Gaiam strong shade yoga mat, non slip workout & health mat for all varieties of yoga, pilates & ground physical activities

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  • light-weight yoga mat: those durable, but extremely light-weight workout yoga mats provide you with simply the proper amount of cushioning your joints need at some point of any yoga or fitness habitual
  • sticky non-slip texture: yoga mat capabilities a textured sticky non-slip floor for high-quality traction and superior grip and a fashionable reversible shade layout to fit any mood and maintain you stimulated and focused
  • non-poisonous & 6p unfastened – percent yoga mat is a more healthy choice for you and the planet and freed from dehp, dbp, bbp, dinp, didp and dnop (notice: for high-quality effects unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days earlier than use – a harmless scent may be gift whilst unwrapped)
  • loose yoga class: yoga mat buy consists of a loose bonus downloadable yoga exercising to help get you began
  • dimensions: sixty eight”l x 24″w x 4mm thick
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choose from a diffusion of colours in sixty eight”l x 24″w or 78-inch x 26-inch and 4mm or 6mm

the yoga revolution is right here. At gaiam we realize yoga. We realize a great drift whilst we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been at the mat, making yoga part of our lives. And that’s why each gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your yoga needs in thoughts. We have been there on your first downward dealing with dog, and we’ll be there for the entirety that comes subsequent. So that you can say yes to yoga, and sure to a better you.

gaiam yoga.

say sure to a better you.

gaiam stable colour yoga mats

gaiam’s stable colour yoga mats provide a strong, non-slip textured surface in your yoga practice. Ideal for home or studio use, this lightweight mat affords additional cushioning to assist protect joints during your exercise.

available in unmarried color and twin-colour reversible in sixty eight”l x 24″w or seventy eight-inch x 26-inch and 4mm (traditional) or 6mm (top class).

  • lightweight yoga mat: these durable, yet extremely lightweight exercise yoga mats come up with just the right amount of cushioning your joints want during any yoga or fitness habitual
  • sticky non-slip texture: capabilities a textured sticky non-slip floor for exquisite traction and superior grip and a reversible two color design to suit any temper and hold you prompted and targeted
  • unfastened yoga magnificence: yoga mat buy consists of a unfastened bonus downloadable yoga workout to assist get you started (see packaging for info)
  • dimensions: select from an expansion of colours in sixty eight”l x 24″w or 78-inch x 26-inch and 4mm (traditional) or 6mm (top rate)
  • packaging notice: packaging can also range to listing conventional mats as 3mm or 4mm and premium mats as 5mm or 6mm, but each mat versions are the same length mat and thickness)
  • gaiam yoga studio app

    download the gaiam yoga studio app now for over 25 hours of equipped-made hd video training and 280+ poses with clean-to-comply with instructor commentary that will help you attain your yoga dreams.

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  • perfect for novices, splendid for professionals
  • create unlimited private instructions by using stitching collectively poses for custom practices
  • stay on the right track with elegance scheduling – app links with iphone and ipad calendar
  • evolved and carried out by a qualified yoga trainer
  • download on google play to enjoy 70+ geared up-made instructions and construct your personal custom training in your android gadgets
  • get entry to to special instructions taught through global renowned yoga teacher rodney yee
  • product description

    solid yoga mats provide a strong, sticky, non-slip cushioned floor on your yoga exercise. Ideal for domestic or studio use, this mat ensures the protection and luxury you want to enhance proper alignment and preserve poses and the extra cushioning allows to shield joints. Manufactured freed from the pinnacle six maximum harmful phthalates, this mat is a more fit desire for both you and the planet!


    68"L x 24"W x 4mm Thick, 68"L x 24"W x 5mm Thick, 68"L x 24"W x 6mm Thick, 78"L x 26"W x 6mm Thick


    Granite Storm, Open Sea, Plum/Jam, Turquoise Sea, Lilac, Marine, Mulberry, Ballet, Chambray, Honeydew, Icy Frost, Light Blue, Navy/Blue, Skyline, Vibrant Viridian, Navy/Blue (Longer/Wider)

    7 reviews for Gaiam strong shade yoga mat, non slip workout & health mat for all varieties of yoga, pilates & ground physical activities

    1. Janice

      I’m one of those people who stews over a purchase for a while, and after much mulling, I purchased this mat as a step up from my worn-out no-name mat. My friend has a similar Gaiam mat, and I trusted her recommendation. I brought it to my vinyasa class, and as the class progressed, the mat became increasingly slippery to the point where I became scared I would fall on my face. Yes, it’s cushy and easy on the joints, but I am very disappointed with the lack of grip to this mat. I will give it another try, and if it improves, will update my review accordingly. Update: After another attempt and equal slipping and sliding during class, I have decided to return this may. It’s unsafe to use in a regular practice. Read more

    2. ReviewMama

      Been doing yoga long enough to know I wanted a yoga mat that is both affordable and durable. The 3-4mm thickness is perfect for balancing poses and offers enough padding to protect joints from the hard floor. My feline companion and I examined the curling at the ends of the mat that we had read reveiws about. We decided it’s normal; especially when the mat is getting rolled up. We also noted that if we place our yoga block over the rolled edge until needed the mat gradually relaxes. TADA! No bigs. Gaiam logo is modest and appears on both sides of the mat. And, as you can see savasana is for kitties too. Namaste’! Read more

    3. C. Cruz

      I have owned and used this mat for the past three months. I am not a very sweaty person but this mat is so slippery that I could not hold downward dog for more than a second. I tried washing this mat with soap/water and water/vinegar but it did not make a difference. I am not sure if you can tell by the picture but the mat is made out of a slippery plastic material. Small amounts of moisture will make you slide. I brought this mat for a really good price so I do not feel completely ripped off. If you are looking to buy your first yoga mat, I recommend buying any of the other cheaper ones on Amazon. I would not buy this item for full price and do not recommend this product for any physical activity. Read more

    4. Amanda

      I actually like this mat. The color is beautiful. However this product is not the yoga mat advertised. I happen to already have a Gaiam mat already but it’s black and I just wanted a pretty color. this is not a gaiam mat. my mat has the name on it. this one does not. the quality is different. also this matter is not two toned. the aqua color is beautiful but it is advertised as being two toned. I’m probably going to keep the mat because 1.) I’m lazy 2.) the color is really cute 3.) I honestly don’t care that much about brands anyway. Read more

    5. Ash R.

      I’m giving this mat 3 stars because it did not have a new mat odor and does not appear to be slippery from a quick test run. However, I’m so disappointed in the thickness. I ordered a new mat to replace my old one, because my old one is too thin. This mat came with packaging that says 3mm. I DEFINITELY did not order a 3mm mat! EDIT: I brought this mat to a class this past weekend and it was dangerously slippery. I’m really disappointed, not only is it too thin, it is too slippery to practice on. Keeping it at 2 stars because the color is awesome, unfortunately, I’m not sure I can use this mat at all. I would not recommend this mat. Read more

    6. FL Guy

      I really like this mat – enough much that I bought a couple (for different locations). Pros: very good materials, little or no initial smell, much better than ‘standard’ sizes, and the price is reasonable imo. Cons/Compromises for improved portability (and cost): 1) Comfortable for me, but not the absolute thickest. Of course, thicker would make it bulkier and heavier. 2) I love the extra length, could also be wider BUT that would add weight and bulk grip it less portable (as well as adding to the cost) 3) Good balance of grip without being overly sticky/noisy for me. Might not have enough for ultra sweaty hot yoga. A very welcome upgrade from standard size and/or lower quality cheap mats imo. Recommended. Read more

    7. Potassium

      I ordered the Meadow design. A note to the perceptive: The image on Amazon implies that this item is bicolor on both sides. That is an editing mistake, as the original image does not show the entire item. It is one color on either side, as described. I have owned one mat from Gaiam before this one, and it has been in irregular use for 2-3 years now by two different people. By irregular, I mean 2-3 times a week on average. The old mat has no signs of damage, does not slip on the ground, nor do my hands or feet slip when in a posture. The new mat is just as good, and I imagine it to hold out throughout the years just as well. A good lasting value for the cheap price. Of course, natural rubber mats would definitely be superior to this type. Unfortunately (as far as I know), Gaiam does not offer mats in any different lengths. I am 5’11 and would have liked a mat that could fit my entire body when laying down. But this design is very relaxing to me, and makes me pretty happy when I do yoga on it. Gaiam does offer a variety of thicknesses, but not for every design. A thicker mat may be appropriate for you if you are looking for more support and comfort, and may also help in reducing any slip…which I will move on to. I see lots of comments here about people slipping. Different mats will have qualities and one must adapt. If you are slipping, you are likely sweating (even the tiniest bit of sweat on your hands can have an effect) or are not distributing your body weight appropriately in certain postures. For the former, you can use different products for that (gripping gloves, chalk, different kinds of mats, or a yoga towel, even). For the latter, like mentioned before, you must adapt. I have experienced a very negligible slide under my hands when in downward dog in the past, but I have comfortably adjusted that posture to maintain steady on the mat. I have not noticed any moments where I felt that this mat was unsafe or unfit for a particular posture. I also had no problems with the mat being too sticky and becoming damaged from that. Overall, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a standard yoga mat. Read more

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