip options.

    move up the strap for a tighter stretch or remain on a loop in the direction of the end of the strap for a greater cozy stretch.

    8 reviews for Gaiam restore multi-grip stretch strap green, 1 ea

    1. aapple

      This strap is amazing! I m very much into fitness at age 73. My right knee is so bad I can only hike in the mountains for twenty five Miles a week now. Last year I was doing forty to fifty miles per week. I got this strap yesterday and today my knee feels so much better. My surgery is in a week. While I am very flexible the pain in my knee is so horrendous now that without this strap I wouldn’t be able to bend, straighten and flex my leg like I can with the aid of the strap. I also use it for upper body and arm workouts. This also will help your hips. This isn’t a “Yoga” strap, this is a therapy strap with multiple uses including yoga workouts. This strap is going to be invaluable for physical therapy after my TKR, but it is also priming my knee and body before surgery. I m so pleased with this I plan on making it a must workout in my fitness program. It was recommended to me by another TKR recipient and I have recommended it to a physician friend of mine that suffers knee pain. I highly recommend this great little strap. BTW..I m one of the worlds biggest skeptics. I question everything and believe nothing without proof. My calm knee right now is proof.Read more

    2. T. Smith

      I bought this strap for stretching and one other very important reason. I use this strap to help me lift my legs in and out of bed. I put my right foot through the farthest loop on the right, and my left foot in the loop farthest to the left. I draw up the excess strap in the middle. I sit on the side of the bed and lift each leg and lie down. I sleep with this strap around each ankle because I do not have the ability to roll over from my back to side. I pull up on the straps to help me do that. Then in the morning, I use the strap to take my legs off the bed. In the bathtub I use a bath chair. I sit on the side of the tub and scoot back on the bath chair. I put the strap on each leg and lift my legs over the tub. Before using the strap, I was lifting my legs over the tub with my own strength, and it was getting more and more difficult, and I needed help. With the strap, my legs POP over the tub with no real effort on my part. This strap helps me be MORE independent! I no longer need help in the tub, getting in and out of bed, and stretching my body. Life is good with this strap!Read more

    3. Sylphide

      I am into yoga and need a strap for a multitude of poses. I have a regular, straight strap (no loops), which works, but I like this strap much better, because it is easier to hold with the loops. I also like the wider part in the middle where you put your foot in certain exercises; it is much more comfortable with the wider part than with a regular strap.But the exercise I bought it for is wide-angle or wide-legged seated forward bend. As I have a hard time reaching my toes in this pose, I need a prop. With a regular strap you would need two straps, but this strap solves the problem. You can simply put your feet in the end loops and pull from each side. Works great!I am not particularly fond of the color, but who cares.Read more

    4. never enough books

      I love to stretch and when I used this during some physical therapy sessions, I knew I wanted one to use at home on a regular basis. My only complaint is your dog may mistake it for a leash and think it’s walk time, when all you’re trying to do is get on the floor and stretch your hams.Comes with a poster to demonstrate a variety of stretches, but so far I’ve only been doing my regular few. Looking forward to incorporating a few more stretches into my routine.Read more

    5. Davi Mayfield

      I like the extra little foot pad in the middle of it and the straps are easy to grab at any level,,, You can also use it for a leg lifter when getting into bed if you have had hip surgery and need help getting your leg up onto the bed, great productRead more

    6. Amira Elshandidi

      I loved those straps, they are of very good quality and durable. Actually I ordered another brand earlier and had to refund it as the material was crap.I saw similar ones in the gym I commute to, however they are 40 bucks, quite pricey. I am so happy with those straps and would highly recommend them.Read more


      It’s fun to use sometimes, but I tend to find that’s it’s just better to get good at stretching in most cases. It’s not necessary. For what it’s supposed to be, it’s pretty good.Read more

    8. Fashionista

      Daily stretching has allowed me to have improved flexibility and decreased lowers back pain. The multiple adjustments available on the stretcher allows you to get maximum stretches for all parts of your body. Get it if you need to stretch! I gifted out a good way to use this also to stretch and relieve tension in my neck.Read more

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