Gaiam sol strength-grip yoga mats (4mm)

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using getting into your version variety.
  • grippy yoga mat: designed to mixture cushioning and stability
  • all natural: 100% herbal rubber yoga mat
  • grounded foundation: affords a more impregnable, denser foundation
  • sticky texture: material-like texture presents an outstanding sticky grip
  • will now not bunch or stretch at some stage in exercise: specialized stabilizing center prevents bunching and stretching
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each yoga circulate tells a tale. How tight your hips are, how sturdy you experience, how balanced you’re. At gaiam, we want your every pose to be true to who you’re and wherein you are in your exercise. And no tales are alike. So we’ve got designed gaiam sol: excellent gear for beginners to seasoned yogis it’s reliably sourced and customizable. Because a higher exercise is ready.

gaiam sol energy-grip yoga mat (four millimeter)

mainly designed to combination cushioning and stability, the strength-grip yoga mat is constructed of 100% natural rubber with a specialized stabilizing middle that forestalls bunching and stretching, at the same time as imparting a firmer, denser basis.

each grounding and supportive, this 4 millimeter mat also offers and notable fabric-like slip-resistant texture that gives notable grip, even when wet with perspiration.

dimensions: 68-inch l x 24-inch w x 4 millimeter.

  • crafted from 100% herbal rubber, a sustainable resource
  • top class mat (4mm) with a cloth-like slip-resistant texture for superior grip and tremendous cushioning
  • specialised stabilizing middle prevents bunching and stretching
  • excellent slip-resistance, even when moist with perspiration
  • 68″l x 24″w x 4mm
  • sustainable grip

    each grounding and supportive, this 4 millimeter mat is constructed of 100% natural rubber while presenting a less attackable, denser basis.

    strength grip

    capabilities a fabric-like slip-resistant texture with a specialised stabilizing core that prevents bunching and stretching.


    made from one hundred% natural rubber, a sustainable aid.

    top rate mat (4 millimeter) with a cloth-like slip-resistant texture for advanced grip and remarkable cushioning.

    specialized stabilizing middle prevents bunching and stretching with an splendid slip-resistance, even when wet with perspiration.



    8 reviews for Gaiam sol strength-grip yoga mats (4mm)

    1. B.D.

      When I first purchased this mat less than a year ago, I loved it. I loved the grip, the texture and the price point since its cheaper than the Jade mats or Manduka.However, probably about three weeks into ownership the corners of the top layer of the mat began to lift. Then a few months later there were holes. You see- the mat is constructed into layers- including a center which isn’t rubber at all, its sort of a mystery material – kind of like carpet padding.The problem is that it seems like the top layer is literally glued onto this middle layer and when the glue wears down, your practice causes friction. Thus, the top layer of rubber begins to pull off in chunks. I literally am in the middle of my yoga flow getting bits of red colored rubber all over my yoga clothes, in my hair and in my mouth.There are several holes in the mat now and it definitely needs a replacement. I’ve also taken a good look at some competitor rubber yoga mats and here’s the thing I notice: 1) there’s no cheap middle layer 2) the layers of the mat aren’t glued together, they’re often stitched together in better quality mats.For just a few dollars more, spring for one of the other mats. I practice in both heated and non-heated rooms, so I knew I wanted a rubber mat for better traction. Other than that- I couldn’t imagine a simple mat being of poor quality, but the Gaiam Sol is certainly just that: poor quality and bad construction for a high price.Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      When I first started doing yoga regularly, my daughter bought me a mat [she’s a sweetheart], but it did not have any grip to it on the floor, so I kept sliding all other the place. I did not want to use the gym mats, although it is exactly like this one, because I could not stand the thought on lying on one that others had used. I noticed that most of the yogis brought their own mats, but I wanted one that was consistent with the gym quality….this one is for sure. I got the blue one because those in the gym are red and I did not want the instructor thinking I had taken one from the gym. If you are looking for a really good quality yoga mat; look no further…this is the one. I love laying on this mat so much; I could almost sleep on it. It’s not overly thick, but does have just the amount of thickness to enable me to do the exercises that require you to be on your knees. I am going to look for more products by this brand.Read more

    3. DRCollins

      I waited a few weeks before posting a review on this because I wanted to “break it in” before forming an opinion. The first time I used the mat my hands were slipping a bit so I was a bit disappointed but decided that there might be a manufacturing coating of some kind on it so I wiped down the area where I put my hands with some warm water. Since then the mat has been fine and I have no complaints. I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily any batter than any other mat but I like like the natural rubber material and the lifetime warranty (than I hope I will never need to use). I did not notice any smell from the new mat other than when first opened. I would probably buy another one. I paid $40 for this mat.Read more

    4. Joshua B. Daley

      Okay, I’ve had this mat for 2 weeks, and thus far I love the grip. It’s the grippiest. It’s so grippy, it can feel a bit rough on your toes, but I don’t mind.It remains to be seen how this mat will hold up. I like it thus far — the only thing I don’t like is that it gets ugly fast. By this I mean, if you leave some wet swim trunks near it or sweat for an extended period of time in one place, it will be discolored and patchy. So, basically it’s an awesome, soon to be very UGLY mat. Ha ha ha…Read more

    5. K

      I’m a sweater and often go to yoga after my run/lifting routine. So a non-slip mat is pretty important, especially for hot classes. This mat is solid; my hands and feet (no socks or gloves) remain stationary even in the poses imposing the most pressure or potential for movement. It is the perfect thickness; thin enough to feel grounded on the floor and thick enough to ensure a comfortable practice in poses that put pressure on floor/body contact points. Highly recommend!Read more

    6. alariel

      Says it’s non-slip, but the only thing that doesn’t slip at all is your clothing — the one thing you might want to slip a little. The MOMENT your hands get a little sweaty, your hands slide much worse than a cheap mat from the department store. My suggestion: Go buy a $12 mat from the store!Read more

    7. Desertman

      What you are getting:Texture: Soft rubber. Much like the soft red kick balls are made.Odor: Yes, it has an odor but nothing that can not be over come by laying it out flat and letting it air out.Grip: Super sticky until one perspires too much. Once your hands become sweaty it will loose some of the grip, as would every matt I have owned. Super sticky can be a bit of a cleaning issue since anything that might have been left of the floor prior to putting your matt down will adhere to the matt.Thickness: Speaking for myself I think it is perfect…..Quality: This matt is of industrial quality. it has been made to hold up over time and use.Negative: The grip / texture can give an individual a sting when one drags their knee or foot across the matt. It will remove loose or dry skin. Why? Cause it is rubber.Would I buy it again? Not likely….. for I am always on a quest for the “PERFECT” matt.I found the item to be true to the add.Color is as seen.Read more

    8. Javier

      It’s been my first yoga mat and it’s perfect! It still makes me slip a bit, but that’s because I’m so sweaty (I’ve discovered that if I use a towel it doesn’t slips anymore. TRY IT!. Also It sticks to the ground hard so it doesn’t move a centimetre and you can do downward-facing dog comfortably. I’ve heard comments about its smell. I don’t think it’s that awful. I mean, at first it smells totally plastic but that’s normal (like all new things smells like new).To sum up: a good yoga mat if you’re finding stickiness.Ps: maybe is a little bit expensiveRead more

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